Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Neeraj coming to call Priya. He says Ram is looking for you. She thinks where did Anjali go. She says I will make a call first. She stumbles. He asks her to come with him. She goes with him. She drops the phone and goes. Neeraj goes after her. Raj gets Shashi’s call. He goes. Mama says if Priya had come here, then Anjali would be here.

Shubham and Mama ji look for Anjali. Anjali hides. Shubham says our game will get over, there is no one here. Mama ji says we can’t let Priya meet Anjali, else our truth will come out that we had framed Akki. Anjali goes to see them. She says who were they, they framed me, they look from Priya’s family. Ram and Adi go back to the party. Vedika thinks I have to stop Ram from going to outhouse. She asks them to stay here, she will go and bring Priya. Kunal says you got the party credit, go and handle the guests. They go to see. Adi gets Priya’s phone. Ram says its Priya’s phone.

Vedika says I will call Neeraj and ask about Priya. She calls Neeraj and asks where is Priya, Ram is panicking. He says she is with me, she wanted to go home, so she left the party. She asks how did you go without telling anyone, come back. He says we have come too far, she wasn’t enjoying Ram’s birthday, so I came to drop her home. Vedika says its okay, maybe she was uncomfortable. Kunal says you know a lot about her. Ram goes upset. Kunal says you left Ram.

Vedika says yes, but I want him back now. He looks at her. She says I have a right on him. He goes to Ram and says Priya would be hurt when you have the party credit to Vedika, how can you get upset with her. Sara says she wanted to make your birthday special with this memory, maybe you didn’t know her well, but we know this, she is a sincere girl, she will never lie to you. Ram thinks Priya went to make cake for me, she should have fought with me. Vedika says we shall cut the cake.

Maitri comes and asks Sandy for Neeraj. Vedika says lets cut the cake. Ram says no, I will not cut the cake, Kunal get the cake packed, Adi take care of the guests, Vedika sorry, I have to go, Maitri I will drop you home. She asks with whom did he go, with Priya. Ram says I will drop you, sorry. He goes. Kunal smiles. Adi asks Sara not to take tension, Ram has gone to Priya. Kunal taunts Vedika.

Sandy asks Sara what is she hiding. Sara says we will go and check about Anjali. Vikrant asks is she here. Sandy says no, Akki and Shivi didn’t come today. He says don’t worry, come and have dinner. Sara says I will come in two mins. She sees Mama ji and Shubham coming. Neeraj asks are you fine, I will go now. Priya asks why, will you go so soon, sit here and talk to me. He sits. She says Ram tells right about you, don’t tell him that I told you, you apply much gel in your hair. He asks what nonsense. They argue.

She says yes, I still regret that my sister married a man who applies so much gel in hair. He says you are mad, Ram isn’t here to see that you love me, you married Ram to insult me, you still miss me, your marriage is a lie. She says stop, hear my answer, you keep Maitri happy, right, so I m happy, nothing is imp for me than her happiness, I talk to you nicely for her happiness. He asks are you happy, you can share your feelings with me, say the truth. She says no, I m scared to tell my feelings, when you are with me, I stay happy, I feel happy to be with you. He smiles. She says I always think of you, I don’t know the name of this relation, I can’t say. He thinks I knew she still loves me. She says this is our truth, Ram. He gets up and goes.

She asks him where are you going. She says don’t know where he went. Ram and Maitri come home. She sees Neeraj and asks where did you go. He says Priya needed my help, I came to drop her. She asks by leaving your wife alone. He says you should be happy that I came to drop her, Ram was busy with his friends, I m her…. Ram says you are her ex, her past, I m her present, Priya is my wife, its my responsibility to take care of her, you left Maitri there and came to drop Priya, don’t do this mistake again.

Neeraj says you left Priya in the party, she had to drink. Ram thinks she went with Neeraj. Ram says you could have told me. Neeraj asks what could you do, she didn’t wish to see your face. Ram says she doesn’t need your help, I m there to take care of her. She says sorry, come with me Neeraj. Ram says its first and last warning, stay away from my wife.

Ram shows the coupon and asks Priya to enjoy the rain. Ram hugs her. Vedika looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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