Anupamaa : Maaya Instigates Anuj Against Anupama !

Anupama dances on Manva Laage Re Saawre.. song while Shahs cheer up for her. Maaya dances in picnic impressing Anuj. Anupama imagines Anuj dancing with her and then realizes its her imagination. Anuj also imagines dancing with Anupama. Everyone clap for them after their dance. At night, Anuj makes Little Anu asleep. Maaya walks in and asks how was his dance. Anuj says it was good. Maaya says he didn’t see it at all and says Little Anu was so happy today. Anuj says he saw that. Maaya thanks her for bringing her here and making her experience all this, she is getting closer to her daughter the more time she is spending with her.

She says she knows he can’t stay with Little Anu and neither she, so she wants to request him something; her 15 days are ending, she can’t stay away from her daughter, so she wants to stay in his house for 1 month; either of them will feel pain if Little Anu chooses either of them, so they should make a good memory in this 1 month; she may back off seeing Anuj and Anupama’s love and feels she may lose and return empty handed from here with her daughter’s good memories; he should please let her stay with Little Anu for a month as it would be loss of either of them after that.

Anuj agrees. Maaya thanks him and says she will get everything she wants in this 1 month. She then starts instigating him against Anupama; says poor Anupama has to share her mamata/mother’s love with Little Anu and her 3 other children, it would have been good if she had come here. Anuj says he stopped Anupama as he can’t see her dividing at 2 places, his Anu is so good that she can’t say no to anyone and people take disadvantage of it. Maaya says Shah family is Anupama’s maika/maternal home and every woman’s heart craves for her maika. Anuj says he understands.

Maaya thinks he understands, even then has problem with it. Anuj says he married Anupama knowing how important her children and parents are for her, but he was alone that time and now Little Anu and 3 grown up children are involved who don’t need Anupama more than Little anu does.. He stops and says its late now and goes to his tent. Maaya thinks from far away she couldn’t, but when she came closer, she sees rifts even between Anuj and Anupama’s relationship.

Anupama imagines Anuj and Little Anu calling he to have ice cream. Saathiya Ye Tune Kya Kiya.. song plays in the background. Anuj sits besides her and holds her. She leaves from there. Their romantic nok jhok starts. She then realizes its just her imagination. She calls Anuj and anxious waits him to pick her call. Anuj leaves his phone at Maaya’s tent by mistake. Maaya rejects it and hides phone. Anupama then calls Maaya. Maaya rejects it again repeatedly. Anupama gets anxious and thinks maybe network or battery issue, why didn’t Anuj pick her call, maybe he is tired and asleep and will call her once he sees her missed call. Vanraj walks to Anupama and asks if everything is alright. She says hmm.

Kavya notices them. Leela taunts her for fighting with Vanraj and says what can a man do when wife becomes a sorrow, its good that Vanraj can talk to her and share his sorrow. Kavya says its Vanraj’s old habit, whether Anupama or Kavya, Vanraj feels relaxed talking to other’s wife, he used to talk to her when Anupama was his wife and now obviously would talk to Anupama when she is his wife.

Leela says his son’s biggest tragedy is Kavya is his wife. Kavya says her life’s biggest tragedy is Leela is her MIL. Leela hopes Anupama was still her DIL. Vanraj thanks Anupama. Anupama asks for what. Vanraj says for staying with them, his house was sad since months and today he saw his children happy, his father smiling, and his mother relaxed; he felt as if old times returned.

Precap: Vanraj tells Anupama that he wishes the old times return. Anupama warns him to dare not repeat such words. Maaya goes on a walk with Anuj and gets tensed seeing her old accomplice.

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