Molkki 18th October 2021 Written Episode Update

Arjun tells Virender to stay away from his wife. He holds Purvi. She is not your Bawri but my wife, Mrs. Purvi Arjun Bajwa. This mangalsutra and vermilion are true. It may be bitter but you must accept it. Virender holds him by his collar. How dare you touch me? Keep your hand away or! Purvi steps in front of Arjun and tells Virender to stop as he is about to punch Arjun. Arjun is right. We are married now. Virender calls it impossible but Purvi insists that it is true. I love Arjun so I married him. Virender calls it impossible. You are married to me. Did you forget that you are my wife? She corrects him that she is his Molkki. I have become a wife now. Virender says we married as per all rituals. Why are you using this word Molkki now? Why did you save me from dying if you wanted to do this? Why are you lying? You know him since 4 days and you love him already? Purvi replies that love and hate is a connection formed from the heart. Heart can recognize who loves you honestly and who is playing with you. I have learnt the difference between your love and Arjun’s love after the time I have spent with him. He loves Purvi. He does not love the girl who loves the one who is looking after Juhi and Manas. He loves me truly. You need me so that I can handle you and your family. You have only thought of me as a maid and Molkki! Prakashi and Anjali smirk. Purvi says Arjun made me his wife. I saved you as you had saved me. You went to jail because of me. you had saved me and my dignity from Daksh. I was just paying you back. If you remember then I was leaving you back then too. I dint want to live with you in the past and I don’t want to live you with you now either. I am Arjun’s wife and I will go with him. She holds Arjun’s arm and asks him to come. He keeps his hand around her waist and nods. They head towards the main door.

Arjun stops at the door. We wont leave anything behind. Let’s take everything. Kids are in your custody now. How can we leave them behind? They are your or rather our responsibility now. Bring them. Virender warns him not to utter about his kids. I will not spare you otherwise! Arjun tells him to calm down. You are forgetting that you gave their custody to Purvi! Virender nods. I did that so she can stay with the kids and me. I dint do it so she can take them away from me. Purvi is about to say something when Arjun touches her waist to stop her. He tells Virender he cannot stop the kids from going with them. Legally, they are under Purvi’s custody and I am their guardian. He shows the papers to Virender who tears them. I will tear you like these papers if you talk too much! Arjun tells him that original have been submitted to the court already. They are legally ours and I will take them with me today. Inspector stops Virender from hitting Arjun. Don’t take law in your hands. Arjun tells Virender to listen to Inspector. Virender asks him how he is here. Inspector shares that Arjun had called them as he knew that you wont agree easily. He called for protection. Arjun thanks Inspector. He advises Virender to not go back to jail after disobeying law. He decides to bring the kids but Sakshi offers to do it instead. She takes Purvi upstairs with her.

Sakshi asks Purvi why she married Arjun. Purvi breaks down. This was the only option to save Mukhi ji. Flashback shows Purvi agreeing to marry Arjun as she cries. He makes her repeat it but then tells her that that offer was only valid for 24 hours. She begs him to save Mukhi ji. I will do as I say. Arjun thinks I was sure she will give in which is why I had made preps already. He tells Purvi they will save Mukhi after their marriage. We have 25 minutes already. Arjun and Purvi get married in a temple. Purvi is crying all along. Pundit ji pronounces them husband and wife. Arjun gives his garland to Purvi. you will go home from here directly and I will get Mukhi out of jail. She tries to say something but he reminds her that she is his wife now. You will do as I say. She runs outside in tears. Flashback ends.

Purvi tells Sakshi she had no other option but to marry Arjun against her wish. He was the only one who could save Mukhi ji. Sakshi asks her why she dint tell the truth to Virender. Purvi says I dint marry Arjun willingly. I dint lie to Mukhi ji willingly. Arjun made me do it. Another flashback shows Arjun telling Purvi to tell Virender that she married him as she loves him. Purvi shakes her head. I cannot do this to him. He will be heartbroken anyways. I cannot cheat him like this. Arjun tells her not to say no to him again and again. You will lose Juhi and Manas with Mukhi if you will say no to me. He gives the custody papers to Purvi. Read them carefully. Purvi is shocked to realise that Virender has given her Juhi and Manas’s custody. Arjun shares that he had put his name instead of Mukhi when he had asked him to make the custody papers. Now I am their sole guardian. Purvi is stunned. Arjun says I am their sole guardian. This paper is signed by you and Virender. You must do as I say or you will lose all 3 of them. Got that, sweetheart? He puts the garland around her neck. You will go home like this. Flashback ends.

Sakshi says you made such a big sacrifice to save Mukhi ji. Purvi says I have learnt this from you. You sacrificed Mukhi ji and your kids for me and Mukhi ji. You knew that Mukhi ji could be happy only with me. similarly, I had understood that only Arjun could save Mukhi ji. I am leaving Mukhi ji to you. Only you can look after him. Sakshi asks her what they will say to the kids. Purvi says we will make up an excuse like we have been making always.

Purvi asks Juhi and Manas to come with her. They ask her where. Sakshi says with haathi. They ask Sakshi why she isn’t coming with them. Purvi says we are going on a vacation. Juhi asks about Virender. Sakshi says he has come home just now. Manas and Juhi rush downstairs to meet Virender. Sakshi tells Purvi she must not lie to them that it is about few days. Purvi says it isn’t a lie. I am only going for a few days. Arjun stayed with me and made use of my weakness. Now I will find his weakness and turn things around asap at any cost.

Juhi and Manas hug Virender. We missed you a lot. Virender is crying. Manas tells him not to cry. Juhi wipes his tears. We don’t enjoy seeing you like this. You are crying as we are going with Arjun uncle, right? It is just about a few days. Manas nods. Please don’t cry. They request Virender not to cry or they will cry too. Virender hugs them again. Arjun asks Purvi if everything is set. She nods. He holds a bag and Purvi’s hand. Purvi takes the kids and heads to the main door with Arjun with a heavy heart. Virender keeps looking at them. Purvi recalls her wedding day and cries silently. Forgive me Mukhi ji. I might have broken your heart today but I promise you that I will be back here soon with the kids. Just have faith on me. Prakashi and Anjali smirk. Sakshi keeps her hand on Virender’s shoulder.

It is raining. Virender is thinking about Purvi’s love confession and how she told him that she loves Arjun today. Sakshi tells him to cry his heart out. He asks her to leave him alone.

Arjun brings Purvi, Juhi and Manas to his home. He tells Purvi to come in. No one will bring aarti’s thaal for you. Come inside. This is your husband’s home after all. He tells Sahil (servant) to show the kids their room. Bring their luggage as well. Sahil takes the kids to their room. Arjun tells Purvi everything is in the kitchen already. You can order if you need anything else. I am going out for some work now. I will be back by 9 pm. Put the kids to sleep by then. It is our wedding night after all. Be prepared for it. He leaves. Purvi thinks she wont let him touch her at all. I wont spare him if he tries to do that!

Precap: Update in Progress

Update Credit to: Pooja

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