Molkki 10th February 2022 Written Episode Update

Satyam finds Purvi setting fire to some stuff and asks her what she is doing. She replies that she is destroying her past. I have made many mistakes while still being with Mukhi ji. He finds it hard to believe. You can never make a mistake! She disagrees. I am a human being too. I have made many mistakes as well. I just dint have any friend who I could tell everything. He holds her hand. I am your friend. You can share your pain with me.

She calls him a nice human being. I am finally telling you what I have never told anyone before. Mukhi ji and I have a big age gap. We were married forcibly because of which we could never live like husband and wife. That’s when someone came in my life. I was attracted to him unintentionally and I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about him. This was weighing me down as I am Mukhi ji’s wife.

I am putting an end to it today as that person isn’t around. What’s the point of all this now? He asks her about the guy. She replies that there is no point in sharing it as he has passed away. I wish I could go and confess my feelings to him. Maybe we weren’t destined to be together. She throws the papers in the bin as she leaves the room. Satyam wonders who this man could be. It was only Mukhi and I who were living in haveli.

Satyam finds his old half burnt photos in Purvi’s room and thinks that she loves him. It isn’t anyone else but me! He even finds a diary with small notes wherein Purvi is praising Satyam. It is said that if you remember someone with all your heart on a full moon night then that person will surely come. Satyam ji might not be alive but I am sure if I wait for him in his favourite coffee shop on that day then he will come. Who knows he might be alive? I agree that Gajraj has been a good friend but my life is incomplete without Satyam ji.

I will settle at a faraway place with Satyam ji if I ever meet him again. She prays to God to make her meet Satyam again if he is alive. Satyam decides to tell her his truth. He is hesitant but then decides to win her love. Purvi looks on. This is what I wanted to see! I will wait eagerly for you to come to the coffee shop today so I can expose you!

Virender and Purvi are at the coffee shop. Virender asks her if she has something with which she can record Satyam’s confession. She shows the recorder to him. He asks her if it is working. She nods. He tells her to be careful. He is cunning and cheap.

He wont fall for this so easily. She tells him that she knows that he is a disgusting man. He will surely come! She notices Satyam at the entrance. Think of the devil and the devil is here! You (Satyam) are coming closer to your destruction. I will expose you today at any cost! Virender leaves.

Satyam joins Purvi. She smiles at him. How are you here? He says I was out for work. What are you doing here? You are so decked up as well. You look great in saree. Have you come to meet someone? She nods. I came to meet someone who I can never really meet. He asks her what she means.

She shares that she waits for someone who is very close to her on every full moon night. I loved him a lot. People say that he is dead but my heart tells me that it isn’t true. He will come one day and take me far from here. She mentally coaxes Satyam to start talking. I am ready with the recorder. He asks her if she loves him so much. She nods. A lot! He asks her to call him then. Maybe he will come.

She is hesitant but he encourages her to do it. She takes Satyam’s name. He makes her repeat it and smiles when she does. Can I tell you a secret? She asks him to go ahead. He tells her that Satyam has only loved her. you are his first love. She asks him how he knows this. He replies that he isn’t Gajraj but her love Satyam. She pretends to be thrilled. You are my Satyam? My Satyam died in the blast. How?

He says the world thinks that I am dead but it isn’t true. I am sitting right in front of you. My face was badly burnt in the blast but I survived somehow. I changed my identity then and it saved me from the charge of murdering Renu. She says I cannot believe it. It must have hurt a lot when your face was burnt. He admits that it is true. My pain will go away now that you are with me. she asks him if he only killed Renu. It is good though as Renu Didi is out of your life and mukhi ji is out of mine. We are free now.

He admits that he only killed her. she was being over smart. It would have been good if she had gone to Dubai as per my deal with Hirabai but she refused. I ended up pushing her from the terrace! It is good though as I am roaming freely with you even after killing me. Even law cannot ht me!

Virender grabs him from behind. I wont spare you! Your countdown has begun! Satyam asks Purvi if she has cheated her love. What game are you playing with me? Virender slaps him. Don’t you dare take my Bawri’s name! I will not spare you if you do that. I wont dirty my hands though. He asks Inspector to arrest him.

Constable tries to handcuff him but Satyam shrugs him away. How dare you touch me? what are the charges? Do you have any proof? Virender says it is for killing Renu. You will admit it in front of court yourself. Purvi plays the recording but Satyam pushes his away. It falls in the jug and stops working. Virender slaps Satyam. He did this intentionally! Satyam smiles. Purvi says he admitted everything in front of me.

Satyam feigns innocence. Do you have any other proof? Purvi says he did it intentionally. Virender calls out to Prakashi. Let me give you proof. Satyam pretends to not know her. I have never seen you before! Prakashi tells him not to lie. It is time to confess everything. I dint know that I was raising a snake who will end up hurting me and my daughter. Satyam asks her what she is saying.

Prakashi tells Inspector not to spare him. I know that I have been his ally in crimes but don’t spare him. I will accept every mistake. He is at fault! I have come to understand everything now. I was a fool to hurt my family! She admits her crimes one by one. Satyam calls her a liar but Purvi seconds Prakashi. She shows Virender’s mask to Inspector. Satyam says anyone can get it but Prakashi shows the details of account transfer to Inspector. I transferred 10 lacs to him.

Now he has everything in his control as he pretended to be Gajraj and took over everything! Look at the transactions carefully. Gajraj and Satyam are same person hence the same account has been used. You can use it as proof in court. He is Satyam only! Prakashi asks her a cheater. You never cared about Renu till date. How are you suddenly thinking about her as your daughter? You only said that you share no relation with them. Virender slaps him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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