Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd February 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Malishka asking Lakshmi to go and tell everyone how he promised her and now behaving this way. She says will you tell everyone, as you are the witness. Lakshmi goes from there. Malishka says my sweetheart, I will get ready in such a way that you can stay without kissing me and says lets make our moment special. She says I will be waiting for our kiss, of our valentine’s day. She goes. Rishi thinks Malishka took advantage of Lakshmi’s presence and thinks to go and talk to her. Lakshmi thinks of Malishka demanding kiss from Rishi and thinks I shall not think all this, why I am feeing sad, I am not Rishi’s wife, their marriage is stopped because of me. She says I shall not care if they come near each other, and thinks she has just friendship relation with Rishi. Rishi comes there and asks why did you come between Malishka and me. Lakshmi says I..Rishi says I didn’t mean that way.

He says Malishka got witnessed as you come. Lakshmi says I had come to give you towel. Rishi says we used to stay together so I am habitual to call your name. He says you should have given me towel, why you let Malishka give me towel. Lakshmi asks him to get habitual to take towel from Malishka. She asks if I was not there, then if you had broken your promise. He says ofcourse and asks how can I kiss infront of everyone. She asks why? And says times has changed, you are modern. Rishi says if I am modern, then can I do anything. He asks can I kiss you infront of everyone.

Malishka calls event manager and asks her to decorate the hall for the party. The manager says ok. Malishka asks what will be the theme and flowers? The manager says I will tell you, what I thought. Malishka asks them to sit. The manager shows her the plan. Malishka says if the party is good then she will give her marriage event to her. Richa thanks her. Neelam comes there. Malishka introduces her as her Mom and tells that she is her would be mother in law. Neelam says I trust you, and says you will do something good in party, not like that Lakshmi. Malishka says B grade, flops. Neelam says there is no comparison or match of yours with Lakshmi. Malishka says I hope even Rishi feels this.

Rishi says you will have problem with it and says love is not demanded and it shall be private. He says he is trapped due to her. Lakshmi asks him to understand Malishka and do as she says. Rishi says she doesn’t understand me like you do, and says I can’t kiss Malishka. Lakshmi says ok, don’t do. Rishi says but I am trapped ,as you are the witness.

Sonia calls Malishka to her room and asks about the theme. Malishka says it is the masquerade party. She asks her to get ready accordingly. Sonia thanks her and calls her would be bhabhi.

Kamli is cleaning the mirror, when Balwinder comes there wearing devil mask. Kamli gets scared and picks a bottle to throw at him. Balwinder shows his face. Kamli says you shall not scare me, as I am having your baby. Balwinder says it is your baby. She asks if you are going somewhere. He says yes, to hell if she wants to come. She goes. Balwinder wears the mask and says Lakshmi, your life’s devil is coming.

Rishi comes behind Lakshmi and says her sorry. Lakshmi says she don’t want to talk to him. He says if you don’t want to talk to me, then I can’t take breath and then I will die. Lakshmi keeps her hand on his mouth and says Rishi. She asks him to say thu thu thu, three times. He says he will not say. Lakshmi asks him to say it. Rishi says you are a wonder, first you told about black dog, and then this. Lakshmi asks him to promise that he will not say such things again. Rishi says promise.

He asks her to promise that she will not look at him with angry eyes, but look at him with lovely eyes. Lakshmi is about to go. Rishi asks her to look at him. She says I am not going from here, as you will get hurt. Rishi says I can’t talk to you, until you look in my eyes. He gets Pinky’s call and goes. Pinky tells that they have selected 4 guys and they said something. Rishi says I don’t think this can happen. Pinky asks him to say.

Ayush comes to his room and says don’t know how will the party, as Malishka is organizing. She says she used to say Aunty, I love Rishi. He says Rishi Bhai can only stay happy with Lakshmi bhabhi. He asks if love is like this, she has captive him, love is not possession, but sacrifice and compromise. He says I swear if Malishka goes out of their lives then their lives will be good, and everyone’s lives will be good without Malishka. He says I trust God, who is sitting there and handling everyone’s destiny. He says whom Shalu will get. He thinks to gift something to Shalu and says she is my valentine.

Bani asks Shalu when they will go to party. Shalu says still there is some time. Bani says when you will take gift for him. Shalu says he is just a friend. Bani says when I said that he is lover. She asks what gift you will give him. Shalu says he is rich, what my gift means to him. Bani says he has everything, but he will not have what you give him. She says I know you might be thinking what to gift him. She says we will take gift on the way and then we will go to party.

Ayush says since when she became my valentine and says no, she is not my valentine. He says if she heard, then she will call me jhalla and play my band. He says when she calls me jhalla, I get peace. He says what gift you want, oh Shalu…

Lakshmi comes to her room. Rishi is waiting for her and says you have to wear these clothes in party. Lakshmi says this can’t happen. Rishi goes from there. Lakshmi thinks what Rishi wants, he wants Malishka and also kept me here. She reads his letter in which Rishi asking her to wear this clothes in the party. He writes Pinky said that the guys whom she has shortlisted, wanted to see her in western look. He writes if she don’t want to wear, then he will talk to them. Lakshmi gets thinking.

Precap: Bani tells Shalu that she is looking lovely and beautiful, Ayush will just look at her. Ayush looks at Shalu and asks her to come to his room with him. Shalu says Ayush. Rishi sees Lakshmi in the gown and tells her that she will always look beautiful, whatever she wears. He says I am feeling like, I shall marry you. Shalu asks Ayush to say. Ayush asks her to say and says please. The event management lady tells that this Jodi is together in this birth and will be together in every births. She says please welcome Rishi and….Everyone sees Rishi coming with Lakshmi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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