Kundali Bhagya 7th January 2022 Written Episode Update

Shristhi assures Preeta that she would come running if Preeta makes even a single and even she doesnot want her help but just feels like being with her then should call her, Preeta hugs her when she gets frustrated seeing the text, Shristhi questions who is it, Preeta replies that it is prithvi and he is asking her to come to the living room, Preeta advises her to take care of Dadi and Maa, she assures that she is their bodyguard.

Kritika and Dadi both request Karan to have the yogurt as there were no sweets in the house, he is forced to eat them when Karan looks at Sameer, who advise that he should leave as this is the right time otherwise they would once again ask him to scold Preeta, Dadi stops Preeta asking if all the misunderstandings which she had have been removed since now even Karan has made her realize that no one in this house cares for her, Preeta replies she already knows that, she has only come for the ownership of the Luthra empire,

Natasha mentions she cannot talk like this when Preeta says that she is wasting her time, Kritika explains that the scene of the house has changed and she had a lot of misunderstanding that Karan loves her and still has feelings for her, she asks Karan to speak up but he doesnot, Preeta tries to say something when Dadi stops her, Karan coming asks Dadi to let it go since it has all happened, Preeta questions what is going on when Dadi asks to see her attitude, Natasha exclaims Preeta that everyone hates her so she should show some respect, Preeta orders her to shut up since she should come back with some manners,

Dadi once again asks Karan to scold her, Preeta leaves saying that she has a lot of work, Dadi and Kritika question Karan why did he not scold Preeta since he claims to The Karan Luthra, he replies he is the only one who can show the attitude but Dadi says he has ruined all of their hopes, she asks him to let it go but he must scold her saying that she must act like the weak one Infront of them, Dadi asks if he doesnot want her to be destroyed, he says that he doesnot want it when she asks if he wants her that the heart comes out of her body, Natasha exclaims that he would surely accept her each and every order, Kritika exclaims that he would surely do it, she explains that he is the only hope which they have in this house since Preeta is only scared of her, Sameer comes running when he asks Karan what is he doing as he would get embarrassed but Karan orders him to stay back and not let the family come to the front.

Sameer tries to stop the family, but Dadi insists on going to the front, Sameer says that he would not feel comfortable scolding her Infront of Dadi, she agrees saying he has never said any wrong thing Infront of her.

Karan is standing when Preeta comes, he stops her questioning where is she going, Preeta replies she was going since she has a lot fo work and is not free like them, he is stopping her mentions both the earrings are different, Sameer at once says they should see how karan made her apologize holding both the ears, Preeta questions what does he mean, Kritika explains that she has just apologized and one only does this when they tend to make mistakes, Preeta is left stunned, Krtika exclaims they have all seen how she was apologizing, she asks Sameer when he acts as if he has not seen anything then tries to leave but he bumps into Rakhi who also asks him to be careful,

Preeta questions Karan if his drama has ended as she needs to leave, Natasha explains this is not fair as she speaks so politely when she is alone with Karan, Preeta questions who is she to say this as she doesnot even know Natasha properly so she must not say anything against what happens between her and Karan. Preeta walking towards her exclaims it feels she is interested in Karan. Natasha is left stunned and assures there is nothing like that when Preeta leaves warning she should not even think about it, Natasha asks if they all saw how Preeta talks with her, Rakhi replies it is just as if a wife should talk for her husband, Karan also leaves.

Natasha exclaims she feels Karan has just acted as he did not scold her before and is now even acting, Rakhi is however smiling.
Prithvi standing in the living room exclaims it is not fair as she took a long time to come, causing them both to wait for a long time, Preeta questions what he means, Prithvi explains she meant him and Nagre, Preeta walks Infront of Nagre when Prithvi tries to introduce him, Nagre exclaims there is no need since he will introduce himself.

Karan sitting on the sofa recognizes that this is Nagre who came to their house, revealing that now Prithvi is the owner of the Luthra empire, karan exclaimed that he doesnot believe anything as his father would not have named anything to his name, Prithvi seeing Karan also recalls when he ordered them all to leave the house since he is the owner of the house, and when they refused the police came informing they now have to live by his rules, Prithvi exclaims that according to his desire only one person will live and his name is Mahesh Luthra because he named the entire property to his name, leaving the entire Luthra family, it is because of the love which he has for him so he would also give Mahesh the same respect but would throw them out of this house, Prithvi starts smiling.

The entire Luthra family is really tensed, Rakhi recalls that she refused to leave as she will stay with her husband, Dadi also refused to leave as she insisted on staying with her son Mahesh, Nagre then says they can live in this house but would have to follow the orders of Prithvi since he is the owner and if anyone tried to break the rules of Prithvi and refused to follow them then they would not be allowed to stay in this house. Rakhi accepted she would do what he desired, Prithvi agreed but karan said no one would stay however Rakhi and Dadi insisted saying no one would leave this house, Nagre then exclaimed if his client suffers any sort of pain then he would not leave any single one of them.

Nagre reveals that he is the lawyer who helped Prithvi take over the property of the Luthra’s he is the one who while staying in the circle of the law takes every step necessary to help their clients get what they desire, and it is because of that all of the people refuse to accept the case when they come to know that he is the one they are fighting against, he then asks Preeta if he can see her property papers since he is the lawyer of Prithvi, she is about to leave when he stopping her exclaims that he has the eyes of an eagle and if the papers have falsified signatures then she must also pack her bags as then he would only give a single chance to anyone, then Preeta leaves, Nagre apologizes saying he never wanted to insult Preeta but when someone starts to lie then what can he do, Prithvi exclaims he should call the police, Nagre advise him to wait till he sees them but prithvi is sure that the papers would be false, hearing this Karan gets really frustrated.

Update Credit to: Sona

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