Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Wedding Prep on ; Will Muskan be the Vamp of Abhira?

The Episode starts with Manjiri sending the things back and saying we don’t need this now. Shefali asks Abhi not to worry. She says I m very happy for you, I want to see Abhira love story. Abhi says Akshu is marrying for Abhir’s sake. She says she will love you one day, ask for her love. He says she gave me a lot already. Goenkas come. Abhi asks Abhir what happened. Abhir tells him. Abhi says he is saying Akshu wants a grand marriage. Manjiri asks really, did she agree, did she change her decision because of me, I will talk to her. Suwarna says don’t worry. Manish says she got ready for this. He asks Abhi is there any problem. They all hug and congratulate each other. Shefali teases Abhi. He smiles.

Abhi and Akshu talk on video call. He says I m happy if you are happy. She recalls his anger moments. He says we can have a court marriage. She says you have changed a lot, life will be better for you and your family. He says I don’t want to repeat my mistakes. She says we will meet tomorrow, good night. She ends call.

Its morning, Manjiri talks to Pandit about Abhi and Akshu’s marriage. Muskaan comes. Manjiri says you also came to pray, we will talk a lot in the wedding functions, congrats. Muskaan says you celebrate, I will mourn, bahu and grandson are coming in your house, I can’t pretend to be happy. Manjiri asks what, everyone is happy with this relation. Muskaan says because their son and brother didn’t die. She scolds Manjiri. Muskaan says you think they will stay happy, no. Manjiri says enough, you have said bad things.

Muskaan says I told the truth, Abhinav died because of Abhi, now Abhi wants to snatch Akshu and Abhir, he will get punished, Kanha ji will snatch his happiness. Pandit gives the prasad and says stay happy. Muskaan says I trust Kanha ji. She goes. Manjiri gets a call. Manish says we have no time for arrangements. Manjiri says I have a condition, I don’t want any problem in Abhi and Akshu’s marriage, Muskaan can’t be a part of this marriage. Manish is shocked. Abhir makes Abhi ready. Abhi says I m tired, where is mumma. Akshu comes. Abhi is mesmerized. Yeh Rishta kya…plays…

Abhir compliments them. He jokes. Manish asks Manjiri to forgive Muskaan. Manjiri says I also request you to keep her away. Suwarna says she will not do anything. Manjiri asks her to write it. Manish asks how can we. Manjiri says Muskaan’s anger and pain, I understand it well, so I kept this condition, what will she go through seeing Akshu and Abhi in mandap, she will be hurt, it will be your decision, just think about Akshu, Abhi and Abhir, don’t tell this Abhi and Akshu. Manish says they will ask about Muskaan.

Manjiri says we have to keep Muskaan away for our children’s happiness and good future. Abhi applies black dot on the mirror. Abhir says so silly, mumma is not on video call, she is here. He makes Abhi apply the black kajal dot to Akshu. Abhi says you look good. Akshu thinks to tell him or not. She says Abhi, you also look very good. He thanks her.

Dadi asks what, how can Manjiri ask us to keep our bahu away. Surekha says Muskaan’s behavior is getting bad, Manjiri’s fear isn’t wrong, can you see wrong happening with Akshu, Muskaan will make Akshu feel guilty, and Akshu will step back from the marriage. Suwarna asks what about Kairav, will he support his wife or sister, will he not come in Akshu’s matter. Kairav looks on and cries. He goes. Abhi sees his family practicing dance. He asks Ruhi to make dance steps easy.

Ruhi asks Aarohi to call Kairav and ask his song list. Aarohi calls Kairav. He acts happy and talks to her. She says I want to ask about song list, because the songs can’t be same. He says you ask Surekha. She says I know you started practice. He says I wish, Muskaan and I have much office work, I feel we can’t dance in Sangeet, ask Akshu or Surekha for the list. Abhi takes the call and asks all okay? Kairav says yes, work pressure, nothing else. Manjiri thinks Manish might have spoken to Kairav about Muskaan. Abhi asks are you upset with me, I don’t want anyone’s heart to break.

Kairav says just, you, Akshu and Abhir are imp, no one can have a problem if you three are happy. He lies to them and ends call. Ruhi says there would be some reason. Abhir tries the jewellery on Akshu. Manish compliments Akshu. Akshu asks Abhir to go and study. Suwarna asks Akshu to select the jewellery. Akshu says you see that, I have work. Suwarna says fine, you can check it later. Kairav and Muskaan come with their bags.
Dadi says we should start this with Ganpati puja. Suwarna says Manjiri ji, you said Akshu has to make the idol. Manjiri says yes. Akshu makes the idol. She thinks thief has come. Abhi comes through the window. They fight and say Oye…


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