Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 16th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sara and Akki discussing about the donation for kids education. Sandy also suggests the ideas. They get Priya’s call. Sara asks is Ram coming. Priya says yes, but I won’t force him. Sara says tell him, he is our chief guest, we will give him importance. Akki says we will promote this. Akki and Sara tease Priya about #Raya. Priya says we will talk tomorrow, Sandy. Shivina greets Priya. Priya asks her to inform her friends also. Shivi says I told Shubham and Sid also. Sandy goes. Shivi says its going to be sold out, I will talk to you later. Sara says they have a cold war. Priya says let it be, we will talk tomorrow. Akki says their cold war will end, you are the best, you explain them. Priya says yes, I will talk. Sara says you became 5% owner of kapoor industries, what will you give him in return. Priya asks what can I give him. Sara says money can buy anything, but personal touch is special, think what special thing you can get for Ram. Akki gets a message. He says I have to go to hotel for poster shooting. Sara says fine, you can go.

Ram asks where were you, early to bed, early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy and wise, sleep now. Priya lies to sleep. He smiles. He gets Vedika’s message. She replies, deal is signed, congrats. He replies that he did it for both the kids, as he promised. Vedika writes you always fulfill your promise, Sid and Shubham are working together even now, Priya would be happy to become 5% share holder, you surprised us. Ram replies she is upset, she doesn’t like things that come free. She writes are you happy, aunty said that you want to give another chance to your marriage. He asks can we talk tomorrow, phone light is spoiling Priya’s sleep. Vedika says so much love for Priya. She gets angry.

Sid tells his plan to Shubham. She says we have to show that Akki called that girl forcibly. Shubham says we will meet. He wishes Priya and asks can I come to the bakery, Shivi said you help the NGO kids, I have no interest, I m selfish type, you are my business partner, Ram will like it, give me ten mins, I will get ready and come. She says okay.

Shivi and Sandy ask Akki to remove the crates. Shubham and Priya come. Priya thinks Ram didn’t come, maybe he is stuck in work. He asks shall I call Ram. She says no, kids worked hard, I will see the things. Shubham asks what’s this. Shivi says banner. He asks where is Akki. Akki comes and hugs him. Shubham asks Akki to put the banner outside. He asks Shivi to go and help Akki, it will be romantic. Shivi goes. Shubham gets Akki’s phone. Priya comes. He stops. Sara asks Priya how is her life going on without any problems. Priya says don’t say that. Sara says gift something unique to Ram. Akki says banner is fixed. Priya attends the customers. Shubham takes Akki’s phone and leaves.

Priya talks to Shivi. She asks why are you irritated if Sandy and Sid become friends. Shivi says I don’t like Sid, I m not jealous. Priya asks is he a bad guy. Shivi says he is a nice guy. Priya asks what’s the problem, its kiddishness to stop Sandy. She stops Sandy and scolds her. Sandy says I don’t want to talk to Sid, I understood I was angry for no reason. Shivi says I m sorry. Sandy says I m sorry, Sid isn’t so imp. Shivi says yes. Priya says yes, family is the most imp. She hugs them. Sara says aw. Akki says we will also hug. They all hug. Priya says click our pic. Sara says Priya, you learnt to remove problems from your life. Akki looks for his phone. Shubham messages Anjali from Akki’s phone. He deletes the message. He says Akki won’t know that his phone was used. Priya asks Akki to help. Shivi says I will help. He asks for his phone. Sid and Vedika come there. Vedika thinks will Ram come here, its a tacky exhibition. Vedika asks where is Ram, he said he will come here, I thought he will come to support Shivi. Priya says yes, he was going to come. Vedika says he is scared to go to crowded places, this place is clumsy. Priya says yes. Shubham comes back and signs Sid. Akki calls on his phone. The phone rings.

Ram supports Sandy. He says Priya, I loved her. Priya asks how close are you and Vedika.

Update Credit to: Amena

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