Kundali Bhagya 23rd November 2021 Written Episode Update

Rishab is stunned to hear Prithvi exclaiming that there is one person in million who gets so much love and that he is the person, Rishab closes his eyes with disgust and cannot bear to see them both together, he starts weeping before turning to leave. Rishab is drinking while driving the car constantly thinking of how he saw Sherlin with Prithvi, and recalls when he first time asked why does she want to meet him if they do not know each other, he recalls how they both were caught in the bed and Sherlin blamed him for misbehaving with her, after which Rakhi made him marry her forcefully after which Karan came informing how Preeta was about to come to his wedding as they had found the reports of Sherlin but she stopped her, Rishab stops the car and thinks how did Sherlin say they both had a relation when she revealed they were under the influence then how did any relation form between them, Rishab wonders what is happening because if one thinks too much then decisions tend to get weaken.

Sonakshi coming to the table is shocked to see not the entire family there, she asks Rakhi where is everyone when Rakhi explains that they all are watching the match and will not come, Preeta also comes when Ganesh exclaims he will also watch the match after serving the dinner but Preeta asks him to go and watch it now however he insists on doing it afterwards, Rishab also enters the house when Dadi asks him to come and have dinner with them, Preeta decides to go and close the door as there is a lot of lightening, Rishab stumbles and is about to fall but Preeta asks him if he is fine handing him the mobile, he exclaims he is fine and walks up the stairs, Preeta recognizes the smell of alcohol so wonders why did he drink now, Karina questions what happened to him, Preeta exclaims he must be tired so will come back after getting fresh.

Rishab opens the door of his bedroom and lying down on the bed wonders why did this happen to him because he was not able to handle it properly yet they know how broken he is, He exclaims he has to get up, sitting wonders who was the father of the child to whom Sherlin was about to give birth, he is sure that he is not the father so he thrashes the entire wardrobe trying to search for the files however he is not able to find it, then he takes out them from the side table and seeing the files thinks he would surely find out who was the child with which she was pregnant.

The family is having dinner when Ganesh questions if he can serve Mahesh, Sameer and Kritika mam dinner upstairs but Rakhi stops saying that he must not ruin their habits, Sherlin also comes asking what is going on when Dadi also explains they are having dinner, Sherlin then serves Dadi, Ganesh once again asks if he can serve the dinner upstairs when Rakhi agrees explaining how Ganesh really cares for them all, Dadi mentions he was only insisting because he wants to watch the match,

Preeta then advise Sherlin why does she not go and have dinner with Rishab jee in the room, she explains how it would strengthen their relationship, Sherlin agrees so dishes out the dinner when Preeta stops her as she is about to walk up the stairs, Preeta stopping her exclaims that she was not able to say it infront of everyone but Rishab jee seemed tensed and it might have been because of some work related tensions so she might be able to make him feel relaxed, Sherlin assures Preeta she will be able to calm him down, Rakhi asks Preeta to come and have dinner otherwise it will get cold, Preeta leaves when Sherlin exclaims she has been taking care of Rishab ever since she came into this house because she only has to talk in an emotional manner so everything gets sorted.

Shgerlin is shocked to see the condtion of the room when she starts picking up the files, Rishab comes out of the bathroom when Sherlin questions what happened, Rishab exclaims that not every girl is honest or can take care of anyone, she replies she doesnot know what he is trying to say, Rishab asks for a dance, he while dancing mentions that not every girl takes into consideration the emotions of a family and also sometimes they tend to disguise themselves with caring, Sherlin questions what is he saying because she cannot understand, he asks what is she saying because she tends to be the most clever as he was the victim of her plans which she made, She however once again says she doesnot understand anything, Rishab exclaims how can she understand as she is pretending to be asleep, Rishab mentions she is the one who is trying to pretend to be a good human being, she always conspires against them as this is her truth,

Rishab demands her to say the truth, she refuse when he exclaims she does not care if because of her a family gets in ruins, he questions if she even knows the meaning of a wife mentioning she is a disgrace as a wife, he asks her if she is worthy to be a wife and a member of his family, he exclaims that he has found her truth and knows that she was having an affair with Prithvi behind his back, she tries to explain but he mentions he will not listen to her excuses anymore, Rishab asks if he touched her when she is scared, he questions why is she worried from him as he is the one who has to be scared for him as he knows Prithvi touched her, Rishab mentions he is sure that she was not about to give birth to his son,

Sherlin tries to exclaim their was nothing between her and Prithvi, Rishab mentions that she married him by deception and everyone believed her, he exclaims on that Holi day she made everyone believe that she was about to give birth to her son so he was forced to marry her, and his family who are innocent people believed her words, he accepted the proposal to marry her because he desired to correct his wrong, he will not believe anything she says because he has found out her truth, he demands who was the father of that child and also why did she do everything, he demands her to reveal the name of the father, Sherlin is shocked.

Precap: Karina in anger exclaims to Dadi that if Preeta once again shows such kind of behaviour then she will give her to Sonakshi, Dadi is shocked. Sonakshi standing wonders that she has to make a strong plan against Preeta that everyone is forced to believe she cannot be a good mother. Sherlin in anger asks Rishab what will happen if everyone comes to know that the child did not belong to him but was of Prithvi Malthora.

Update Credit to: Sona

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