Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Sai Removes Virat’s Mangalsutr

Sai remembers Pakhi informing that Shruti called and informed that Virat is ill. She picks phone to call Virat, but then remembers his betrayal and throws phone away. She lies on bed crying. Ashwini brings dinner for her and consoles her. Virat tries to wear his T-shirt when Shruti tries to help him and he backs off. She shows him wearing reverse T-shirt. He wears it properly. Door bell rings. He asks if she called someone. She says no. He opens door and finds Samrat, Pakhi, and Mohit.

Pakhi taunts Shruti that finally got a chance to meet Mrs Shruti Virat Chavan. Shruti thanks them for visiting Virat. Samrat says he didn’t come meet a person who broke out his relationship with his family and came to meet a person who is trying to create a relationship with his family. Virat says they already met Shruti. Mohit says Shruti told Virat is having high fever, but he is fine. Virat asks when did Shruti meet them.

Pakhi says this woman is so smart that she didn’t inform him about her plan, Shruti called their landline and informed that Virat is severely ill. Shruti says Virat was really ill and now is fine after treatment. Virat asks why didn’t she inform him. Shruti says she was afraid seeing Virat’s condition and since she doesn’t know anyone, she called Virat’s family. Samrat says as per Ninad, Virat is dead for him and Shruti should understand it as soon as she can or else it would be bad for her. Virat warns him to speak to him and not his wife. Mohit asks why shouldn’t they, Shruti looked ill when he saw her in hospital and now looks healthy with Virat’s care. Virat warns him to behave with Shruti. Samrat says he and his wife have disgusted them and will never be forgiven.

Shruti says she hoped Samrat still loves Virat seeing him here, but he came here to insult her and Virat. Pakhi asks if she thought they came to perform her aarti and take her home. Mohit says she shamelessly called their landline even after her insult in hospital, she will never be accepted by them. Shruti says she just want them to accept Virat back. Pakhi asks if she got pregnant and unable to hide her sin trapped Virat, doubts her character.

Virat gets angry and warns her to mind her tongue. Samrat warns him to behave with his wife or else he will forget his manners. Pakhi shouts at him not to show his superiority on her by shouting at Virat. Virat says one woman is alleging another woman. Samrat says Pakhi is right and Virat is responsible for all this. Mohit says they didn’t want to come here, but had to as Sai is severely ill and at Chavan Nivas. Virat asks if Sai’s fever increased.

Sai cries that she lost in her exam of life. Devi with Pulkit and Ninad enters and scolds Sai for informing them about her illness. Sai seeks her forgiveness. Devi says she called her doctor jiju to treat her and asked him give her only tablets and not injection. Pulkit asks Sai to take medicine on time. Ashwini asks Pulkit to explain her to take care of herself. Sai says she wants to be self-reliant and not trouble them. Pulkit says they are her dear one and worried for her, takes Devi along asking her take care of herself. Ninad asks if she is having headache. Ashwini says she is having pain in her heart. Sai says she feels emotional and cannot stay here even till the morning. Ninad scolds her. Sai agrees to stay back and fight her fear.

Samrat asks Virat even after knowing Sai is ill, he is not worried for her and is busy with his new wife. Virat says he visited Sai to check on her, but she shoo’d him away. Pakhi says Virat is bothered about his new wife and not Sai. Virat warns her to concentrate on Samrat and not others. Samrat says Virat doesn’t value relationship. Virat requests to call Sai and let him speak to her. Samrat warns him to dare not contact Sai again and take care of only his new family; alleges Shruti that she wants to ruin their family and if she dares to contact them agian, he will have no option than complaining against her. Virat says Shruti will not do that again, but he wants to know if Sai really returned home and if she is seriously ill.

Sai takes Ninad and Ashwini to Bappa’s idol and tells Bapappa that her mangalsutra gave her new identity and its time to separate it from her. Ashwini worried asks what does she mean. Sai removes her mangalsutra remembering Virat putting it in her neck and returns it to Ashwini.

Precap: Sada returns to his camp and asks about Shruti. His aide informs him that Vahini went with a police office who shot him.
Shruti expresses her feelings for Virat and hugs him. Virat consoles her. Sada enters and gets angry seeing that.

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