Anupamaa: Maaya Gets Crazy Obsessed About Anuj !

Maaya tells Anuj that she knows that maybe she is wrong, but her love is not wrong. Anuj says love is right when its a sacrifice and wrong when its a steal or forceful snatch. Maaya says she is not snatching him from anyone and just knows that she loves him immensely, though less than Anupama. She needs him. Anuj says he belongs to only Anupama and she is his first and last love, Maaya is just his daughter’s biological mother and can only be friends only if she doesn’t interfere between him and Anupama.

He says when its impossible to gain love, they should leave it. Maaya asks if he had stopped loving Anupama when she was married to Vanraj, then how can she stop loving him. Anuj says this is getting really weird. Maaya asks when his love for Anupama wasn’t weird, then how her love for him is weird. Anuj says his love was in limits, but Maaya’s love is not. Maaya says its not a love if it doesn’t break barriers; one-sided love is not wrong.

Anuj says enough now, he respects her love as he had one-sided love for 26 years, but expecting it back forcefully is wrong; she should end this topic right here. He walks out of room. Maaya hugs Anuj’s shirt and says it doesn’t end her; when he can get Anupama after 26 years, she will get him for sure. Anuj gulps water feeling upset and thinks when love crosses its limits, it can go any extent and hopes Maaya doesn’t do any foolishness.

Anupama with Bhavesh takes a doctor to Bhairavi’s house for her father’s treatment. Doctor says his condition is very critical and he needs immediate hospitalization. Bhairavi says they doesn’t have money. Bhavesh asks her not to worry and tells Anupama they should shift him to a government hospital. Doctor warns that a child should be kept away from the patient.

Bhairavi says she can’t stay away from her father. Father requests Anupama to take care of Bhairavi until he gets well. Anupama agrees. Bhavesh thinks why Anupama is so good and why god burdens good people with responsibilities. At Kapadia mansion, Pakhi taunts Barkha if she is upset as Siya Ram/Anupama and Anuj are returning home.

Ankush says she is right; instead of burning lamps, people’s hearts are burning here. Pakhi asks Barkha to clean Anuj and Anupama’s room which she has forcefully occupied; Barkha’s vile planning with Maaya didn’t work, so she should pack her bags and leaves. Ankush gets angry and shouts at Pakhi.

Anupama tries to comfort Bhairavi and feed her food. Bhairivi says she lost her mother when she was a kid and can’t afford losing her father now. Anupama says her father will feel bad if he learns that she didn’t have food. Bhairavi says she will have it by herself. Anupama says good girl. Bhavesh calls her and informs that Bhairavi’s father is no more. She stands upset.

Bhairavi says food was tasty, cleans plate, and prays tulsi plant to cure her baba soon. She asks if she got a call from hospital. Anupama with great difficulty informs that her father went to her mother. Bhairavi runs towards hospital. Adhik notices Pakhi weeping, feels guilty, and apologizes her for being rude.

Pakhi says she thought he is not like his sister, but he also is selfish like her; she reminds how much Anuj and Anupama helped them when his own sister and BIL were against their marriage and how Anuj gave him a job in his company. Adhik says he didn’t forget anything and is working hard for Anuj’s company. Pakhi says Anuj will notice and praise his efforts, but he can’t think of separating Anuj and Anupama like his sister.

Anuj goes to bed and dreams about spending a quality time with Anupama and Little Anu. Little Anu wakes him up and says his parents live in her heart, she has a school and friends her and hence can’t come with him, even he should go and concentrate on his work, she will visit him and mummy often and feels her mummy and papa are best.

Anupama says their Anupama is best. Maaya feels jealous hearing that and thinks she loves them both, but they love Anupama; she still has a day and will not let Anuj go so easily. Pakhi asks Adhik why he is supporting his sister’s wrongdoings and trying to separate Anuj and Anupama. Adhik says he can’t extend his hands in front of Anuj and Anupama forever and wants a luxurious life.

Pakhi says he should work hard and gain success instead of trying to snatch someone else’s well-established world. Adhik says she did a lot till now and shouldn’t do anything further. Pakhi says she will reunite Anuj and Anupama at any cost and no one in the world can stop her.

Bhairavi breaks down seeing her father’s dead body and pleads him to wake up. Anupama says she knows how a child feels when her father’s hands go away from her. She comforts Bhairavi. Back home, Anupama tries to control her tears. Kanta asks if she remembered her father seeing Bhairavi crying for her father.

Anupama says she hasn’t forgotten her pain; its good Bhairavi’s uncle and aunt came and will take care of her, but nobody can take her father’s place. Kanta prays god that any child shouldn’t lose their parents. Anupama asks why relatives leave them and can’t stay with them forever and breaks down more.

Precap: Anuj gets ready to meet Anupama. Anupama gets a message and excitedly tells Kanta that Anuj is coming. Kanta says she tolerated a pain of separaton, but if the hope to reunite breaks, she can’t tolerate it; she will not send her daughter to her in-law’s house until she is confident. Maaya feels anxious seieng Anuj’s excitement.

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