Bhagya Lakshmi 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rishi taking Sonia’s pics, and says today your pics came good by mistake. Sonia says she poses nicely always. Karishma says we shall leave. Rishi says we shall wait for Lakshmi. He gets Ayush’s call. He asks did you pick Shalu? Ayush says yes. Sonia asks why Shalu is coming? Rishi says so that Lakshmi don’t feel alone in the party. Ayush and Shalu argue in the car. He says I am taking you to Viraj party and asks her not to show attitude. He says I should have brought Neha, she was excited. Shalu says you should have brought her. Ayush says Neha is good and has no attitude.

Shalu says you don’t know her well and asks him not to become her fan. Ayush asks her to tell, why? Shalu says I will not tell. Karishma says we shall leave and says they are getting the calls. She says we will send car for Lakshmi after we reached there. Rishi is about to sit in the car, when Lakshmi comes there, dressed as Heer. Rishi says Heer, beautiful. He smiles looking at her. Rishi says we shall go. They sit in the car. Sonia asks how did you rectify the dress, it was cut. Lakshmi says she has stitched the patched on the cuts. She asks how do you know? Karishma says when we went to your room, we saw it. Rishi hears them. Karishma says we shall leave.

Malishka hugs her father. He gets happy seeing her. Viraj comes and greets him. He says you are my family. Abhay says your dad was more than my business partner and says he was family. Dada ji calls Abhay. Abhay greets Dada ji and wishes him happy birthday. Dada ji sees Lakshmi coming there and walks towards her. Abhay asks Kiran, how is she? Kiran ignores him and goes. Viraj asks Malishka if her Mom is comfortable. Malishka says thank you for inviting Dad, as we meet him only on parties.

Ayush and Shalu reach the party. Her dupatta get stuck in the car’s window. She calls Ayush and says it is stuck. Ayush says even my car doesn’t like you. He tries to open the door and says it was stuck. He asks if she was dreaming about Hritik and says shall dream, even if it doesn’t fulfill. He says I am hero and will save you. He asks her not to move and holds her. They look at each other. He says I will count till three and we will pullthe dupatta. He pulls the dupatta and the door opens. They get uncomfortable and shy. Shalu says thanks. Ayush says I help everyone normally and says you are not someone special, just Shalu. They walk inside.

Dada ji comes to Lakshmi and says I have seen you somewhere. He recalls and tells that you are the same girl, who is in my mind since a long time. Lakshmi says we didn’t meet before. He says I have seen you in sweets shop when you was giving sweets to Karan Kundra and his wife. She asks were you there? Dada ji says I was going from there, and thought I did a mistake by not meeting you, and says atleast I would have known your name. Lakshmi says my name is Lakshmi. He asks if she is not married. Lakshmi says I am married and says her husband is more good than her.

Dada ji thinks even his Viraj is good. Rishi comes there. Lakshmi introduces him as her husband. Dada ji blesses them. Rishi asks who are you? Dada ji says don’t you know me? Lakshmi says Amitabh Bachchan of Shawa Shawa. Dada ji gets happy and says he is Viraj’s grand father. Lakshmi touches Dada ji’s feet. Malishka and Viraj come there. Viraj says you already met dada ji. Dada ji says she identified me. Viraj says we can’t. Malishka says you would have get French beard like him. Dada ji says good suggestion. Viraj says Rishi is Ranjha. Rishi says I wanted to become Singh of Singh King. Viraj says this is different. Dada ji says even I said this. Dada ji says so Lakshmi is this Ranjha’s heer.

Malishka says even I am Heer and says if Lakshmi had told me then I would have become someone else. Lakshmi says even you didn’t tell me. Rishi says you are looking as Simran of DDLJ. Rishi excuses himself as Malishka goes upset. Kiran argues with Abhay. Malishka collides with Kiran and tells her that everything thought her as Simran and says Lakshmi is pairing with Rishi, and he became Ranjha for her. She sees Rishi and goes from there. Rishi goes behind Malishka. Malishka says I will not hear anything from you. Rishi says I came to get water and not to talk to you. He goes. Malishka is shocked. He thinks how did I behave with Malishka? Malishka thinks what is wrong with him. He gives water to Lakshmi. Dada ji says you brought water for Lakshmi. Rishi says when we were coming here, she said that she is thirsty and that’s why I gave her water. Dada ji appreciates their Jodi and says God made you both as a couple and wrote each other in their kundalis. He praises them.

Ayush and Shalu come there. Viraj introduces Ayush. Ayush gives him sweet box as gift and says if you had kept French beard then others would have understand Amitabh Bachchan. Dada ji asks if she is your girlfriend. Lakshmi says my sister. Dada ji says ok.

Rishi asks Lakshmi if she made all these sweets for Dada ji. Lakshmi says yes and asks why? Rishi says very good, I was just asking. He says how did you get the box, as it was in the car. Lakshmi says you have given keys to the valet, so I asked him to get the box. Rishi says Mumbai girl and appreciates her. She asks if he is taunting her. He says you are smart. Kiran tells Malishka that Rishi will go to whoever, his heart wants to go. She asks her to do something to divert him towards her, before it stops beating for her. Malishka recalls Rishi getting jealous seeing Viraj and her together. She thinks she knows how to get Rishi back.

Viraj asks Dada ji to come and enjoy the party, and asks what happened? Dada ji says I liked Lakshmi and was at love at first sight with her. Viraj asks what? Dada ji says for you, and says I have seen her before her marriage and says she is very helpful and kind, she doesn’t care for herself and cares for others. He says such girls are out of stock and says I always tried to search her and thought to fix your marriage with her, but I couldn’t find her. He says the guy Rishi is also good. Viraj says God knows what goes in your mind, dada ji. Rishi and Lakshmi see Malishka upset.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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