Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Chavan Girls Gossips & Virat ka Gungaan !

Virat tells Shruti that his wife is understanding, she is a medical student and they will get along well whenever they meet. Sai feels sad remembering Virat’s words. Devi walks in and asks why she is not yet ready for her own award function. She says she will get her ready and braids her hair. Ashwini brings Sai’s favorite breakfast and asks her to get ready soon. Sai says how can she when Virat promised her last night to gift a new dress to her and is now missing.

Pakhi walks in and taunts that her demands are increasing, she demanded a big TV yesterday and today a dress. Sai says she demanded a TV for family and Pakhi should know the difference between wish and demand, it was Virat’s wish to take her for shopping and now is missing. Devi says he must be stuck somewhere. Pakhi says she is not a kid to crib, Virat is an IPS officer and must be stuck at work. Sai says she often changes sides, earlier she used to taunt Virat and now supporting him, is it friendship or something else.

Sakshi cribs at Virat that she lost her support and husband Sada. Virat says he is supporting her because of the promise made to Sada. She says he is getting into trouble because of her and his marriage may be at stake. He says he doesn’t want to involve his wife in this and see her in trouble as he may go to jail for supporting Shruti. She says she wants him to stop supporting him. He denies and continues that he is doing it for Sada and soon there will be ray of hope in her life.

Back at Chavan nivas, Ashwini warns Pakhi to stop pestering Sai and asks her to get ready as Ninad is waiting to drop his bahu to college. Sai asks what about Virat. Shruti continues expressing her emotional insecurities. Virat consoles her. She asks how was his wife’s special day. Sai tells Ashwini that her special day is incomplete without Virat. Devi says she will get Sai ready soon.

Sai says Virat surely must have gone to meet Shruti as he got her call in the morning. Pakhi continues her taunts and says Virat always breaks her promises. Devi warns her to stop badmouthing about Virat. Sai warns Pakhi next. Pakhi continues that Virat broke promise made to her and hides his weakness behind his duty, etc. Devi warns her to stop bothering Sai. Ashwini asks her to go from here. Pakhi says she can’t help if they cannot digest truth and walks away.

Shruti gets severe labor pain, and doctor treats her while Virat stands outs nervously. Ashwini consoles Virat and asks if she spoke to Virat yesterday. Sai says he told cannot say anything until the right time comes and says she just wants to know who Shruti is who calls Virat anytime and leaves to met her, this question is haunting her all the time. Ashwini hopes their relationship doesn’t tarnish again. Nurse informs Virat that Shruti’s labor pains have started and he shouldn’t go anywhere till delivery. He thinks he may not be able to attend Sai’s function.

Precap: Ninad assures Sai that he will support whatever decision she takes. Sai says if there is anything between Virat and Shruti, she will not forgive him and will move out of his life.

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