Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Akshara Rejects Abhimanyu

Abhimanyu’s dreaming ends. Akshu thinks of him. She says I m sorry, but I don’t love you. Abhimanyu and everyone are shocked. Abhi says I know about the family pressure, say the truth. She says I told that. He says nonsense, say your feelings. She says I don’t love you, you have to accept this. He says I won’t believe it. She asks why, can’t you believe it. He says no, its love when your eyes find me, you like to meet me and spend time with me, is it not love.

She says Aarohi’s eyes also find you and she likes you, is it not love, you had messaged her, is it not love. He says seriously, its not love, its a misunderstanding. She says this is also a misunderstanding. He asks who forced you to say this, Kairav or Harsh, some people don’t want our love…. She asks when did I say that I love you and want to marry you, you had a big misunderstanding.

She says I will end all this confusion by saying the truth, I don’t love you and will never love you. He gets angry. He says look into my eyes and say it again. She looks at him and tells him. He asks Neil to drop Akshara to her home. She says no, I will go myself, thanks. She leaves. She thinks forgive me Abhi. Pal kaisa pal….plays…

Abhi cries. He goes upstairs and falls down. Manjiri and everyone worry. Akshu cries. FB shows Akshu taking care of Aarohi at the hospital. Aarohi says Abhimanyu is so good, you marry him, you will get happiness, everyone will be happy, except me, if you get married to him, I will never stay happy and never forgive you, our relation will break forever, your sister is dead for you. Akshu cries. FB ends.

Akshu says I can bear her anger, but not let her go away. Abhi says how shall I tolerate this, you love me and refused, why. She says I was helpless, everyone went wrong that day. He says you thought of everyone, but not me, how will I love, do you have a medicine for my pain. She says yes, time will heal this wound, I couldn’t hurt anyone, some people don’t have love in their fate. He throws the things in his room. They think of each other and cry. Ehsaan tera…plays…

Harsh says don’t know how is Abhi, he didn’t say a word. Anand says calm down, he will be fine. Manjiri says he isn’t opening the door. Harsh says I m so angry on Goenkas. Abhi gets ready and comes. He says I m going to the hospital. Harsh stops him. Abhi says you won, you were right and I was wrong. Parth says I will come with you. Abhi says its okay, I m fine. He leaves on the bike.

Akshu comes home. She puts on the headphones. Abhi comes to the hospital. Doctor says Harsh asked you to take a break. Abhi says I will do the surgery, no break now, just work. Akshu goes to Aarohi. She says no one will hurt your heart, do what you want, when you are happy, everyone is happy, its bhai dooj tomorrow, I will get kachoris for you. She kisses Aarohi and goes. She prays that everything gets fine.

Neil says you can save your heart and your love. Kairav goes to ask Akshu something. Abhi says whatever Akshu told me is the truth. Akshu leaves from the house and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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