Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 24th May 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ravi calling on the landline and thinks Adi is on call. He tells that he is regarding himself as Pratiksha’s husband and feeling like he has become hers. He says when waiter asked, I said Kavya is my father’s friend’s daughter. He asks if you heard. Pratiksha says yes, I heard everything and says you shall feel guilty, and that’s why you are not in the honeymoon suite.

Ravi asks how do you know that I am not there? He asks what did I do? Manvi asks Kavya what has happened that Ravi changed, and asks if something happened between Ravi and Pratiksha last night. Kavya asks her not to say this. Manvi says you concentrate on your saree, perfume etc, and Pratiksha woos him. She tells that girl shall have the quality to woo the guy. Kavya gets worried.

Pratiksha smiles thinking about Ravi’s words. Pratiksha says Ravi called and expressed his feelings for you, thinking me to be Adi. She says one Kavya goes from between us, everything will be fine. Kinjal says but Kavya is with him. Parul says suhaagraat. Pratiksha says I have done what I could do, and tells that Ravi himself will do it. She says Ravi is dedicated to only one woman.

She tells that Ravi was emotionally blackmailed by Kavya and that’s why he has to marry her. She says she has to play big and save her husband. Kinjal asks her to stop the wedding night first. Kavya makes arrangements for their first night. Ravi comes there. Kavya says I am calling Pratiksha to show that we are in the room. She calls her and shows the decoration and flower.

Pratiksha says driver said that you are a psycho and says I enjoyed hearing it. Kavya says I have reached the winning point and tells that Ravi and I are enjoying. Ravi turns his face. Pratiksha asks him if he is enjoying. Kavya sys we have to close the camera as it is personal.

She ends the call and tells Ravi that she feels the honeymoon thrilling. Kavya asks if you think that Pratiksha is pretty. Ravi says you are very pretty than Pratiksha. Kavya says she will go and change her dress. She goes to wear nighty.

Pratiksha says she couldn’t bear to see Ravi and Kavya close. She imagines Kavya dancing and hugging Ravi. She thinks to stop her honeymoon. Ravi gets Adi’s call and scolds him. Adi says my stomach was upset so I went. He asks what happened? Ravi says I told my heart feelings to Pratiksha thinking her to be you. Adi asks why did you tell everything without hearing my voice. Ravi asks what about my feelings for Pratiksha and I came with Kavya for honeymoon.

He says Pratiksha’s black magic worked on me. He hears Kavya coming and ends the call. Adi says this is love magic. Ravi gets tensed seeing Kavya in nightie, and thinks she is on a full mood to celebrate honeymoon. He thinks to act to be unwell. Kavya comes near him. He says that dress was better. Kavya tries to get closer to him. Ravi runs to washroom and thinks Pratiksha would have stopped the car in the jungle so that Kavya gets distracted. He gets worried.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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