Yeh Hai Chahatein : Jagadish Stop Arjun From Helping Kashvi

Arjun thinks to find out that Mahima has used Kashvi’s stamp and thinks there is no CCTV there. He thinks from where to get the proof and says Mahima had said that she had gone to Mrs. Batra’s house. He checks GPS of Mahima’s location that day and thinks this is not Mrs. batra’s location. He thinks if she went there to meet Mohan and goes there. He comes there and thinks how to find out. He finds the CCTV camera and thinks it must be covering the entire area. He checks for the guard and sees him, and insists to see the footage.

The guard asks why you want to see the footage. Arjun pleads infront of him to show the footage and tells that he needs to see it to save a civil officer. The guard agrees. Arjun sees the footage and gets shocked to see Mahima meeting Mohan and giving him papers. He asks guard if he can take the footage and records it in his pendrive. He thinks next day he will submit this proofs in the office, and thanks the guard.

Next day, Arjun is leaving. Jagdish asks him where is his going? Arjun says he is going to save Kashvi’s dignity and job, and tells that he didn’t tell them that Kashvi is here. He says Kashvi is the one who saved Karun many times and tells that she is now his trainer. He tells him everything and tells that he is going to submit the proofs against Mahima and will save Kashvi. Monty hears and goes to inform Mahima. Arjun tells that he will not let Kashvi suffer because of them now. Jagdish says I know all this that Mahima is habitual to gambling and our financial condition has become worse due to her.

He says why did you save her as Mahima is Karun’s mother. He says Kashvi is your past and you are divorced with her. He says whatever you did is to save Mahima, and says if you give this proof to Police then Mahima will be arrested, and says you might lose your job, then how we will bring up Karun. Arjun says you are right, but Kashvi….He says I will think. Jagdish goes.

Arjun thinks Kashvi deserves to know the entire truth and thinks to tell her why he had to marry Mahima, and that Mahima is the one who trapped her and will leave the decision on Kashvi. Monty comes to Mahima. Mahima asks him to leave and says she is applying nail paint to her nails. Monty asks her to get handcuff too, and tells that Arjun is planning to expose her and get her arrested. Mahima says Arjun can’t do this, can’t expose me.

Arjun comes to the office and sees Kashvi and a guy hugging each other. Kashvi thanks him for saving her life. The guy says you are my world. Arjun thinks what is happening and looks on shocked. The guy says I missed you a lot and says thank god, I came to you, my life was boring without you, dull, no charm and no interest in living and says I couldn’t stay there and that’s why I came here. She asks did you take off? He says no, I took permanent transfer and says wherever you go, I will follow you. He lifts her and swirls and says we are soulmates, how I can stay away from you. Kashvi asks him to keep her down.

The guy Adi tells that he missed her a lot. Arjun thinks if he is Kashvi’s bestfriend, I had named her Kashu. Kashvi says I didn’t tell you that I am in problem, and asks how did you know? He says I felt that my soul mate is in problem so I came to solve it. Kashvi says you came for this case. He says I came to accept the transfer also, and says inshort I came for you.

Arjun thinks he loves Kashvi and thinks she has moved on forgetting me. He thinks when I can marry Mahima, even Kashvi has the rights to move on and thinks why his heart is sinking. The boss comes there and asks Arjun to come. He introduces Adi and Arjun to each other. He tells that Aditya has caught Mohan and Mohan has confessed that Kashvi has nothing to do with the papers and his person had stolen the stamp. He says now Kashvi got the clean chit, and tells that he has been transferred and Adi is her new boss now. Kashvi asks how did you do this? Adi says I can’t stay away from you, and will be with you. Kashvi says I am happy. Arjun goes from there.

Arjun comes home. Mahima asks him to have food. Arjun throws the food plate. Mahima says Karun is scared. Arjun asks Karun to go inside. He asks Mahima, why you have taken the stamp of the civil officer and tells that Mohan does illegal work and girls trafficking. He asks her if she has done gambling again. Mahima thinks what to do now, and tells that Mohan was threatening to kill Karun and that’s why she did this. Arjun asks why you didn’t tell me? Mahima says you was already stressed. Arjun asks her not to do this again. Mahima thinks she did right by taking Karun from Kashvi for her use and calls herself smart.

Precap: Adi tells Dadi that he has come for Kashvi. Kashvi says he is mad. He says he is mad for her. Jagdish tells Arjun that few wishes are left incomplete and talks about Kashvi. Karun wakes up Mahima for school event. Adi asks Kashvi to go to school event.

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