Anupamaa: Anuj – Anupama Get Nostalgic !

Anupama tells that she had left the city and went. Anuj asks where? Anupama says Vadodara, then she took the house on rent and locked herself. She says while thinking about your words, I remembered that you had said that online channel shall be started. Anuj recalls asking Anupama to make food on the channel and he will romance with her and add tadka to the food. She says then I got Joshi behen rasoi idea. Anuj says you remember the idea, but forgot the person and the romance.

Anupama says she was not having dare to think. She says she used to send tiffin to old age home also. She tells that life had stopped for 5 years, and Devika came and pushed her to go (America). Anuj says what about the 5 years wait. Anupama thinks you didn’t wait. He asks what you said? He says you wanted to lose yourself locking yourself, and I wanted to be in the world and lose myself. He says you couldn’t handle your identity and I couldn’t handle my daughter’s pain. He says I have left my everything, family and business and came here to America.

Shruti comes out of Spa and calls Anuj. Anuj is lost in thoughts and doesn’t pick the call. Aadhya calls Shruti and asks what they are doing? Spa staff came to give her goggles. Aadhya asks where are they? Shruti says she was feeling leg pain so went to Spa, asking him to wait. Aadhya asks her to tell truth. Shruti tells her truth that Anuj had a meeting. Aadhya is sure that he went to meet Anupama. Shruti waits for Anuj.

Vanraj asks Dimpy why did Titu come there? Dimpy says he came to tell me all the best and asks him to get the CCTV camera checked and says he didn’t come inside also. She says she is sure that he has installed CCTV cameras in the academy. Kavya asks Vanraj why did he keep the camera? Vanraj asks it is for her safety and tells that she never replied back to me this way. Babu ji says you should have told her if you have kept the camera. Vanraj says it is not spy cam, but regular cam. Babu ji says if relations are bound to be made then nobody can stop them.

Anuj asks what she thought? Anupama says don’t know where life will take her tomorrow. She says she is learning to live in present as past is burdened. Anuj says I thought you have learnt and says you must think about the past. Anupama asks him about Choti and says Aadhya is a nice name. Anuj says Aadhya is like her mother, and similar in face and behavior. Anupama says Aadhya hates me, all my children hate me, and says that day I met Toshu, Pari and Kinjal. She says Toshu also hates me. He asks about others. Anupama tells that she didn’t meet them since 5 years, they are in Ahmedabad. She asks about him. Anuj says your Kapadia ji’s life ended with you.

Shruti thinks to have her favorite cake, and says she can get fat, but not Shruti Anuj Kapadia, as she has to be perfect. Anupama says I thought Choti’s hatred will be less by now. Anuj says she has anger and which will melt. Anupama says anger will melt. Anuj says ofcourse like my anger is melt. He says Anu….there was pain in his heart, a storm and a mountain since 5 years, when he sees her, this Anuj melted down. Anupama tells him that Shruti ji is very lovely, I didn’t know that his AK is you, and tells that she is sure that Shruti will keep you and Aadhya happy. Anuj says I can understand what you are trying to say and says lets talk about ourselves.

Anupama says the matter is ended. Anuj says until the matter is over, you can’t go. He requests her not to go and listen to him. Anupama says I have to go. Anuj shouts please. Everyone looks at them in the restaurant. Anuj says I said, please. Shruti is walking and thinks to call AK after reaching the restaurant. Aadhya calls her. Shruti says she is going to have her favorite cake. Aadhya says I will come there. Shruti says AK will come and asks her not to worry. Aadhya whispers she don’t trust him. She gets worried thinking Anuj will break her heart. Anupama and Anuj sit to talk.

Precap: Anupama says let our ways be incomplete, and says no page will be added to this story and it will have just full stop. Anuj says no Anu, I just love you and will love you. they turn and look at Shruti standing there.

Update Credit to: MA

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