Bhagya Lakshmi 9th April 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rishi asking Lakshmi to look in his eyes and understand his heart talk/feelings. He asks did you understand? Lakshmi asks what? He asks did you understand my heart talk. Lakshmi says I understood that your nose is really cut and laughs. She says it is looking nice being red. Rishi says he will cut her nose and tries to pull it. Lakshmi laughs.

Rishi sits on the bed, while she sits on his lap while laughing. She realizes and gets up. He says if you get so much happiness, then I will ask God to give me 1000 noses, so that I can get one cut daily. He says I got mad in love, like people used to say. Lakshmi says you talk big things and asks if you are not feeling pain now. Rishi acts of feeling pain. He tells that whoever asks him, how his nose turned red, he will tell that he had gone to Lakshmi’s room. Lakshmi asks him to be quiet and says she will apply cream on his nose, and it will be fine. She applies cream on his nose. He applies cream on her nose. Rishi says enough. Lakshmi keeps the cream and sees her nose in the mirror. Rishi says his nose is fine, and even hers is fine. He says he will go. Lakshmi asks why did he come? Rishi says he was missing her so came, thought to live some moments with her, so came.

Lakshmi comes to Mukesh and asks what is he making? Mukesh says some guests are coming so Neelam Madam gave the list of things to be made. Lakshmi checks the list and says first they will make breakfast and asks him not to worry. He says he don’t worry as she makes impossible as possible.

Ayush is exercising in their house gym. The dumbbell is about to fall on him. Rishi lifts it and asks Ayush what had happened to him. Ayush is sad. Rishi apologizes to him if he is sad because of him. Ayush asks him not to worry about him, and worry about himself and Lakshmi. Rishi asks him to come to point? Ayush says I know you love Lakshmi and only and only Lakshmi. Rishi recalls his confession.

Ayush says I am your Chaddi Buddy and knows that you love Lakshmi. Rishi says yes, and then tells that it is not truth. Ayush says ok, do you care for her, want to keep her safe. Rishi says yes. Ayush asks him to stop her marriage and get married to her. He says she can risk your life for you, can’t you marry her. Rishi thinks what to do, she doesn’t love me. Ayush says you are thinking wrong and says she loves you, and says you will love her after marriage. Rishi tells him that Lakshmi doesn’t love him.

Ayush says Lakshmi loves you and says she can give life for you and the family and you can’t marry her. Rishi says there is no advantage, I don’t know if I will love Lakshmi from my heart, and says sorry. He says Lakshmi’s happiness is outside this house and thinks he doesn’t love me. Ayush says I am always with you, but I am not with you, in your decision. He says I am against you and will not get this marriage happen. Rishi thinks how to tell Ayush that I love Lakshmi, but helpless. He feels happy that he got brother like him, but he can’t marry Lakshmi.

Bani tells Shalu that they shall take Chachi, and tells that she can make others silent. Shalu says we are not selfish to use her. Bani says the matter is about Di, and Chachi shall come with us. Shalu says we will take Chachi with us. Rano comes there and asks for her charger.

Shalu says it is on the table. They ask her to get ready. Rano asks why, do you want me to go to heaven? Bani says you have to come with us. Shalu says a guy is coming to see Lakshmi, and asks her to come with them. Bani asks her to tell that this guy is not suitable for di. Rano says then Mahabharat will happen. Bani and Shalu convince her. Rano agrees. They get happy.

Neelam asks Virender if he is upset with her. He asks why you are asking me. The groom’s family come there. Neelam greets them. Karishma introduces her family to them. Rishi, Ayush Malishka and Sonal are also there. Neelam asks what they would like to have? They refuse. Karishma says everything is ready and calls Mukesh. Neelam asks if your son haven’t come. Rano comes there with Shalu and Bani.

Karishma asks why you have come? Shalu says we have come, as Di can get married to a random guy. Dadi asks them to come. Vikrant’s bhabhi says he had some work so he couldn’t come. She says by the time, we came to know about this, we were about to reach. Neelam says its ok. Vikrant’s mother says we brought Pandit ji with us, for the kundalis. They give kundalis to Pandit ji. Ayush asks for photo.

Neelam asks if you have any problem. Saloni says Maa’s photo is in car, and I don’t have his photo. Vikrant’s mother asks her to show the ID card which she has in her purse. Saloni shows the ID card. Ayush says he is Salman Khan. Shalu says he is Hritik Roshan. Malishka, Sonia and Bani laugh seeing the photo. Shalu and Bani also laugh. Rishi asks Vikrant’s mother about the photo. Vikrant’s mother says her son is not goodlooking, but handles business well and is very competent. Lakshmi thinks she shall not think, and shall go from this house.

Precap: Karishma tells Lakshmi that the groom’s mother came to see her, and tells that he will come later, if her mother likes you. Vikrant’s mother tells that she liked her the moment when matchmaker told about her. Ayush thinks they are liking Lakshmi so much. Vikrant’s mother says she will call him and asks him to come here. Rishi gets teary eyes hearing Lakshmi saying she wants to marry and go from there at the earliest.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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