Molkki 16th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Renu slaps Purvi. Virender shouts Renu’s name angrily. Satyam tries to stop Renu but she tells him to let her speak. She asks Purvi what she will gain by doing this. Can you not see me happy? Don’t pretend that you are happy for me. I hate you! You distanced my Bhai ji from me first and now you are blaming my would-be husband like this? It is enough. The DIL of our house can never stoop so low! Now even Bhai ji knows who deserves to be his wife. It is no one else but Sakshi Bhabhi. A Molkki like you can never be his wife! Renu turns to Anjali. I don’t know what this Purvi has said to you against Satyam. I trust him fully. No one can break it. You must apologize to Satyam ji though. You must also apologize to Yogi Bhaiya. You have no right to blame anyone like this.

Yogi says Anjali wont apologize to anyone. Anjali is telling the truth. Purvi smiles a little. Yogi says Anjali is not responsible for us not being able to become parents since 7 years. It is me! Virender asks him why he dint tell him. I would have helped you get treatment. Yogi says we always get afraid of society. How would I face society once I am exposed? I always regretted it that Anjali had to bear all the taunts. Truth was that I was incapable of becoming a father. Anjali took this step as she was tired! Prakashi disagrees. You don’t lack anything. It is Anjali’s fault! You are Prakashi’s son. If she lacked anything then what was the point of telling the truth and spending time with someone else? She cannot live with us now! Yogi says she will not go anywhere. Is it her fault that she refrained from hearing the taunts? I am at fault too as I hid my truth. I am the real culprit in all honesty. I am at fault. Anjali is touched. Yogi announces that he will accept Anjali’s baby. I will give my name to this baby. I don’t care who the father of this baby is. I only care that Anjali is the mother. Prakashi asks him if he has lost is mind. She wont stay in our haveli. She wont stay with us after bringing someone else’s baby in my house! Yogi says we will leave the haveli then. Prakashi tells him to get out of haveli and their life if that’s what he wants. Yogi replies that they wont see him or Anjali ever again! He holds Anjali’s hand.

Purvi asks Anjali if she will still remain quiet. Yogi Bhaiya went against his entire family to accept you and your baby. He will still be with you when the baby will be born and people will taunt! Say something now or a son will lose his home today. Will it be right? Virender tells Purvi not to create a fuss. This marriage cannot happen for another 6 months if it does not happen today. Anjali requests him to hear her out once. Renu Didi’s life will be ruined. Listen to me once. You know that my parents and Satyam stay in the same village. Virender nods. Anjali shares that they are childhood friends. He liked me always but he was always a friend to me. I shared my problems with him when I went home 5 months ago. He promised to help me. he promised to do something because of which people will stop taunting me. he took advantage of me! Yogi charges at Satyam. How dare you! Virender intervenes finally. He tells Anjali to swear on her baby and say that she isn’t lying. It is about my sister’s life. Anjali looks at Purvi who nods at her. Anjali touches her stomach. I swear that Satyam is the father of my baby. Everyone is stunned. Anjali adds that Purvi wasn’t lying about Ma. Every word was true. I agreed to do the drama of my death upon her askance. She had promised me that she will call me back in haveli after a few months but she tried to kill my baby the moment I stepped out of haveli. I don’t know what would have happened to me or my baby if it wasn’t for Purvi. I swear on my baby and my husband that I am not lying!

Virender tells Prakashi that he has faith in Anjali. I am sure she wont lie and that you are responsible for all of this! How can you stoop so low? How can you kill your own DIL and her kid? I am ashamed to call you Ma. How did you do this? Why did you do this? We wont live under same roof after today. Our relation is over! You are not my Ma anymore. Yogi tells Prakashi even he wont call her his mother anymore. Virender asks Prakashi to leave quietly. Don’t ever come back! Prakashi leaves teary eyed.

Virender charges at Satyam. How dare you cheat my sister? Renu tells Virender not to say anything to Satyam. Satyam fumbles as Renu picks up a knife and walks up to him. She makes a cut on his thumb and puts his blood in her hairline. Everyone is shocked. Renu says I have been through a lot in my past life. He accepted me even after knowing everything. He even risked his life and took a stand against me. I trust him completely. No one can break this trust. She asks Virender if he wont fulfil his promise of doing her kanyadaan. He tells her that everyone here is doing what they want. Who am I to do anything? Remember it well that I will kill Satyam if he tries to do anything wrong! Let me complete my promise of doing your kanyadaan with your Bhabhi. Purvi asks Virender how they can do the kanyadaan when Satyam did something so drastic. Sakshi tells Purvi that she will do the kanyadaan with Mukhi ji. Renu and Satyam take pheras around the holy fire. Virender and Sakshi do the kanyadaan.

Newlyweds take everyone’s blessings but Anjali stops them from touching their feet. Anjali leaves with Yogi. Renu and Satyam look at Purvi but then turn around. Virender tells Satyam not to forget his warning ever. Purvi says I am here. I wont let anything happen to her. I hope Satyam will never be the reason of Renu Didi’s tears. I will question Satyam directly then. Renu tells Purvi she trusts Satyam completely. I know he will keep me happy. You wont have to meddle in our life ever. Satyam tells Virender he is worried about one thing. Renu has spent her entire life in luxuries. I am not capable of giving her any of that yet. Can we stay in haveli for some time if it is not a problem?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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