Anupamaa : Anuj Opens About His Past !

Christmas party continues at Shah House. Everyone blindfolded try to put garland in each other’s neck and seek gifts from them. Kavya tries to garland Vanraj. Vanraj stops her and warns to dare not think of it as he knows what she wants. Malvika puts garland in Vanraj’s neck next and asks what gift he wants. He says he already got a lot from her. She says let us play again as she loves cheating.

Baa garlands Christmas tree and gets happy. Envelope falls down from Anuj’s pocket. Vanraj’s garland also falls down nearby. He bends and luckily picks back garland instead of envelope. Anuj puts garland in Anu’s neck. Anuj nervously asks her to seek her gift. She nervously says she..him… Samar wishes merry Christmas to all. Baa says meri teri sabki Christmas.

Anu nervously continues she.. he.. when they hear Malvika angrily breaks things. Everyone rush to her. Mukku shows envelope and asks Anuj what is it. Kavya yells at her to start her drama somewhere else and not here. Anuj says he wanted to gift it at 12 midnight as usual. Mukku asks how can he do this, she will break his nose. Anu asks Anuj what did he do. Mukku hugs Anu and cries vigorously.

Anuj says he transferred everything in Mukku’s name. Kavya asks properties, company shares, etc. He says yes. Kavya thinks people dance in happiness if they get 2000 rs note on road, Mukku is overreacting even after getting a vast business empire. Anuj says Kapadia empire belongs to Mukku. Mukku says how can he say that, she will never talk to him. Anu asks what really happened. Anuj says Kapadia empire’s real owner is Mukku.

Baa says brother and sister have equal share in property. Anuj says he has equal right on happiness and sorrows with Mukku, but not in property. He reveals that he is his parents’ adopted son as his parents couldn’t bear children, later they got a biological child Mukku. He emotionally continues that in childhood, Mukku used to make him carry her school bag to school and he used to plead that her brother is tired; today his brother is tired and wants to return his baggage.

Kavya thinks Kapadias are more dramebaaz than Shahs. Anuj says Mukku stayed away for 10 years without any help and when she returned and took away just 50 lakhs from her own money, he felt bad which he shouldn’t have; he realized his mistake after Anu’s explanation and he is sure Mukku and Vanraj will take Kapadia empire to the new heights.

GK says real documents are with their lawyer, she can accept or reject them. Malvika says bhai always shows his maturity, she knows what to do now. She burns the documents. Anuj asks why did she do this. She asks if she should announce in social media that her brother disowned her. He says he never will do that. She says when she was about to speak her first word, her parents were eager to hear mummy or papa, but she spoke bhai; her parents used to say that she is her brother’s child; they all loved her brother, but he considered them as stranger. Anuj says no… Malvika claps and says they are doing a melodrama in someone’s party; if he is practical, let her speak practically; he turned papa’s small business into a vast empire with his hard work; whole life he just fulfilled responsibilities, but now he should seek his right from her and even other relationships, looking at Anu.

Precap: Anuj reconciles with Malvika and hugs her, Anu, and GK emotionally. Kavya realizing Vanraj’s plan asks him if Kapadia empire is not Anuj’s but his partner Malvika’s. He says she and her small thinking.

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