Bhagya Lakshmi 7th February 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rishi getting Ayush’s call. Ayush asks what did he talk to Lakshmi? Rishi says he has heard people saying that their heart broke, but seeing it for first time. He says I am very bad, and have snatched smile from Lakshmi’s face, not just smile, but also light in her eyes. He says I couldn’t get forgiveness, I have become guilty in her eyes. He says she said that our ways are different and left. He says she made me bad, and I shall hate her, but I feel that I deserve hatred and is really bad. He says I feel lost and cries. Ayush also gets teary eyes hearing him. Rishi says I will come home and meet you in the night. Rishi thinks of Lakshmi and his moments. Shukriya song plays…..

Malishka thinks Karishma aunty is right and thinks if Lakshmi is accused of stealing, then all problem will be solved. She thinks to find out where all employee keep their personal bags. She asks Rupali where is the heart shaped pendant which she has selected. Rupali says it is here? Malishka calls Lakshmi and asks do you like it? lakshmi says you are buying it and shall like it. Malishka asks her to tell, what she likes. Lakshmi says both. Malishka asks which one, do you like? Lakshmi says your wedding necklace. Malishka says my work is done and asks her to go. Kalyani hears them. Malishka asks Rupali to pack it, and keep it there, says she is waiting for Rishi. She steals the necklace and keeps it in her purse, diverting Rupali and Mohan. She asks Rupali to show her id and makes an excuse about her bet with her friends. She comes to the staff locker room with Rupali, and keeps the necklace in Lakshmi’s purse checking some lockers. Rupali shows her ID Card to her. Malishka takes her pic and gives her 2000 Rs. Rishi comes there. Malishka tells him that she has chosen necklaces for her, and asks Mohan to show. Mohan gives her the box.

Malishka shows the box to Rishi and says this necklace she will wear for her wedding. Rishi says there is nothing in it. Malishka gets angry and tells that Lakshmi had liked the necklace. She asks Kalyani to get her money back, and threatens to call her father. Kalyani says shall I get the staff members checked. Malishka recalls Karishma asking her to create big drama, and buy the jewellery with Rishi’s card. Karishma asks her to search stupid employee and ask for her ID card, and she will take you to her purse, and Lakshmi’s purse will be there too. Fb ends. Kalyani says I will get it checked. Rishi asks Malishka to let Kalyani check. Malishka says she wants all staff to come. Kalyani asks Malishka to check her first. Malishka says you will not take the necklace as you represent this store. Kalyani says I trust my staff too. She checks everyone and tells that there is nothing with them. Malishka thinks now drama will start, and recalls Karishma asking her to ask Kalyani to get their stuff checked after their physical checking.

She stops them and asks where are their purses and other stuff are kept in the staff room, right. Kalyani says necklace must be misplaced and tells that it will not be found there also. Malishka asks Rishi to come, and tells that it was expensive necklace. Kalyani asks all staff members to take out their purse and bags and stand in line. Everyone takes out their purse from their locker and gives to Kalyani one by one. Rishi notices Malishka eying Lakshmi’s purse. He gets a call and tells that he is going out to attend an important call, and asks her to come out after everything ends. Malishka says you can’t go. Rishi says important call and goes. Kalyani continues to check the staff members’s purses and bags and then calls Lakshmi. Lakshmi gives her purse.

Ayush is on call with Rishi and asks shall I come there. Rishi says there is a big drama here. A board falls down and the place gets dusty. Rishi goes to the washroom to clean his eyes. He goes inside the washroom. The workers come there and lock the door from outside, as the washroom was under repair. Rishi ends the call and finds the door locked. Malishka recalls Lakshmi’s words and thinks today my revenge will be fulfilled and you can’t work anywhere, and then you return to your village, and I will stay happily with my Rishi. Lakshmi finds the necklace in her purse and says I haven’t done this. Malishka asks what did you say? Kalyani asks Lakshmi to empty her bag. Malishka says it is enough of your drama and put the things on the table. Everyone see the necklace. Lakshmi says I didn’t do anything. Malishka shouts and says you didn’t do anything. Lakshmi says I really don’t know who has kept it. Malishka recalls Karishma asking her to call Police and says once she is arrested, I will not let Lakshmi come on bail. Fb ends. Malishka says I want Police, right here, right now.

Precap: Lakshmi tells the Police that Kalyani thinks that she has stolen the necklace, but she had not kept that necklace in her bag. Rishi comes there and says I have kept that necklace. Lakshmi asks why are you lying? Malishka asks him the same thing. Rishi asks did you keep it? Malishka asks what do you want? Lakshmi asks her to change her question, and ask if I love Rishi or not, and the answer will be? Rishi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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