Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Virat Kicks Pakhi Out !| Virat ke Sapne Mein Sai

Virat asks Pakhi to leave if she met Sai. Pakhi gets angry and says she came to see his beloved wife and he wants her to leave. He says he doesn’t anything around Sai which will worsen her condition, he himself didn’t want to come here but came on Sai’s request, so before Sai’s condition worsens Pakhi should leave.

Pakhi says he sometimes behaves with her like a stranger and should respect their relationship at least. Virat says he remembers and requests her one last time to leave. She says she will, but can she keep flowers here or throw them in dustbin. Virat points at vase. She fixes them in vase and asks him to decorate some in Sai’s hair as he braided her hair so much love, failing to get expressions on her face. Sai sheds tears again. Virat asks Sai not to think about anyone and asks her to speak, if she really cannot speak or there is some other reason. Pakhi returns to Samrat. Pulkit tells Samrat that he is consulting a psychiatrist for Sai and doesn’t want any person around Sai who doesn’t like Sai, so its better he takes Pakhi from here. Pakhi gets angry, but Samrat controls her and takes her away.

At Chavan nivas while having dinner, Omkar yells his hunger is gone because of Sai. Sonali yells that they are suffering because of Sai’s drama. Bhavani warns her to have food silently. Ninad asks Omkar why didn’t Sonali and Karishma visit Sai. Sonali says there must be someone at home to take care of Bappa. Ninad says they can go now. Karishma asks at this time? Sonali asks if they are breaking Bhavani’s rules for Sai. Omkar yells that Sai is in hospital and not a celebrity. Ninad says he had misunderstanding regarding Sai before but now has changed, even Omkar has to remove his frustration and hatred towards Sai and accept her the way she is as its good for him and Sai both. He walks away without having dinner.

Shivani warns Omkar to change his demeaning thinking. Omkar yells back not to teach her. Sonali and Karishma start venting out venom against Sai. Shivani tries to shut their mouth, but Mansi stops her. Bhavani says one should realize their mistakes and correct them, its better even they all 3 change or else they it will be bad for them, Sonali’s thick brain will not understand this small thing. She with Shivani and Mansi walks away. Omkar asks Sonali and Karishma not to change their behavior towards Sai and hopes they don’t fall for Sai’s tricks.

Virat falls asleep on Sai’s hospital room sofa. Sai wakes him up and scolds him him that he is behaving as if someone died. He looks amazed and gets happy seeing her speaking. She says he is sitting silently while she is sad. He says he knows she didn’t speak as she as sad. She says how will she stock out her anger if he doesn’t speak to her and says he locked her in room and always was angry on her.

He laughs seeing her normal behavior and says he was afraid seeing her not speaking. She says he will say she blabbers and taunts him a lot. He says he was eager to hear her taunts and asks what she wants to do next. He then wakes up and realizes it was his dream. He sees Sai asleep and thinks he just wants to hear her voice, Pulkit will bring a psychiatrist tomorrow and hopes she starts speaking again.

Next morning, Virat feeds breakfast to Sai. Pulkit enters with his colleague and friend psychiatrist Dr Anjali and asks Sai how is she feeling now, informs that Dr. Anjali is one of the best psychiatrist in town. Virat asks Sai to interact with Dr. Anjali while he and Pulkit wait outside. Sai holds his hand and doesn’t let him go. Dr. Anjali says its okay, praises Sai for saving a kid’s life, and asks reason for her not speaking.

Virat asks her to listen to Dr. Anjali calmly. Dr. Anjali asks Sai why she doesn’t want to speak, she knows about her father’s death, her unusual wedding, and her mental traumas; so Sai can speak out her feelings. Sai cries. Dr. Anjali asks her to vent out all her feelings via her tears. Sai leaves Virat’s hand. Pulkit takes Virat away. Dr. Anjali asks Sai to speak her heart out considering her as a friend, sister, or confidant or can write down at least. Sai writes V.

Precap: Dr. Anjali asks Sai if her Aaba gave her responsibility to Virat, why wasn’t she not letting Virat go out of room, does she want Virat in her life or not. Samrat asks Pakhi if she wants to be with him or not as she still loves Virat and should accept it.

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