BhagyaLakshmi 21st February 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode unfolds with Neelam, in a state of concern, questioning Rishi about the whereabouts of Rohan. Rishi calmly explains that he has left Rohan at Lakshmi’s residence. Neelam, puzzled by his response, seeks further clarification. Rishi elaborates that Lakshmi is a teacher at the school and her daughter, Parvati, has formed a close bond with Rohan. He further adds that although Rohan was scheduled to travel to Gurdaspur in two days, he expressed a desire to stay, leading Rishi to leave him at Lakshmi’s house.

Rohan, meanwhile, is seen appreciating the food prepared by Lakshmi. He finishes his meal, picks up his Thaal, and stands up in unison with the other children. Lakshmi showers praise on Rohan, which leaves Parvati wondering why Rohan is receiving such commendation.

Back home, Neelam and Karishma express their disapproval of Rishi’s decision to leave Rohan in Gurdaspur. Neelam insists that Rishi should immediately bring Rohan back. Ayush intervenes, explaining to Neelam the impracticality of her demand and suggests that they could catch the first flight the next day to bring Rohan back. Neelam agrees to this plan and expresses her curiosity to meet Lakshmi and Parvati.

In a separate scene, Shalu questions Lakshmi’s contemplative gaze at Rohan, suspecting that it might be triggering memories of Rishi. She advises Lakshmi to let go of her past, to which Lakshmi concurs.

Later, Parvati complains to Lakshmi about Rohan narrating a ghost story that frightened her friends. Lakshmi pacifies the situation by instructing both of them to retire for the night.

In the middle of the night, Parvati, donning a ghost mask, sneaks up on Rohan and scares him awake. Lakshmi rushes to comfort the startled Rohan. Parvati teases Rohan for his fear of the ghost mask. Lakshmi decides to switch sleeping arrangements – Rohan will sleep with her, and Parvati will sleep with Shalu. Parvati reluctantly agrees.

The next morning, Rohan is seen laughing at Parvati, who discovers a funny face drawn on her while she was asleep. Rohan admits that it was his revenge for her ghost prank. Lakshmi reprimands Rohan for his behavior and instructs Parvati to wash her face.

Meanwhile, Rishi and Neelam prepare to leave to fetch Rohan, but Harleen intervenes. She reminds Neelam that Rohan chose to stay because he was happy and forcibly bringing him back would be akin to robbing him of his joy. Rishi echoes Harleen’s sentiments, reminiscing about Rohan’s happiness in the village. Harleen suggests that they could stay in touch with Rohan over the phone. Neelam, persuaded by their arguments, consents to let Rohan stay.

Neelam initiates a video call with Rohan, joined by Rishi and Harleen. Unbeknownst to them, Lakshmi is present in the background, out of their view. Neelam asks Rohan if they should come to pick him up, to which Rohan responds that he is thoroughly enjoying his stay and requests them not to come. Following the call, Rishi disconnects the call.

In a lighter moment, Rohan, while eating, experiences hiccups. He manages to control them by chanting ‘Om’, reminiscent of Rishi’s habit. This sight makes Lakshmi reflect on Rishi.

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