Molkki 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update

Purvi drops books. Manas is shaking. She tells him that it is fine. I dropped books by mistake. She notices him shivering and looks for cloth. She finds another pair of clothes and helps him change. He worries that the goons might come here. She is sure it wont happen. This basement’s storeroom was locked for a long time. We must be quiet. Virender asks for water in his unconscious state. She helps him drink some water. She gets worried. His wound needs to be treated asap or his condition will worsen. Don’t know what we should do as Ma’s goons are outside. Manas asks her till when must they stay here. Why is Dadi so bad? Purvi says hatred and jealousy turns people into that. This is what happened to Dadi. Don’t worry. I am here. He asks her if Baba will be fine. She assures him about it. He gets scared as few books fall again. She comforts him.

Prakashi and Chanda are in the school. Few reporters report to Prakashi. Peon informs Prakashi that the parents of the kids are making a commotion outside. Prakashi laughs. That’s what I want. I want them to take out their anger on that Molkki. They must kill her! Put some blood on a kid’s shirt and throw it outside. Spread the news outside that the kids have been held here as hostage. No parent should come inside. He assures her about it. Prakashi pays money to the reporters. Do your work as instructed. One of the guys ask her what she wants. You made Purvi’s father the owner of a factory while you are asking these kids to make firecrackers. Now you have called reporters here. What are you up to? She tells him that no one can figure out what she can. Don’t ask too many questions. Keep an eye on the reporters. They should do their work well.

Reporters start spreading news against Purvi. They also pose questions as to how a jobless person (Purvi’s father) suddenly became owner of a factory. They show the clip of kids next. Purvi has made these kids make firecrackers. What is she really up to? The goon praises Prakashi on her plan.

Purvi keeps encouraging Virender to open his eyes. Doctor can come from the back door. I wont let anything happen to you. Virender has lost conscious. Purvi video calls Anjali. Anjali is with doc in an auto. They tell Purvi that the crowd outside the gate wont let them come inside. Doc reasons that Virender’s needs stitches immediately. He has lost enough blood already. Purvi asks him to guide her on the video call. Anjali asks her what she will do. Purvi replies that she will do Virender’s stitches. I see no other option than this. Doc agrees.

Prakashi’s goon gives biscuits to kids. Resume your work afterwards.

Prakashi slaps a guy as he tells her that Virender and his wife cannot be found. Prakashi asks him why she should pay them when they are up to no good. She tells Chanda to promise the kids an ice cream once they are done. She instructs the reporters to film the kids again as soon as they are done eating. A girl tells Prakashi that they want to go home. Why wont you let us go? Prakashi lures her with biscuits and ice cream. I don’t like it either but I must do this to punish a bad woman. Juhi says I know you are talking about my haathi. It isn’t she but you who are evil! Tell me where Manas is. I want to meet him. Prakashi lies to her that she will take her to Manas. You just melted my heart. She goes with Juhi.

Manas puts cold strips on Virender’s head as Purvi makes preps for stitches. Purvi follows doctor’s instructions. She asks Manas to close his eyes. Manas asks her if this will hurt Baba. She says a little. He closes his eyes. She cries as she cleans Virender’s wound and later stitches it.

Parents ask those guarding the gate that they should let their kids go. Peon tells them that it is Choti Mukhiyayin’s order. She wants ample firecrackers to celebrate New Year. Parent’s reason that their kids must be hungry but peon keeps scaring them using Purvi’s name. She wont spare the kids if you wont stop making this ruckus.

Purvi continues stitching Virender’s wound.

People start shouting slogans against Purvi. Prakashi’s men let Prakashi leave in her car with Juhi. Juhi asks her where her brother is. Prakashi points at the group of people. Manas is standing right there. He is calling you. Juhi gets down and calls out to Manas. A man notices her. Everyone catches hold of her till the time Purvi frees their kids. Prakashi smirks. My work is done. She leaves.

Anjali praises Purvi. I had heard about Savitri once but I saw one myself today. I will tell Jeth ji everything once he recovers. Purvi asks doc if Virender will be fine soon. Doc assures her about it. Purvi thanks both of them. Anjali tells her that she can never repay her favour. Take care of yourself and Jeth ji. Purvi nods. They end the call. Purvi tells Manas not to worry. Babbar Sher will wake up soon. She plays a video to distract him. Purvi speaks to Virender. I was really scared to see you thus. I thought I will really lose you today. Past memories flash in her mind. Manas shows her a video clip. Parents tell reporter that they will hold Purvi’s daughter as a hostage till the time Purvi wont free their kids. Juhi requests Purvi to save her. I am really afraid. I haven’t done anything wrong. A lady challenges Purvi to let go of their kids if they want Juhi. Purvi realizes that this was Ma’s doing. I must free the kids somehow but how?

Precap: Update in Progress

Update Credit to: Pooja

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