Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Bhavani Decides to Handover Baby to Pakhi ; Sai Shocked !

Sonali asks Bhavani if she means she wants to take baby from Sai and give him to Pakhi. Pakhi asks if its possible that she can bring up Vinayak like a mother. Bhavani asks if she wants that. Pakhi says she kept Vinayak in her stomach for 8 months and is unable to bear the pain of separating from him, so she wanted to commit suicide; she cannot have a baby again as her husband is dead and before she could hold the baby, Sai took it away.

Sai says Pakhi just gave her womb to my baby and that baby belongs to me, Pakhi knew from before that she has to handover the baby to me after birth, Geetha wouldn’t have shown her right over the baby. Bhavani says Pakhi is not Geeta but their family member and anyone’s heart would melt seeing her condition, but Sai is just worried about herself. Sai says she is just worried about her son and will not give it to Pakhi.

Ashwini asks Bhavani how can she even think of giving Sai and Virat’s baby to Pakhi as its Sai and Virat’s responsibility to take care of their baby. Bhavani says whole family will take care of the baby like she took care of Devi and Virat and never differentiated between them and even Ashwini never differentiated between any children, so even Sai shouldn’t differentiate. She asks Virat if he considers that his baby doesn’t belong to the family.

Virat says he didn’t say that. Bhavani says then its decided that Pakhi will upbring the baby. Pakhi and Mansi feel happy while others stand mum. Sai says she doesn’t accept Bhavani’s decision and asks Virat to speak. Virat says he perform Pakhi’s delivery and would be thankful to her as he saw his son’s face because of her; he cannot imagine her in pain and hence he cannot deny Bhavani’s decision to save Pakhi. Bhavani’s team grin hearing that.

Sai asks if he knows what he is saying, how can he easily say that they will handover their baby to Pakhi. Virat asks her to listen him calmly. Sai says he is snatching someone’s life and giving it to someone else, a baby is a mother’s life and he wants to give her life to Pakhi. Virat says baby will not be with Pakhi forever, even Bhavani is trying to explain her same,

Chavan family is a big tree with different branches but united together, they all live together, he is taken care of not only by Ashwini and Ninad but also by Bhavani and others, so she should accept that Vinayak would be staying with whole family and is not a material that Sai is showing her right on; Sai shouldn’t forget Pakhi’s favor on them and shouldn’t be selfish. Sai asks if he means she is selfish; just because she didn’t keep Vinayak in her womb doesn’t mean she didn’t bear any troubles for her baby, she will not give her baby at any cost.


Bhavani says Sai is selfish and is thinking of herself while Pakhi made a sacrifice and became a surrogate. Sai says now Pakhi is snatching her baby, she will not let her do that. Virat says she should understand why would he give their baby permanently, he will take back Vinayak once Pakhi gets well. Sai asks if he knows what he is saying, how can he think that she will give her baby to Pakhi. Pakhi tells Sai that she has Virat, but I don’t have Samrat as Sai snatched him from her.

She asks Sai to forget the past and pleads not to snatch her baby from her. Sai says she is snatching her baby as the baby is not hers at all, she knew from the beginning that she has to give birth to a baby and give it to her, she can start afresh and become a mother again after marrying someone. Bhavani yells at her that Pakhi is Chavan family bahu and will not marry anyone, so Sai should give her baby to Pakhi. Sai says she will not at any cost.

Ninad also supports Pakhi and asks Sai to understand the situation as no one would try to end their life just like that. Ashwini asks how can he say that. Bhavani yells at her next and says when Pakhi has to feed Vinayak, why can’t she keep him with her. Vinayak cries. Sai takes Vinayak.

Virat snatches Vinayak from her and gives him to Pakhi. Sai recalls Pakhi’s challenge that Virat himself will handover Sai’s baby to her. She says Pakhi didn’t do right and says she forgave Pakhi, but Pakhi showed her wickedness and provoked a police officer’s daughter and a mother who can go to any extent for her baby. She warns Pakhi that she will be responsible for whatever will happen next.

Precap: Sai gets Pakhi arrested for tricking her and becoming a surrogate even after her warning and risking baby’s life. Virat tells Sai that Pakhi is wrong, but she is a family member.

Sai says she will not spare anyone who will support Pakhi and will get even them arrested. Virat asks if she will get him arrested. Sai says if he tries to bring Sai back into this house, she with her baby will permanently leave him and his house.

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