Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Pakhi Exposed & Arrested !

Sai cries looking at her baby’s toy. Virat brings food for her, but Sai doesn’t talk to him. Pakhi pampers Vinayak. Sai walks to her and asks why didn’t she dress up Vinayak in a sweater as its cold outside. Pakhi says just because Sai weaved a sweater, it doesn’t mean Vinayak should wear it. Sai says Vinayak will catch cold.

Vinayak sneezes. Sai dresses up Vinayak in a sweater and pampers him. Pakhi gets jealous and says she will take Vinayak outside under sun for vitam C. Sai reminds its cold outside. Pakhi reminds that Virat gave Vinayak to her and says when she didn’t get afraid of Sai then, why would she get afraid now if she threatens her. Sai says she will make her feel the fear soon if she doesn’t mend her ways and walks away with Vinayak.

Chavans gather in a living. Sonali says this time festival will be celebrated in a different way with Vinayak’s entry. Bhavani nods yes. Pakhi brings Vinayak to them and says Vinayak came to wish bye to his IPS baba. Sai says Vinayak didn’t come for that. Virat’s subordinates walk in with an arrest warrant for Pakhi. Chavans are shocked to hear that. Pakhi says there must be some misunderstanding and asks who file complaint against her.

Lady inspector says Mrs Sai Virat Chavan. Bhavani asks Sai she filed a complaint against Pakhi just because they gave her baby to Pakhi. Ninad says there must be some other reason behind it. Pakhi asks Sai what did she complain. Sai says she filed complaint against Pakhi for defrauding her, getting her attacked, and forcefully becoming her baby’s surrogate mother.

Virat asks what does she mean. Sai says Pakhi had visited Geeta’s house and manipulated her to back off from becoming a surrogate mother and herself became a surrogate mother. Virat says Geeta refused to identify Pakhi. Sai says Pakhi emotionally blackmailed Geeta then and forced her to change her statement. Bhavani says again that just because she took Sai’s baby and gave him to Pakhi, Sai is taking revenge. Sai says Geeta herself filed police complaint against Pakhi. Inspector confirms that. Karishma says that means Pakhi betrayed Sai. Virat asks what about the attack on Sai. Sai says Pakhi got her attacked via goons. Inspector says goons are being arrested and confessed to their crime.

Pakhi says Sai is lying. Virat says Sai doesn’t lie and asks how can she harm Sai and betray them all. Ashwini tongue lashes Pakhi. Bhavani asks Pakhi if the allegations are true. Pakhi accepts and says she did to have Virat’s baby. Sai says at last she accepted her evil and lustful intention. Pakhi changes her words and says she means she did it for the happiness of Virat and whole family.


Ashwini asks Bhavani if she knew about Pakhi’s crimes and was protecting her. Bhavani says she didn’t and tells Virat to let her punish Pakhi and asks him to send police away. Virat says law is superior than everyone. Bhavani says Pakhi is Chavan bahu and shouldn’g go to jail. Pakhi pleads that she has a small baby who needs her attention. Sai says she will take care of Vinayak, Pakhi should be punished for her evil acts. Omkar backs Bhavani. Sai gets adamant to get Pakhi arrested for her crimes.

Precap: Pakhi goes missing with her baby. Mohit informs that he saw Sai boarding Gadchiroli bus. Inspector calls Virat and informs that Gadchiroli bus met with a serious accident.

Update Credit to: MA

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