Molkki 24th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Purvi tells Renu she knows it is too late but Baba must be punished for his misdeeds. I am sure Mukhi ji will do justice by sending him to jail. Renu nods. Virender seconds Purvi. Such a guy must be punished! I wont spare anyone who will do injustice to you till the time I am here. Police will be here soon. See what I will do to him with my own eyes. He asks Purvi to come. What are you thinking? Purvi replies that she was thinking about Ma. She has been through so much her entire life because of Baba. How will she live now? Virender assures her that she can stay with them in haveli.

Inspector arrests Purvi’s Baba for human trafficking. Purvi’s father asks Virender to hear him out once. I dint leave Renu for money or on my own will. I did it upon Purvi’s askance. Everyone is shocked. Sakshi smirks at Prakashi.

Purvi’s father insists that he left Renu in brother because Purvi had asked him to. Purvi tells him not to lie. I never said this. He tells her to tell the truth to everyone. Why do you want to send your father to jail in this age? He walks up to Virender. She wont tell you anything but let me tell you.

Flashback shows Purvi colliding with her Baba on the road on a rainy day. She notices him supporting someone and asks him about the girl. He shares that she is Mukhi’s sister Renu. I am taking her to haveli right now. Purvi tells him against it. Mukhi insulted your daughter and threw her out of haveli! You should take revenge from my insult instead of helping that Mukhi! Leave her at a brothel instead so he is punished! Purvi’s Baba reasons that Renu is a part of her family. Purvi demands for revenge. Mukhi ji blamed me for breaking his family and for ruining his life. The daughter of that family should also be punished in the same way that he has punished someone else’s daughter. He will learn his lesson then. Leave her at some brothel! Flashback ends.

Purvi tells Virender it’s a lie. She asks her father why he is trying to frame her. I will tell you the truth. I saw Baba when I had left haveli. Flashback shows Purvi colliding with her Baba on the road on that day. She asks him about the girl. He tells her to mind her business. Our relation was over the day you got me thrown out of haveli! Leave quietly or I will break your legs and kill you! Purvi tries to ask about the girl but he pushes her away. She tries to go after him but he walks away holding Renu. Flashback ends. Purvi says I did not get to see Didi’s face that day. He pushed me and then left with Renu Didi. Trust me. Baba is lying. He is cooking it up. Virender tells police Bawri is telling the truth and her family is lying. Take him away. Purvi’s mother tells them to stop. Purvi asks her to tell the truth to everyone. You know how Baba is. Purvi’s mother ends up lying as well. Purvi shakes her head. Why are you lying? You know how Baba is. Her mother insists that it was Purvi’s fault.

Sakshi smirks. This is what I wanted. I have accomplished it today finally. You will be thrown out of here now. Flashback shows Sakshi paying Purvi’s father to blame the entire thing on Purvi. he readily agrees but his wife does not. She refuses to let him do this to Purvi. She has finally become happy. I wont let you snatch her happiness. He warns her to be quiet or he threatens to kill her. I am not killing your daughter. She will just spend few days in jail. Do as Mukhiyani ji says. Sakshi agrees. You also have a son. You wont be able to see him alive if you don’t agree now. Purvi’s mother gives in. Flashback ends. Sakshi is sure Purvi will be thrown out of Mukhi ji’s haveli and life now. Pack your bags and leave.

Purvi’s mother says I understand her pain as she is someone’s daughter too. Purvi says I know you have been threatened or compelled to lie. Her mother disagrees. You are responsible for what has happened to Renu. Renu questions Purvi. why did you take rvenge from me for what Bhai ji has done to you? Purvi swears on Kanha ji. I am not lying. Baba is lying. Purvi’s father again pledges his innocence but Virender tells him to be quiet. He looks at Purvi pointedly. Sakshi smiles. Purvi tells Virender to trust him. I cannot do this. Purvi’s father keeps lying. Virender pins him by his throat on the ceiling. Purvi’s mother asks him to let go of her husband but Virender is positive that Purvi can never do such a thing. The guy who can sell his daughter for money can do anything. Tell me what you did. Purvi’s father continues lying. Sakshi tells Virender it isn’t good to trust someone blindly. Not just him but his wife is also blaming Purvi. why don’t you believe her? Renu also asks Virender why he is supporting Purvi even after knowing the truth. Why are you backing out from your word now? Purvi tells her against it. Someone must have threatened Ma. Virender tells her not to give explanation to anyone. He also warns everyone not to point fingers at Bawri. He tells police to take Purvi’s father. Purvi stops police from taking her mother. She is not at fault here. She is lying for some reason. Please don’t let them take her. Inspector relents. Purvi’s father is taken away. Purvi knows her mother lied as she is helpless. I will find out the truth at any cost. Virender, Purvi and her mother leave.

Sakshi shows fake sympathy to Renu. I feel bad for you. You met your brother after so long yet he is giving importance to you. He is giving privilege to Molkki over you. Renu replies that she isn’t bothered by who thinks what about her. I am glad that Bhai ji helped me get justice. The man who did this to me is behind bars now. This is all that I wanted. She walks away. Sakshi thinks that she couldn’t get Renu out of Purvi’s trap even after doing all this. I still have some more cards to turn them into enemies!

Sakshi comes to Purvi’s mother’s room at night. Purvi’s mother says I did what you asked. Sakshi tells her there is still a lot to do. She shows a video to her where Purvi’s brother is calling for help. She requests Sakshi to let go of her son. Sakshi agrees. Convince Purvi to get her Baba out of jail. Purvi’s mother is puzzled but Sakshi tells her to simply do it if she wants to save her son. Purvi’s mother knows she wont be able to convince Purvi. Sakshi tells her to use any method. You must make her agree at any cost. Purvi’s mother agrees. Sakshi tells her to make sure her name is not disclosed to anyone. You wont be able to see your son alive otherwise. Purvi’s mother nods.

Next morning, Purvi’s mother requests Purvi to get her Baba out of jail. Purvi is taken aback.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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