Imlie: Imlie Walks Out of Aditya’s Life ; Aryan Stands in Strong Support !

Aparna confronts Anu that they are all in sorrow and Anu is celebrating. Anu says she should be happy as its her son’s daughter. Aparna cries that she is unhappy because her son cannot be happy without Imlie and even Malini will be unhappy without love whole life. Anu says she is happy that she took revenge from servant junior and senior for ruining her and her daughter’s life and taunts Imlie that women like her and mother are family breakers and can never be happy in life.

Imlie walks away crying, remembering Aditya’s bitter words. Ho Jaise Ret Zara Si.. song plays in the background. Aryan walks to her and says her destiny is out of this house, her life’s toughest project has ended today and its time to pack up and leave. She says she needs some time. He reminds her that she took 1 night’s permission to be weak and cry, so she cannot be weak in the morning now. He asks her to inform her team to pack up and leave from here.

Malini asks Adi where shall she keep her stuff in his house. He says wherever she can, she can get a place in his room and cupboard and not his heart. She says she already submitted her 7 lives to him, she can understand his pain and helplessness and will support him until he wants to. Aparna continues crying expressing her sorrows with T family. Narmada with Arpita walks to her and says she felt bad seeing Adi and Imlie’s marriage breaking, but she didn’t know Aryan’s responsible for it, so she wants to apologize on her son’s behalf.

Aparna says its not Adi’s mistake, now neither Adi nor Malini will get a full love they deserve. She requests her to take care of Imlie as Imlie is like her daughter and she feels as if she is doing her daughter’s vidayi. Narmada says she need not worry as she will take take care of Imlie and Imlie is a very strong girl. Imlie walks to them and says Imlie is strong because of their support.

Anu walks to them, gives gift to servant junior Imlie and asks her to take it and get out. Imlie drops gift down and says even she shouldn’t be here. She hugs and consoles Aparna. Aryan thinks Imlie lives to clear people’s pain, but Aditya lives to give pain to others, Aditya deserves only Malini and not Imlie. He informs Narmada, Arpita, and Imlie that car is ready. Aparna continues crying. Imlie asks her to take care of herself and walks away slowly remembering the quality moments spent with Tripathis. Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin.. song plays in the background.

She then tries to dismantle her camera setup controlling her emotions. Aryan offers her kerchief and says she can cry. She says she doesn’t want to. He says she did her duty better than expected and has time till 9 a.m. tomorrow to cry and clear out her sorrows and return to work strong. She says even he hides sorrows and pain in his heart. He asks if she wants to become a stone hearted like him.

She says yes a person who is determined to move ahead without bothering about his pain. He says he just wants her to learn courage from him and can cry and clear her heart if she wants to. She says she wants to move ahead in live and fulfill her amma’s dreams and not cry for babusaheb. A tear falls from her eyes. She says this is the last tear for babusaheb, she is a strong Imlie from today. She burns Aryan’s kerchief and walks away confidently showing her determination.

Precap: Imlie tells Aryan that she will be strong without any friend or responsibility in life like him. He cries while cutting onions. She jokes on him in a reporter style.

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