Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Akshara Misunderstands Abhimanyu !

Mahima telling something to Anand and Harsh. Abhi comes from OT. Harsh asks him to come to the boardroom immediately. Abhi goes with him. Mahima tells something. Akshu thinks Abhi is very angry, it will be a big problem for Aarohi. She prays. Anand asks how did you take a big decision without asking us. Harsh says we already have many plans, but we have a way to propose the plans, you made a new dept on a cheap idea. Abhi says its not a cheap idea, I didn’t build anything and waste your money, music wing was there, I just made it a dept, you know Akshu is good in her work, she is so nice.

Harsh says you got mad in her love. Abhi says yes, I trust her, you also trust me, this dept will earn you money and name. Mahima keeps silent. Harsh says you always sing her praise, one day, you will understand that elders aren’t always wrong. Abhi says young ones aren’t always foolish, Akshu will never break my trust. Anand says our hospital won’t run by her singing, but by our work, you should have spoken to us, at least at home, you didn’t respect any relation, you should have informed us if you didn’t want to ask. Abhi says sorry. Mahima says you are doing what you want, for someone who has a different story. Akshu thinks to explain Abhi. Harsh says you could have kept a proper inauguration to open the music dept. Anand says you will regret a lot, Abhi. Abhi says you have made this a big issue, cut the money from my salary. Harsh asks why didn’t you consult us. Abhi says I didn’t get time, I didn’t feel the need to consult. Harsh says then we also need this music dept, that’s it.

Akshu sees Anand, Mahima and Harsh leaving. She asks where is Abhi. The man says he went back to OT. She cries. Aarohi comes home. Suwarna does her aarti. She asks are you fine now. Abhi comes. Aarohi sees Abhi getting the police. Abhi says you did my mum’s accident and left her there to die, do you realize, my mum was going to die because of you, you are a doctor, how did you do this. Aarohi says I didn’t do this intentionally, it was just an accident, please leave me. Abhi says arrest her She shouts. Everyone asks what happened. Aarohi says I got scared of an insect. Kairav says I will take her to the room. Akshu comes and says I will drop her.

Mahima recalls Akshu’s words. She says I m thinking what to go. Harsh and Anand leave. Mahima says I have to go home and talk to Manjiri, right now. Aarohi says you want to send me to the jail and spoil my career. Akshu says we both were in the car, I told that, we both will be punished, we had almost killed Manjiri, we had hidden this truth, Abhi hired a private detective, you think he won’t know the truth, I wanted to tell him the truth. Aarohi asks why did you hit your own foot. Akshu asks how can you be so selfish, he would have felt bad, don’t know what is he thinking, we didn’t talk after that, he would be worrying so much, I couldn’t say thanks to him. Akshu says it will be in our fate.

Abhi says Akshu would be waiting. Rohan says Aarohi is discharged, she went home, even Akshara left. Manjiri calls Abhi and asks him to come home for an imp talk. He says coming. Akshu plays the guitar. She says I couldn’t talk to him, I will call him. She gets Abhi’s call. She says you didn’t call me after leaving from OT. He says yes, mum had called me, she got to know what we were hiding from her. She says she would be upset. He says a lot, even Mahima is much upset. She asks what does he have to say. He says nothing, all okay, its past now, forget it. She says no, I want to know what you think. He says truth won’t change. She says accident… He says forget everything about the accident.

Abhi recalls Manjiri saying Akshu didn’t tell me about the detective, I don’t want you to think of all this, you enjoy the marriage, I m fine, if you punish that culprit, I won’t be better, I m getting troubled seeing you sad. He says you don’t listen to me. She says you don’t worry about Akshu’s relations, focus on your own relation with her, give her love and respect, you will get twice the love and respect in return, promise me, you will forget all this till the marriage happens. He says calm down, until I get married, I will just think of my marriage. FB ends. Abhi says I promised mum that our marriage won’t have any problem because of the accident, mum said nothing is imp than our relation, I don’t want to talk about Aarohi and waste time.

Akshu cries. He says we shall focus on our marriage. She thanks him. She says I m happy that you are moving on. He consoles her. She says you are the best. He says I feel lucky, thanks for being here. He says its sangeet tomorrow, not crying day, don’t crying. Manjiri says its good that things are fine between us. Mahima says its good I told you everything, else he would have forgotten his marriage and get busy in finding that culprit. She thinks the truth should come out when the time is right. Abhi says we will meet tomorrow. Akshu jumps happily.

Abhi comes for the sangeet. He brings Kumar Sanu. Akshu gets surprised.

Update Credit to: Amena

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