Molkki 10th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Purvi tells Anjali that Yogi would be really happy to see her. Everyone would be happy too. I don’t know whether he will accept this baby or not but he loves you very much. He hasn’t stopped crying since then. He isn’t at fault but you will be proved wrong if you run away! Come with me to haveli and tell your truth to everyone.

Prakashi’s informant signals 2 men sitting nearby in the disguise of women to shoot both of them. They take out their guns.

Doc informs Virender and Renu that they need B- blood for Satyam. It isn’t available in Rewari. Arrange it somehow if you can or Satyam will be in danger. He leaves. Renu asks Virender how they will arrange blood so soon. Virender realizes that there is someone whose blood group is B-. He leaves to bring that person.

Purvi asks Anjali to come. Bus leaves for Rewari at 6. They start walking but the goons start shooting just then. Purvi and Anjali hide. Goons exhaust the bullets. Kajri shouts at the goons to kill them. Purvi and Anjali manage to run away.

Virender tells Sakshi to understand. Only you have this blood group in Rewari. Have mercy and save his life! Sakshi says I cannot believe my eyes. Mukhi Virender Pratap Singh is begging me. You withdrew your rights long ago but you must return me my place if you want my help. Virender says it was a mistake to request a selfish person like you for help. A woman like you cannot give anyone even an inch of happiness. He begins to leave when Sakshi reminds him of doctor’s words. You only have 2 hours or your sister will become a widow before getting married. I haven’t refused to help. Virender asks her what she wants. She asks for some time. Return me the Mukhi who loved Sakshi madly. Become the old Virender for some time. I will give you my life gladly. Virender tells her it can never happen. Renu calls Virender just then. Satyam’s condition is worsening. Doc said that we must arrange blood asap or we might lose him. He tells her not to cry. Nothing will happen to Satyam till the time your brother is alive. I will come soon. He ends the call. Virender closes the door from inside dejectedly and looks at Sakshi. She walks up to him.

Purvi and Anjali are hiding in an empty house. Purvi tells Anjali not to worry. I asked a kid in the neighbourhood to lock the door. No one will come inside now. They are hiding near a window. A goon lowers his hand down the window. Both ladies cover their mouth as the bricks fall on their feet. Other goon asks him to come as the house is locked. They are leaving when Anjali gets startled by something and screams. Goons break open the lock and catch hold of Anjali and Purvi. they are dragged outside. Purvi tells a goon not to harm Anjali as she is pregnant. Othehr goon says we have been paid to kill her and her baby. Anjali manages to hit a goon with a brick. She starts running but the goon holds her feet. She slips and gets hurt. Purvi hits the goons badly with a stick. A woman has is capable of being a mother and she can fight too. They run away. Purvi asks Anjali to come with her to doc. Anjali is worried as there is only one doc. Purvi swears to protect her baby at any cost. Anjali hugs her and cries. Please save my baby. Purvi picks up the gun and takes Anjali with her.

Sakshi and Virender are sitting on the bed. Sakshi keeps Virender’s arm around her shoulder and rests her head on his shoulder. He looks uncomfortable. She turns his face towards him and he imagines Purvi in her. He smiles. Sakshi says I only want you to tell me once that you love me. Please say it once. She is unbuttoning his kurta but he holds her hand. I will say it only to my Bawri. She might have cheated me but she still has a right on me. I have lived by my word and given you my time. It is your turn now. Don’t delay. Sakshi looks at her in shock.

Purvi aims the gun at Kajri. My name is Purvi Virender Pratap Singh. I know how to beg and how to force anyone. Kajri tells her that she brought Anjali on time. She would have lost her baby otherwise. Purvi warns her not to tell anything to anyone or she will rot in jail. Kajri nods. Purvi asks Anjali to come with her. we have to head back to Rewari. Kajri tells her it isn’t safe for her to go now. You can take the bus at 8 pm. She goes to keep something aside. Purvi tells Anjali they will leave at night.

Virender thanks Sakshi for the favour. Doc tells Virender and Renu that Satyam is out of danger now. Renu wipes her tears. Virender says I will inform Ma as we have to make preps for wedding. He asks doc if they can take Satyam home. Doc denies. He cannot walk or go anywhere. He must stay here for few more days. Virender wonders what they will do now. The next mahurat is after 6 months.

Purvi is taking Anjali when Kajri begs Purvi to forgive her. Prakashi ji will kill me if she finds out about this. Purvi tells her it is a sin to snatch a woman’s right of becoming a mother. Don’t do this ever again. Kajri nods. Purvi and Anjali open the door when they find Prakashi in front of them. She shows them a gun and gestures them to go back inside. Kajri snatches the gun from Purvi’s hand. Purvi asks her what she is doing here.

Flashback shows Kajri texting Prakashi while Purvi was sitting with Anjali. Purvi says I am ashamed to call you Ma as you are the one who put me in that situation. Prakashi isn’t bothered. Vent out whatever is in your heart. I would like to hear it. By now you know it was my plan to kill Anjali and her baby. I will kill them as it will cast a doubt on my son! He is my pride. No one can doubt him! Purvi tells her it is Yogi who will make this decision. Prakashi says he is a simple man. Anjali formed an illicit relation with someone. You think Yogi will still accept her? Do you think Anjali accepts him as her husband? Purvi is disgusted. Yogi Bhaiya is not the only person in the world who cannot become a father! There are many such people in the world. Doctor knows many alternatives to help such couples. Don’t blame Anjali bhabhi for this. Prakashi asks her who is at fault then. Speak up now!


Update Credit to: Pooja

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