Sherdil Shergill 18th November 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Bhairav saying Manmeet can’t come in the meeting, everyone is here, even the company MD, we don’t need her. Patekar says then permit me to leave. Bhairav says listen to me, she can’t come because she has a little child, fine we will call her. He asks Raj to call her. Nirali shows the jewellery to her daughters. She says I have to give this to my bahu. Choti says we have a right on these jewellery items. Nirali explains them and asks them to handover the jewellery to her bahu. Choti asks if the DNA test result comes positive then? We can’t trust Manmeet, she agreed for the DNA test, if the baby is of Raj, then? Nirali thinks.

Raj says you are called inside the office, lets go. Manmeet asks why, you have the chief architect, why am I needed, I have to go home. They argue. She goes and says I m looking for the resignation letter, you removed from the project, dad is right, it’s a man’s world, I m not needed here. She signs the resignation form. He takes it and tears the form. He asks what’s your demands, tell me please. She says say please. He says please. She says again. He says please…. She asks Sharda to print the mail.

She taunts Raj and goes. She meets the clients. Hussain introduces her. Bhairav says sit, I tried to lessen your work but this sky city project isn’t going ahead without you, Patekar wants you to give the consent for making the upper floors, explain the procedure to him. Patekar says Bhairav wants extra funding, he tried to sell dreams to the investors, I m their financial advisor, is it possible to add up more ten floors to this project. She says no, the entire building will collapse.

Patekar asks why are you saying this, its about ten floors. She says we can’t add ten floors above 140 floors, 90% work is done, not even a single change can come. Patekar asks Bhairav did he take Manmeet’s advice before. She says I will answer, he took my advice, this was my answer even that time. Patekar says this is called fraud, if any accident happens, then you will be responsible, you should be ashamed to make illegal building. He scolds the architect also. Mehta says this is disgusting. Bhairav stops him. Mehta says this deal is cancelled, we do business, not fraud, we don’t play with people’s lives. Patekar says I don’t know how the meeting will affect your career, you may lose this job, just don’t leave the truth. He blesses her and goes.

Bhairav asks Raj to go after Mehta and apologize. Raj goes. Bhairav scolds Karan and slaps him in anger. Karan says sorry, I tried a lot. Manmeet stops Bhairav and asks how can you beat someone. Bhairav says because I can’t beat you. Hussain says you can’t talk to her like this. Bhairav says you stay in your limits, I have 51 percent shares, you both have 20 percent each. He scolds Manmeet.

Manmeet stops Bhairav. She says you better control your language. He says I m a man, you are a woman, you should give respect to a man, you got 1000 crore loss in 5mins, did you see so much money, your dad is a lawyer, ask him if he has seen 1000 crore. She says no, but he made me educated, he gave me values and good upbringing, its more high than your money. He says you have come to give me an answer, fine answer me, how will you pay 1000 crores to me now, if I don’t get my money back, then I will show you your price. She shouts enough.

Everyone looks on. She says a man shows his real nature and status at some time, even if he earns a lot. She scolds him. She says I will ask your wife about this, if I want, I can file FIR against you, you will get arrested right away, you aren’t educated, you are an illiterate, I will tell you, you will get jailed, you spoke to me badly, you won’t get bail, understood. He says fine, call the police, get me arrested, commissioner is in my pocket. She says I won’t do this, because our upbringing has a difference, you are of my dad’s age, so I m respecting you, please go. He gets angry. Raj comes. He looks around.

Raj says dad… Bhairav says it’s a huge loss. He looks at Manmeet. He asks Raj to come. Hussain and Sharda ask Manmeet to relax, calm down. He says Bhairav crossed all limits today, first his son and now he did this, calm down, everything will get fine. She asks how shall I relax, he told a lot to me today.

She says I loved this project so much, I m so angry on myself. He says forget it, I will try to control the damage, our company reputation, the sky city project is at stake, we have to think of business. He asks Sharda to make sure this matter doesn’t go out of the office. Manmeet says I can’t forget this easily. He says we have no option. Raj comes. He asks what’s happening. He stops Manmeet. He says so much happened in my absence, tell me. She goes.

Bhairav recalls Manmeet’s words. Murari provokes him more. Bhairav asks him to get down the car and scolds him. Manmeet comes home and meets her family. She smiles. Bhairav comes home and asks for alcohol bottle. Nirali asks what happened. Murari says Manmeet has got him worried, he is really angry. Manmeet runs on the treadmill and recalls Bhairav’s words. Raj comes and asks what happened between dad and you, tell me. She says I have to work out, just go. He says I didn’t see dad reacting like this for money loss, tell me what happened.

She says you worry a lot for me. He says I worry for you also, I don’t want to lose anyone of you. She says if I tell you, then you will lose him, maybe. He says try me, tell me. She says you can’t listen to that, maybe. He says what maybe, tell me, what happened. She says maybe because I don’t trust you now, I hate to say this, I needed you the most. Raj says wow, you ruin my respect and you expect this, I came twice to ask, what happened, you went away from me. She says I want to go, please. He asks how shall I prove to you, I don’t want to lose you, I want to be close to you always. She leaves.

Raj comes home. He goes to Bhairav. Bhairav sits drinking. He asks Raj to come. Raj asks what happened today. Bhairav says sit, I will tell you a story, brothers fight for property, throne, they had a battle, why, because a woman had insulted a man. Raj asks what happened. Bhairav says it went wrong. Murari comes. Bhairav says sleep now, I have some work with Murari. Choti asks are you fine. He says yes, I m fine, go. Raj and Choti go. Bhairav says I will complete the story, the woman in the story insulted the man. He asks Murari to ask their men to start the work. Murari says sure.

Manmeet recalls Bhairav’s words and wakes up. Hussain calls her. She asks all okay. He asks her to turn on the tv and not ask anything. She checks the news. She gets shocked seeing the skycity tower slab collapsing, three workers dying. Manmeet is shocked. Ajeet and Puneet come. Manmeet asks how is this possible. Door bell rings. She opens the door and sees the police. Inspector comes to arrest Manmeet. Manmeet asks why. Inspector says you are accused for killing those three people, we have orders to arrest you. Ajeet asks how can you arrest her, I m her dad, I m a lawyer, do you have the warrant. Inspector shows the warrant.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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