Gashmeer Mahajani and Sumbul Touqeer Khan starrer ‘Imlie’ celebrate completion of 1 year

TV show ‘Imlie’ has managed to grab a lot of eyeballs along with the loyal audiences who are completely hooked to the show. The show celebrates the 1-year completion this week. The TV show has kept the audiences hooked with its stellar story line. Not only does Imlie have a great story, the actors on board have put in all their efforts to give their viewers the best time.

Gashmeer Mahajani, who plays Journalist Aditya in the show says, “It’s a huge achievement for the entire cast and crew. The journey so far has been quite exciting. It’s an overwhelming feeling to see your show continue to do so well even after so many episodes. It all pays off when we get to celebrate such lovely achievements. It feels great as very few shows manage to achieve this mark. The whole unit is like a family. As we have strong team bonding on and off-screen it reflects in our acting. I would like to thank the Cast members, creatives, directors, and the entire Production Team. And most importantly the fans who love and motivate me so much to do better work. It’s indeed a gratifying moment for all of us.”

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Sumbul Touqeer Khan, who plays Imlie in the show says, “The journey of ‘Imlie’ has been phenomenal. Our entire team works day in and day out to ensure that every episode continues to entertain the audience. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the fans of the show for their unconditional love and support for the show. It feels like yesterday that we started and today we’ve completed 1 year. The journey has been full of love and hope it continues to be the same. Completing 1 year is like a pat on our backs saying ‘something that we are doing is right and need to continue working hard. Having said that, I want to see the show accomplish grander milestones in the coming days.”

The show’s ever-growing popularity and viewers’ love for artists is clearly visible from its ratings. The show occupies a long standing slot in TOP 5 shows since its launch in 2020. Every actor on board has made its way into audiences’ hearts and so has the show. Viewed by millions and loved by all, the show is bound to touch newer heights in the coming days. Currently the show witnesses two new and big entries in the upcoming track. Actor Fahmaan Khan and actress Rajshri Rani have entered the show as the brother and sister duo who will impact Imlie’s life in a major way.

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