BhagyaLakshmi 27th September 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Rishi referring to Shandar as a real estate agent. Rishi expresses his desire to find a fully furnished apartment to Lakshmi. However, Shandar informs them that there is a flat available, but the rent might be high. Rishi agrees to explore the option.

As they explore the area, Rishi notices a couple expressing their love for each other. He mentions to Lakshmi that he had confessed his love to her, but he is still waiting for her response. Rishi urges Lakshmi to share her feelings with him.

Meanwhile, Shalu and Bani celebrate the union of Rishi and Lakshmi. Rano approaches them and inquires about their excitement. Shalu and Bani update Rano about the recent events at the Oberoi mansion, including Rishi and Lakshmi’s departure and their decision to stay elsewhere. Realizing the potential financial gain of allowing Rishi to stay in their home for a few days, Rano agrees and grants permission to Shalu and Bani.

Rano instructed Shalu to call Rishi and inquire about their lodging arrangements. However, Rishi ignored Shalu’s call. In desperation, Shalu then reached out to Lakshmi and asked if they were planning to stay at Rano’s house. Lakshmi, refusing to disclose any information, abruptly ended the call. To mock Rishi, Lakshmi insisted that he should profess his love for her, or else she threatened he would have to live in a tree. Rishi playfully responded to her teasing.

Meanwhile, Kiran and Abhay discussed Malishka and felt compelled to help fulfill her dreams. Kiran shared how she intervened to save Malishka from a situation caused by Vikrant’s actions. Abhay expressed his willingness to do whatever it takes to bring happiness to Malishka.

Virendra confided in Harleen about Neelam’s failure to comprehend Rishi and Lakshmi’s love. He expressed his helplessness and asked if Harleen could intervene. Harleen suggested that if she ordered Lakshmi and Rishi to stay at their house, Neelam would leave the household.

She informs Virendra that their house’s light has left with Rishi. She reveals that Neelam had secretly coerced Rishi to leave the house. She offers prayers for Lakshmi and Rishi’s happiness and requests Virendra to arrange accommodation for them. Virendra agrees to call Rishi.

Rishi expresses his fatigue to Lakshmi. In response, Lakshmi mentions that she has some money. Rishi suggests that they indulge in panipuri. They decide to go and eat panipuri together. Lakshmi convinces Rishi to eat first, and he obliges. After tasting the spiciness, Rishi claims that he cannot eat it and urges Lakshmi to go ahead. Lakshmi realizes that he is pretending to ensure she eats, and she happily eats the panipuri alongside Rishi. The wife of the panipuri vendor approaches them and engages in conversation with Lakshmi.

Lakshmi informs Rishi that they used to eat vada pav at her stall. Meanwhile, Rishi receives a message from a real estate broker informing them that they did not secure the desired house. The panipuri vendor’s wife inquires about their situation, to which Rishi explains that they are currently searching for a new home. In response, she offers to show them a house.

Sonal advises Malishka that in order to win back Rishi, she must maintain a peaceful mindset and gather the strength to strategize once again. Virendra contacts Rishi and urges him to stay at one of their luxury homes. Rishi dishonestly claims they are already residing in their own bungalow and suggests Virendra focus on his own well-being and the welfare of Neelam. The scene reveals that Rishi and Lakshmi find themselves in an unfavorable location. Harleen implores Rishi to return home with Lakshmi.

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