Molkki 20th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Purvi tells Virender that they should call Ma home. He replies that he can never forgive the woman who tries to kill a pregnant lady and her baby. This is between me and my mother. You should not meddle into it. Sakshi seconds him. Be it you or I, he cannot bear anyone coming between his love and decision. You can take my example. I have done so much to win him back again. I am ashamed of my actions hence, I have decided to leave after 2 days for forever. Virender tells her to go and rest. You are not well. You don’t have to go anywhere. She tells him to let her go. I have tried my best to convince myself that you are not mine anymore but what should I do. I always end up thinking about you. I am worried about you and the kids. I am ready to bear the punishment if it is indeed a mistake to worry about your loved ones. Hence I want to go and I do not want to come back. If I fail in doing that then I will end up destroying myself. I have no other option. she requests Purvi to take care of her home, her kids and especially Mukhi ji. I apologise to you for what I have done till date. Please forgive me. She walks away.

Sakshi apologizes to Virender mentally for what she is going to do next. Purvi, I am leaving but I will do something before leaving because of which Mukhi ji won’t be yours either. Get ready for the worst moment of your life!

Sakshi tells Renut hat she has tried her best but she’s failed in winning Virender again. I have decided to leave this house. You better be careful as that woman can ruin your life. You saw so how she falsely blamed and insulted Satyam. She has Virender under her control. Renu says I did see that. Bhai ji continues to dance on her tunes. don’t worry though. I will take revenge from her now as she snatched my brother from me and your husband from you! She must pay the price for it. Sakshi smiles. All married women will keep fast for Ma Prachandini tomorrow. You should wake up at 4 am to do puja. Renu realizes that Purvi will do this puja and will keep fast as well. I don’t want to do it with her. Sakshi says she won’t if you don’t want her to. Renu gets confused. What do you mean? Sakshi replies that Purvi will neither keep fast nor do the puja. She thinks that this puja is very important to married women but it will become a noose around the neck for Molkki. What’s going to happen tonight will change everything for Molkki tomorrow!

Virender tells Purvi that Satyam has carved Renu’s name on his hand. This new generation loves differently. Hope you wont doubt him anymore. You doubt people for no reason sometimes. Purvi replies that people who show off too much are not really genuine. He tells her keep doubting people if she wants to. I cannot stop laughing thinking about this modern love. People get name tattooed on themselves. Purvi teases him. Seems like you have finally accepted that everyone except you is from the new generation. He says your Tau would ne old, not me. She tells him not to drag her Tau in everything. He is very young at heart. Get my name inked on your arm if you are from the new generation. He refuses but she insists. He picks a knife. You really want me to do it? She nods. He moves the kurta up his sleeve and thinks that he has no option but to do it now. She reminds him that he calls her Bawri. He nods. I know how to write it. He digs it in his arms but she stops him. What’s the point of a love which needs to be proved? He smiles. Your name might not be on my arm but it is in my heart. You can rip it apart and see for yourself if you want. Sakshi tried to come close to me in your absence but I did not let it happen. She replies that she trusts him completely. He asks her what it was then. They both smile. Sakshi is standing at the door and watching them. Just wait a little more. Your trust will be ripped to shreds in the morning. Purvi notices Sakshi. Sakshi gives a file to Virender to check. I think there is something wrong here. You have to handle this once I leave so check it once. He scans the file and realizes that something is wrong for sure. Why didn’t Goyal tell me? She tells him to ask Goyal himself.

Sakshi mixes something in a glass. She tells the maid to give the glass with spoon to Virender and to give the other glass to Goyal. Maid is curious as to what’s so special about the glass with spoon. Sakshi sternly reminds her that she gets paid to work. Maid goes. Sakshi reads the warning label on the bottle. Adding too much quantity can create illusion in the mind. Mukhi ji will only see what he wants to see after drinking few drops of this!

Virender questions Goyal on the report. Maid serves them water. Virender scolds her for keeping the spoon in glass. She removes the spoon. Goyal admits his mistake. Virender insists upon checking the reports till June right away. He tells the servant to tell Bawri that he is going to factory. He feels dizzy as he tries to get up. Goyal requests him to forgive him. I made a mistake. I won’t do it again. Virender nods but then ends up imagining Prakashi begging for forgiveness instead. How can I forgive you, Ma? Why did you do this to me? Goyal reminds him that he is his accountant. Why are you calling me Ma? Are you fine? Virender nods. Go ahead. I will join you. Sakshi looks on.

Virender comes home and is still feeling dizzy. What’s happening to me? I have been imagining everyone at random places. I think I must visit a doc. Why am I feeling strange and imagining things and people? Purvi holds his hand as he comes upstairs. Why are you talking to yourself? I have put the kids to bed. Everyone else is already asleep. It is just the two of us now. Come with me. She brings him to Sakshi’s room. It is decorated with candles. Virender says you seem to be in a good mood today but you ignore me when I act all lovey dovey. Girls still go crazy after me. She reminds him that he is not a hero or a young guy who girls will change. He insists that it is young and still a hero. She asks him if she is less than a heroine. He laughs but she tells him to just wait. He feels dizzy again.

Purvi comes there wearing a yellow saree. They dance together romantically and end up together in bed. Virender falls asleep. Sakshi turns. I told you Purvi that Mukhi ji won’t be yours either if he cannot be mine! He thought that I am Purvi and is anyways mine again today. Now you won’t forgive or accept my Mukhi ji ever!

Precap: Update in Progress

Update Credit to: Pooja

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