Bhagya Lakshmi 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rishi holding Lakshmi’s hand and telling that he wants to fulfill her Bau ji’s wish and says you have obeyed your Bau ji, now please obey me. He says I couldn’t be a good Saathi/life partner and asks her to let him be a good Saarthi/friend. He holds her hand and takes her out of the room. Shalu and Bani get happy seeing Rishi taking Lakshmi. They have a hug. Rano is shocked.

Malishka thinks Lakshmi shall not come, and says I can’t work more hard to kick her out, she is not moving from our lives, she has markesh dosh of my life. She hopes she doesn’t come back, but sees Rishi holding Lakshmi’s hand and bringing her outside. He makes her sit in his car and keeps her luggage in the decky. Malishka looks shocked.

Rishi sits in the car and drives off, while Malishka is standing and looking in shock. Malishka’s driver brings her car. Malishka sits in her car. She recalls Rishi taking up the responsibility of Lakshmi and her happiness till his last breath and telling Rano that he will take her from there. She cries and asks Driver to stop the car and get down. Driver says sorry, I didn’t listen. Malishka asks him to shut up and get down. Lakshmi thinks of Rishi’s promise and then thinks of Neelam who regards her as inauspicious and telling that her reflection brings destruction for them.

Shalu and Bani thank Baba ji, for not letting Balwinder marry Lakshmi and for sending her with Rishi. She thanks Baba ji. Rano thinks she will hit them with shoes and think Balwinder and Neelam will take their money back, thinks she has lost lakhs of Rs. Shalu tells Bani that they shall make sweets. Rano stops them and starts yelling at them, and tells them bad words that cunning, clever etc. She asks why you didn’t tell me if you know it already. Shalu asks if you had known then would have got Balwinder’s marriage with Kamli done? Rano says why, Balwinder should have married Lakshmi. Bani says that’s why we didn’t tell.

Shalu says you had told that one daughter is extra here, now she is gone from here. They go to make halwa. Rano is angry and says she will see, how Rishi’s family members let her stay there. Dadi asks Virender if Lakshmi will return. Virender says both are stubborn, don’t know. Neelam comes home with Ahana. She says I know what you both are talking. Ahana says Rishi bhai will bring Bhabhi surely. Neelam says oh god, you are talking this only. Ahana asks shall I call Shalu and asks her. Dadi says yes, else I have to take BP medicine. Virender says we will be peaceful and asks her to call.

Malishka is driving her car and following Rishi’s car. Lakshmi asks Rishi to stop the car. Rishi says until you tell me the reason, I will not stop. Ayush comes home and dances singing song yeh jaawani..hai deewani ….Everyone is surprised. Ayush dances holding Ahana’s hand. Ahana asks if your girlfriend had eloped as you are singing in a bad voice. Ayush says girlfriend will dance after separating from me. He says girlfriend is coming here. Ahana asks whose girlfriend. Ayush says Rishi bhai’s girlfriend Lakshmi Bhabhi is coming here, tells that he has talked to Shalu, it is confirmed. Ahana, Virender and dadi get happy.

Lakshmi asks Rishi to stop the car else she will jump. Rishi asks her to tell the reason then he will stop. Dadi says I am thankful to god, that Lakshmi is returning. Virender says the lakshmi who was needed here, is coming. Ayush and Ahana dance again. Neelam gets up and vents out her anger on Ayush, and slaps him hard. Ayush is shocked. Lakshmi opens the car door. Malishka is behind Rishi’s car. Rishi holds Lakshmi’s hand and asks what you are doing, accident will happen. Malishka drives in speed and stops her car in the middle of the road.

Rishi sees Malishka’s car on the middle of the road and is about to hit her car. Neelam tells Ayush that until I am here, that girl will not cross this house. Karishma asks what Lakshmi will do here? Sonia says she is married to Lafandar Balwinder. Ahana asks her to shut up and says Lakshmi bhabhi is not married to him. Karishma asks her to stop calling her bhabhi. Neelam says my decision is still same, I will not let her come inside. Rishi puts the sudden brake and stops the car. Lakshmi gets down from his car and goes. Rishi is about to go behind her, when Malishka stops him and asks have you gone mad.

She says you are getting married to me and is engaged to me. Rishi says I remember. Malishka says why you are behind her, have you gone mad? Rishi sees Lakshmi running and going. He says I have to go. Malishka asks him to shut up and says if she is my sautan or I am her sautan. Rishi says where is Lakshmi, as she goes off his sight. Malishka asks why you care if Lakshmi marries Balwinder or any other street guy. Rishi asks her to shut up and tells that I told you and all the family, what Lakshmi means to me. He asks her to go and says don’t know where Lakshmi has gone, because of you. He runs to go to Lakshmi. Malishka says you are going away from me because of Lakshmi.

Virender tells that Lakshmi will come in this house and will stay here as my daughter. Neelam says if you forget your limitations then I will forget it. She says this house had suffered a lot due to her inauspicious affect. She says that girl is inauspicious and tells that they will not do mistake to bring her back. Dadi tells that Lakshmi is not auspicious and asks if we all haven’t done any mistake and asks if we all are inauspicious. She says if you want to accuse Lakshmi, say bad or throw stones on her, then I will not stop, but first person to throw stone on her, shall be the one who haven’t done anything wrong in their life ever.

Lakshmi is running on the road. Dadi tells that everyone does mistake and tells that if nobody have any flaws then they are God. Neelam asks if her lecture is over, and tells that she will not listen to anyone now. Rishi searches for Lakshmi and says please don’t go far from me. He says please come back home. Lakshmi sees the temple and climbs the temple stairs.

Malishka is driving the car and says you didn’t do right Rishi. Balwinder is drinking. Kamli asks him not to drink much. Balwinder asks her not to become his wife and mother, he breaks the bottle and threatens to kill her and her baby. He asks her not to show her face to him again. Sonal calls Balwinder and asks him, if the marriage happened. Balwinder says I will take knife and will stab on her stomach and will take out her intestines. Sonal says good idea, kill her.

Balwinder asks her not to sprinkle salt on his wounds and asks her to end the call. Sonal says you have married Lakshmi, right. Balwinder says Lakshmi made me married to a cheap girl. Sonal asks why didn’t you take revenge from Lakshmi. Balwinder says Rishi had come there. Sonal is shocked and asks where is Malishka? Balwinder says she must be crying somewhere. Sonal gets worried for Malishka. Rishi comes near the temple and hears temple bell ringing. He thinks who is ringing bells, and then realizes she is Lakshmi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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