Choti Sardarni 16th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Kulwant asks Bitu and Rana to keep an eye on Raj. She says I don’t want him to ruin this party and make Seher cry. Seher comes upstairs. She looks around for Rajveer. Seher asks the reception if the bouqet is ready? He says yes. It will be ready. Seher says where are you Raj? How can you not be here on my special day. Rajveer comes there. He sees Seher coming. The song tu ji jaanay pyar mera. He says I want to see and save this face in my mind forever until I am unable to see again Rajveer says I’ve to make you hate me.

Seher comes in with the flowers. Some goons shove Seher. she says can’t you see? He says let me check. Rajveer goes to them in anger but collapses himself. The guy says if you roam around like this guys would look at you. Kulwant says where is Seher dcall her? Rajveer tries to get up. Seher says you shameless people. The guy says you’re a girl. Don’t talk too much. Seher says don’t tell us what to do. You guys cross the limits. We are not your property. The guy says come on let’s have some fun. Seher says digusting. I wish your mom had brought you up better. What if someone did this to your sister? He grasps Seher’s hand. Seher shoves him,. He falls on ground. Seher says hope you will always remember this lesson. Their goons come and they grab Seher. Rajveer tries to go go Seher.

Seher says leave my hand. He says you could give me a flower and I would be happy but now you messed with me. Seher’s flower falls down. Seher kicks them. she beats them down herself. Two goons hold Seher. The other one is about to hit her. Karan and Param come. They hit the goons. They hit the goons together. Seher hits one of them with a vase. Everyone claps for them. Param says let’s go in. Seher picks the flowers. She says in heart where are you RAj?

Rajveer tries to get up. He asks a girl where did that girl go? Is she okay? He says that girl is a lioness. She hit them so hard. Her brothers came too and they gave the goons a lesson.

Scene 2
Rajveer comes to the parrty and says thank God Seher is fine. i couldn’t even be there for you Seher. He asks the servant bring the drinks. Seher says where were you? Do you know what happened with me. Rajveer takes the flowers. He says I don’t care what happens with you. Seher gets upset. Karan and Param take Seher from there.

Scene 3
Rajveer starts the performance on Khalnayak. He teases everyone. Seher dances with him. Kulawnt shoves him. Rana says let me break his wings. Ginni says don’t do this. Kulwant says see how he is. Param says let me teach him a lesson. Seher says enough Raj. A woman says if Sarab and Meher were alive they won’t tolerate such cheap acts. Which zoo did you get him from? Rajveer says that was my performance. Seher says this day is very special don’t do this Raj. Karan says leave him. Let’s go inaugurate our family potrait.

Param, Karan and Seher come to inaugurate the family potrait. They give the scicorrs to Seher. Seher looks at Rajveer. Kulwant says today is a very special. My 5 pieces of heart would be in the same potrait. Meher, sarab, Karan, Param and my Seher. Karan says waited so long for this. Let’s cut the ribbon. they cut the ribbon together and open the potrait. Everyone is shocked.

Episode ends

Precap-Karan says who doesn’t want me to be a part of this family? Harleen says every otuside can’t be a part of Gill family. Karan says how dare you.. He shoves her. Param hits him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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