Udaariyaan 15th February 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Tejo and Fateh dancing to stop Jasmin from going to the room. Jasmin looks on and holds her head. Mahi says there is nothing here. Simran asks what. Jasmin gets angry. She pushes the speakers. She asks them to stop the drama. Tejo asks why, we didn’t break any rule, we aren’t talking and didn’t go out, you can’t stop us. Jasmin says these cheap things won’t go on here. Fateh says fine, go and do what you want. Jasmin goes. Tejo asks him to call Mahi and Simran fast. Fateh says they aren’t answering. Tejo asks Nimmo to stop Jasmin. Simran and Mahi see Jasmin coming. They hide. Jasmin enters the room. Nimmo comes and asks Jasmin to have the kheer, its made just for her. Simran and Mahi crawl and leave from the room. Nimmo asks Jasmin to have the kheer. She goes.

Simran says we didn’t get anything, we checked all the drawers. Mahi says we didn’t get anything in AC duct. Fateh asks how is this possible. Tejo says calm down, maybe she has hid the proof somewhere else. Fateh says it means she has the proof in her phone. Simran says we can ask Amrik to get her phone. Fateh says no, we can’t involve him. Tejo says he is already scared of her. Amrik comes home. Jasmin asks where were you. He says I had gone for some work. She says Fateh and Tejo don’t want you to stay home, don’t you know their date plan, your time to stay in the house is over, just see who is waiting for you.

He sees the police outside Virk house. he cries and begs her. Jasmin says Tejo and Fateh will be responsible for this, if you want me to stop the police, then you stop them. He runs out. He says Jasmin has called the police. Fateh says its her drama. Amrik says she called them, go and see, stop all this. Fateh goes and sees the police. Jasmin comes to taunt them. Fateh says no date is happening here, sorry Tejo. Tejo asks Amrik not to live in fear, let the police come. Amrik says please Jasmin, you can’t do this, I m your husband. Jasmin says you became my husband by force, stop wasting my time and decide it now, will you obey the rules or not. Fateh asks Amrik how long will he get scared. Amrik says don’t argue with her, come with me.

Jasmin laughs. She says Tejo, you can’t make a goat a tiger by your lecture, I know your plans, I have the trump card, this phone has the proof, the family’s soul is in Amrik. Tejo says we shall talk when the time is on my side. She goes to her room.

At night, Jasmin hides her face and goes out. Tejo thinks where is she going. She follows. Jasmin gives the money to the police. She says you are fake police, not real, come whenever I call you, go now. Tejo looks on and hides. She comes in front. Jasmin thinks did she hear our talks. Tejo says you had called the police here. Jasmin says you can call Mahila Morcha, can’t I call the police to scare Amrik, if you have fun with Fateh, then I will show the video to the police. She goes.

Tejo says Mahila Morcha were my friends, but why will the police listen to her, there is something. Fateh comes and makes her wear a jacket. He says you will catch cold. She says thanks, you here, Jasmin will see. He hears a sound and takes Tejo aside. He asks what were you doing here. She says I was following Jasmin. She tells everything. She asks how did she get this money. He says she was doing wrong work for the lawyers, one of them got her a clean chit when I got her arrested. She says I don’t think that man died in the accident, I feel she lied, that accident was fake. Fateh says she has the death certificate. She says it maybe fake too, we need her phone. He says she has enmity with us, she can’t see us together, I should have gone to jail. Tejo stops him. She says I never supported your decision, its not right, there is always a solution, we have to find it. He says I have lost. She says I will find some chance to get her phone. He says I have no way, I have to go to the jail.

Its morning, Gurpreet asks Fateh not to say this, he can’t go to jail. She says Tejo and you can find a solution. Fateh asks how long will this go on, whatever she did tomorrow, please, let me go to jail, Tejo knows everything, don’t look at her. Gurpreet asks Tejo did you agree with his decision, no, we can’t let him go. Biji and everyone stop Fateh.


Simran says Amrik married Jasmin now, why do you want to go now. Fateh says I feel suffocated seeing you all this way, I will either go to jail or end my life. Khushbeer looks on. Fateh says you will understand my decision one day, you will not stop me. Simran says think of Tejo once. Fateh says Tejo will not move on if I don’t go, she has done this for me, she wants revenge on me, she won’t trouble anyone if I go to jail, I trust Papa, he will get me out of the jail, I have decided it, I m going to tell the police that I had done that accident. Gurpreet cries and goes. Jasmin looks on and thinks no, if Fateh goes to the police station, then my entire plan will spoil.

Update Credit to: Amena

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