Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhi Ignores Akshara

The Episode starts with Goenkas taking a leave from Birlas. Manish and Anand compliment Harsh for the dance. Harsh says I really had fun. Manish says wish we get such occasions soon again. Akshu and Abhi see each other. Kairav looks on. Aarohi says bye to Abhi. Goenkas leave. Abhi and Akshu rest in their rooms and cry thinking of each other. Aye dil hai mushkil..plays… They dance together in the dream. Kairav comes. Akshu acts normal. He asks what are you hiding now, have the haldi milk.

He says your pain will get high this way, I should not stay quiet, you will not listen to me, its wrong, its enough now, I will tell everyone what’s in your heart. She says no, you won’t do this. He says no, I won’t listen to you now. Neil gets haldi milk for Abhi. Abhi says I m fed up of this home remedies. Neil says mum has sent this for you, drink it. Abhi drinks and throws the glass. Neil says what will happen if you break the glass or your hand. He shows the video. He says you should have broke this engagement, why are you doing this. Abhi says forget it, delete the nonsense.

Neil says mum’s happiness is your happiness, not marriage, I will go and tell her, I mean it. Abhi stops her. Akshu stops Kairav. Kairav goes to family and says I have to talk to you all. Akshu worries. Abhi asks Neil to stop. Neil says I won’t. Kairav says I want to talk to you all. Neil goes to Manjiri. She asks what happened. Harsh calls Manjiri. She says I will just come. She goes. Akshu prays. Some guests come home. Manish welcomes them. He says we will talk later. Abhi says try to understand, Neil.

Akshu says this will spoil the matter. Kairav says I m going to tell them your sacrifice for Aarohi. She says I m doing this for her happiness, don’t tell anyone. He says no, we are normal people, I won’t let this happen. She says I m happy, don’t pull me back, please don’t tell anyone. She cries. Neil says I will tell everything to Abhi. Abhi says stop, I have lost because of Akshu, once she tells me, then I will do anything, what’s the use of snatching mum’s marriage, let the marriage happen, at least mum will be happy. He hugs Neil. They cry.

Akshu hugs Kairav and says let this go on. Abhi says let this go on, don’t tell mum. Manjiri comes. Abhi says I will try the sherwani, its okay. He takes Neil. Neil says I won’t give up. Abhi asks what will you do when Akshu is silent. He goes. Neil says I will not give up, I won’t let you marry Aarohi.

Its morning, Aarohi sees the ring and smiles. She says finally, I will be marrying Abhi. Mahima comes and scolds her. She asks Aarohi to focus on her work. Akshu sings for a patient. Abhi comes and checks the patient. He starts ignoring her. She says he is behaving like he can’t see me. He says you will see Abhi as he wanted. Aarohi calls. The man says you will get admission but in management quota, you have to give 30 lakhs, say it fast. She says its not money issue, but its against principles, let me try this.

She sees Abhi scolding someone. She says no lie and cheating, he has principles, I can’t tell him or anyone in family, I will arrange it myself. She goes. Neil hears this and says I will tell Abhi, she is upto something. The lady thanks Akshu and says son got discharged today. Akshu sees the sweets. Abhi gets the methi dana and says I miss you a lot, I couldn’t see you when you were here, it hurt me. He drinks the methi water. Akshu eats the sweets thinking of him. He says I will never show you my pain.


Akshu says bye Abhi..Abhi says call me Abhimanyu, just my mum calls me Abhi. Neil shows the engagement video to Manjiri. She thinks Abhi isn’t happy, I will ask him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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