Anupama 13th April : Baa Motivates Anupama to Win !

Anupama is shocked to see the restaurant closed by the bank. She says this is my work place, I got a friend like family to me, she got Vikram, Rahul, KD and Yashdeep like Boss and Beeji like mother. Vikram says this is not one day’s work and tells that Yashdeep and Beeji haven’t told them. He says they should have told us, so that we can search some job. Rahul says yes. KD says how can they do this with us. Vikram says they did this so that we work here till the end, I can never think that they will be so selfish. KD says how mean? Anupama asks them to stop it, and says we lost the job, and we will get another, but their business is closed, their hardwork of years have gone wasted.

Vikram says they should have told us that the restaurant is closing and says they call us as family, but don’t regard us as family. Anupama says even you do the same. KD says how I will pay the rent and bills. Rahul says how I will send money to my family. Anupama asks them not to cry and says we will work here again, we have to become strength of Beeji and Yashdeep, we have stopped for a while only. She says I will bring Sir and goes.

Beeji is unwell and Yashdeep is sitting at his bedside. He gets Vikram’s call and doesn’t pick it. Beeji asks him to pick the call. He says what to tell. She says you should have accepted Anuj’s proposal. Yashdeep says when I saw it getting closed, I realized that I should have accepted it. He tells that he had gone to meet Mr. Kapadia and when he reached there, he heard….

A fb is shown, Shruti informs Anuj that spice and chutney is sealed. Anuj gets upset and says I told Mr. Dhillion to accept my proposal or atleast take loan from me, but he didn’t agree. He says we could have saved the restaurant. Shruti asks if you wanted to buy spice and chutney, why? Just because Anupama don’t lose her job and she don’t have to go back to India. She tells him that everyone can see your feelings for Anupama.

She says you wanted to invest millions of dollars just to save Anupama’s job, without telling me. She says I don’t want to bring her in our conversation, and says this thing happened in sangeet, don’t know if marriage will happen or not. Anuj says why you are saying all this. Shruti says Anupama wanted to move on, but you says Anu Anu madly. She says I agree that you can’t forget Anupama and tells him that she loves him. He says she will leave and go somewhere. Aadhya says you will marry pops and Anupama will go away from us. She gives swear to Anuj, not to help Anupama Joshi and Yashdeep restaurant and if he helps then he will not see her face again. Yashdeep hears everything and goes from there. fb ends. Yashdeep says he don’t want any personal problem in Anuj’s life and that’s why he came back. He asks her to rest.

Anupama comes to Yashdeep’s house and says since when soldiers are running away from the battle field. Yashdeep says the army men can fight with enemies, but to fight with destiny. Anupama says human don’t fight with destiny, but his trust that Kanha ji is always with him and he is not alone. She asks why you didn’t tell that today bank will closed the restaurant. Yashdeep says I fought till the end, and didn’t have the courage to tell everyone that I have lost, how to tell them that they lost the job because of me. Anupama asks about Beeji. Yashdeep says she got shock and had fainted hearing about it. Anupama is shocked. Yashdeep says she is fine now. He says she is worrying about everyone’s jobs. Anupama says she will meet her.

Dimpy asks Titu why he is not saying anything since she told that Papa wants to meet him. Titu says he can’t believe and says his shows are remaining and Ansh and you have to go back to India. He says something is not right. Vanraj is looking at them from the taxi. Dimpy says when we get happiness after a lot of time, we don’t believe on it. She makes him have jalebi. Vanraj goes. She says nobody will separate us. Titu sees Aarush with Pakhi and asks what she is doing with him. Dimpy asks if he knows Aarush? Titu says he had married his friend’s sister and took lakhs in the name of dowry, and then fled from there leaving his wife. He says she is in trauma since he left her and Police is searching him and that’s why he left India. He says Police told that Aarush had done the same with many girls. Dimpy says Pakhi doesn’t deserve this. Titu asks her to take Pakhi to india.

Beeji feels helpless and says Yashdeep is broken. She says you all lost the job. Anupama asks her not to worry, and says she is taking Yashdeep to restaurant. She asks Yashdeep to come. Dimpy talks to Pakhi about Aarush, but Pakhi is not willing to listen and asks her not to interfere. Kavya comes there and tells that they shall Adhik’s help to take Pakhi back. Yashdeep and Anupama come to the restaurant. Vikram apologizes to him for thinking him wrong and asks what will happen now. Yashdeep says bank will mortgage the restaurant and I promise that I will beg him to give your jobs to you. He asks them to have food and gives them money.

Babu ji comes to know that the restaurant is closed. Vanraj says Anupama used to jump a lot due to that restaurant. Kavya says what she will do now. Toshu says she shall not come here. Kinjal scolds him and says if Pari thinks the same about you. Toshu says he has problem with Mummy’s lecture. Dimpy says tomorrow is superstar chef next round, how Mummy will do it. Baa takes the bag and leaves. She comes to Anupama and gives her recipe book and says she has called all Jamnagar relatives and got the recipes. She says your Babu ji gave you strength, I am giving you the weapon to succeed. Anupama thanks her for her blessings.

Precap: Anupama makes the dish. Keith asks her to explain the dish. Anupama says this is Mohan Thaal, Kanha ji’s favorite dish. Keith asks her to explain in English. Anuj asks if I will be allowed to translate for her. Keith tells Anupama that she is in danger zone.

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