Anupamaa : Anuj Leaves Anupama !! Walks Out of His Relationship !

Devika stops Anupama from going behind Anuj and says he will return once his anger calms down. Anupama runs away saying she wouldn’t have gone if a husband had told this, but it was a father to told this. Deeraj tells Devika that love gives pain and also heals wounds, Anuj and Anupama’s love is very strong that it will not let the misunderstanding continue.

Dimple prays god to set things right between Anuj and Anupama. Anupama enters Anuj’s room and locks it from inside. At Shah house, Kavya tells Hasmukh that he is feeling anxious as he is worried for Anupama. Samar calls Anupama and finds her not picking his call. He then tries Dimple. Hasmukh insists to visit Anupama right now. Family asks him to wait till Samar gets a reply.

Devika confronts Barkha for not trying to stop Anuj or support Anupama. Barkha says its Anupama’s mistake as she didn’t listen to her when she repeatedly asked her not to let Maaya stay at her house, this wouldn’t have happened if Anupama had heard her. Devika asks if she provoked Anuj against Anupama. Ankush warns her to mind her tongue and says just because Barkha didn’t speak doesn’t mean she provoked Anuj against Anupama.

Barkha says Anupama destroyed her house from her own house; Anuj many times warned her, but Anupama didn’t listen to him at all. Devika aksk what kind of people are they who can’t help others and knows just to blame someone’s goodness, they need to understand Anupama’s goodness. Dheeraj asks her to calm down. Anuj piacks his bag. Anupama requests him not to go.

Pakhi tells Adhik that she wants to meet Anuj and requests him not to do this as he is a role model for every husband. Adhik says Anuj is expressing his sorrow after he lost his daughter. Pakhi says even Anupama lost his daughter, but he is insulting Anupama instead. Adhik says everyone does mistakes in life and realize it later. Pakhi says it shouldn’t be too late. Adhik says they should visit them and see how can they help them.

Anupama pleads Anuj not to go or else she will also go with him and spend time away from this world where only they both are. Devika cries that Anupama doesn’t deserve this; they owe to become like Anuj and Anupama, now they are separating. Dimple offers her water and herself breaks down. Ankush notices something going in Barkha’s mind and asks what is she thinking. Barkha says if Anuj leaves, he and Adhik have to take over Anuj’s business until he returns and prove his competency.

Anupama shows Anuj’s gifts and photos and reminds him how much he loves her and asks if her happiness would be confined to photohos. She keeps photos in her bag and says they will go together or they will not; asks how can they change, they used to fight for others and not fighting with each other.

She continues to plead him and reminds that he knew about her responsibilities and relationships and accepted her with all her baggage, then what happened now. She promises to not let her old relationships get away from him and she will stay with him forever. She continues her best to convince him, but he stands senselessly. She asks why did he hold her hand if he had to leave it. Anupama’s all efforts go in vain and he refuses to even look at her.

Precap: Anuj throws away his and Anupama’s wedding photo and leaves home saying their relationship developed unrepairable cracks. Anupama collapses. Samar informs Shahs that Anuj left his house and Anupama. Vanraj feels good hearing that.

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