Molkki 14th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Renu comes to meet Sakshi in hospital. She overhears Satyam’s mother telling her husband and Satyam that it is good that they got 6 months. I will make an excuse and reject the proposal tomorrow. Who makes a pr*stitute their DIL? She has brought bad luck already. Her husband tells her to speak in lower tone. What if Mukhi ji hears us? Satyam asks his mother what she is saying. She insists that she is right. Renu walks in just then. She tells them not to be afraid of her brother. Satyam begins to say something when Renu tells him he does not have to burden her like this. I am responsible for your condition. She apologizes to them with folded hands. This wedding wont happen now. You don’t have to be afraid of anyone. I assure you that no one will say anything to you. She keeps the ring next to Satyam. He tells her to hear him out. She walks out of the ward and cries.

Anjali starts crying as the car stops. Purvi tells her to stop crying. Anjali looks at the driver in shock. Purvi removes her hoodie. Nothing has happened to you or to your baby. Anjali asks her how she is here. You know how to drive? Purvi shares that Virender had taught her how to drive. Anjali recalls it. What about the goons who took your mother? Purvi says the good you do comes back to you. I had saved the daughter of the man who had come to kill me. I took care of her operation. He recognized me the moment he saw me. He brought me and dropped Ma home safely. Anjali says it is good that at least both of you are fine. I have lost everything. My dreams are over! I drank kadha long time ago. I don’t know how the baby will be or if the baby will be alive or not. Purvi says baby will be fine. I dint give kadha to you. It was something else. Anjali is taken aback. What do you mean?

Flashback shows Purvi begging Prakashi to spare her mother. Kajri keeps the kadha on the floor. Purvi stealthily pours the kadha on floor and fills water from the glass kept nearby. Purvi tells Anjali it was water. Anjali hugs her. will you be able to forgive me? I was so mean and rude to you. I tried to prove you wrong in front of everyone and got you punished but you ended up saving mine and my kid’s life. You are amazing. I wont forget you till I die. Purvi says it is Kanha ji’s doing. Forgive and thank Kanha ji.

Satyam follows Renu. She tells him to rest as he is still not well. Satyam tells her that what she heard was his parents’ thought. I don’t care about your background or your past. He puts the ring back on her finger. I can leave my parents, my home for you. I can even live in your haveli with you in one corner. I wont bother anyone and I will never cheat anyone! Virender tells Renu to throw the ring away. Virender Pratap Singh’s sister is not so weak to take a favour from someone just to settle down. I can find a better guy than him! Satyam agrees. He may be able to give her what she deserves but he wont be able to love her like me. I apologize to you on my mother’s behalf. I promise to marry Renu ji at any cost. Virender says you and your mother have been changing words. Hope you all wont change your colors in 6 months. Satyam says I can get married right here, right now. Virender nods. Your Bhabhi really wanted the wedding to happen asap. Prakashi walks in with a puja thaal. I was praying nearby as I was restless since Anjali left us. I even got Prasad. Life goes on after all. She feeds Prasad to Satyam and Renu. Doc tells her this isn’t healthy for patient. Prakashi points out that he is standing on his feet. We must be happy over the wedding. We have lost something and are going to gain something now. She gives it to doc. Prakashi thinks that she took care of Anjali and Purvi in one day itself.

Nurse (Muskaan) tells receptionist to inform security that a patient is missing. Doc asks Muskaan about it. Muskaan shares that Sakshi is not in her room. Everyone gets tensed. Renu tells everyone that they are not able to find anything about Sakshi. Nurse brings a lady who got crushed under a car right outside hospital. Prakashi asks her to uncover her face but Nurse replies that the condition is not good. Virender recalls doc telling him about Sakshi’s condition earlier. He is about to remove the cover when Sakshi calls out to him. They ask her where she was. Sakshi shares that she went to bring chunri for Renu. She is going to get married today. I am fine now. Please ask doc to get me discharged. She tells Renu that it was Mukhi ji’s wish that Renu’s Bhabhi should bring the chunri. I went to bring that only. Renu says Satyam ji’s mother is against the wedding. Satyam’s mother says I was against it but then I saw Satyam going after you in this condition. I realized his love for you then. Nothing else matters to me. I accept this alliance. Please forgive me for misunderstanding you. Renu tells her not to apologize and touches her feet. Renu tells Sakshi she is grateful to see her fine. Sakshi tells Virender she is glad to see his concern for her, even if it was for a second.

Sakshi puts the chunri on Renu’s head. Virender wonders why Bawri did all that. We could have done the kanyadaan together if you were here today. Prakashi says I know you are worried. People make mistakes. Molkki did a mistake too which is why she isn’t here. Life goes on. Sakshi is your partner. Spend your life with her again. Everything will be fine. Forget the past and forgive my mistakes if possible. I know I don’t deserve forgiveness but you have a very big heart. You are my son. She folds her hands and apologizes to him. He tells her not to do this. Bless Renu. Everything will be fixed. She nods. Virender hugs her. Prakashi thinks everything will be back to how it was. I will rule again and now I will control Sakshi again too. Molkki has been taken care of already. I will rule the haveli happily now.

Purvi and Anjali reach hospital. Purvi says it is good that everyone is here. Ma wouldn’t have spared us at home otherwise. Anjali is afraid of Prakashi. Let’s not tell anyone about Ma yet. Purvi encourages her to be strong and fight for justice.

Pundit ji asks the bride and groom to sit for pheras. Nurse comes to take him for x-ray first. Virender jokes that the priorities change in hospital. Satyam suggests going for x-ray afterwards but Renu insists.

Anjali tells Purvi she is very worried. What will Yogi do after finding out about me? he will hate me. How will I face him? He wont accept me or my baby. Purvi says he will accept you and your baby if he genuinely loves you. Be honest so people wont taunt you. She turns and notices Satyam. What’s he doing here? Purvi says he is Satyam. Renu Didi is going to marry him. Anjali shakes her head in disbelief. Purvi asks her what happened.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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