Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 20th March 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ravi walking towards Pratiksha. Mandeep stops him and says you are going to this girl leaving Kavya’s hand. Ravi says we have come to temple and I will take God’s blessings. Mandeep asks him to go. Ravi tells Pandit ji that the decoration is beautiful. Pandit ji says Pratiksha has done it. Ravi says girl like her, can do this also. Pandit ji asks if you both know each other. They say no. Pandit ji tells Pratiksha that he was talking about this new couple.

Mandeep says they are getting married today. Pandit ji asks her to give flower to the new couple. Kavya asks her to give the flowers. Pratiksha gives the flowers to Kavya and Ravi. Kavya asks her to keep her eye sight down and says people like her doesn’t deserve to stand infront of them. Pratiksha goes from there seeing the car which Mandeep gives card to Pandit ji. Pandit ji says this card is incomplete and asks them to offer Panchamrit with the card. Kavya says I don’t believe on all this.

Pandit ji says it seems you didn’t teach your bahu to respect elders. Kavya says relations are made with love and not because of the rituals. She says it seems your ego is hurt. Mandeep says they are children and don’t know. Pandit ji says I can keep the incomplete card then the marriage may not happen, even after getting fixed. Mandeep says she will bring panchamrit.

Pandit ji comes to Kavya and asks her to cover her head with dupatta to do aarti. Kavya says she doesn’t believe on all this. Pandit ji says everyone follow this ritual. Manvi says I will make her wear dupatta. Pratiksha is cleaning the lamp sitting there. Ravi looks at her. Pratiksha also looks at him. Manvi asks Kavya to do as Pandit ji said. Kavya says he is with Pratiksha, I am sure.

Manvi says whatever happened was because, you didn’t follow the rituals. Kavya says it all happened due to Pratiksha. She comes to Ravi and says she is feeling negativity around her, and says she will go and wear dupatta. Pandit ji tells Ravi that he will go and come, till his fiancé returns. Pratiksha smiles. Ravi asks why is she smiling. He argues with her.

Pratiksha says she don’t want to talk to him. He says he has taken revenge from her. He says she followed him with the tracker. She says my Chachu is the committee member. Ravi says that’s why to wash the sins. Pratiksha asks him not to say anything about her Chachu.

Kinjal comes infront of Kavya. Kavya tries to go from her way. Kinjal says Ravi married my sister forcibly. Kavya gives her money and asks her to bless her and says she always do good karma. Kinjal keeps her money in her hand and takes out money from her hand bag and gives in her hand. She says you are very poor today to think of marrying an already married man.

Kavya asks what do you want? Kinjal says Ravi has married my Di, leaving you. Kavya says your sister has killed my sister, she is the murderer and now abandoned wife too. Kinjal says Ravi has left you for Keerti and then married my sister, and says when he comes to know about her innocence, he will come to my sister. Kavya says this will not happen. Kinjal asks her to just wait and watch.

Manvi comes to Kavya and asks what she was telling. Kavya says nothing. Pandit ji meets other Pandit to do the tilak of the new couple. The other Pandit ji says ok. The lady who has chosen Kinjal for her son, introduces hansa to her husband and gives her sweets as shagun.

Hansa thinks they are miser people not to give shagun envelope, but it is ok. She opens the sweet box and gives to them. She turns seeing Mandeep there. The lady identifies her to be Ravi’s mother, and says he had married a lower middle class girl. Hansa gets worried.

Pratiksha calls Ravi as Rattu Ravi and says she is not interested in his talks. She asks if you don’t get bored to say the same thing. Ravi says whoever has seen your truth, will stay away from you. Pratiksha asks if you have any shame to marry her, and then left her. He asks if you have any shame. Pratiksha says she is hearing him silently. He asks if ghost is speaking. She says you have become Ghajini to forget that I was working you before you came here, and says you have also forgotten that you married me.

Ravi says I have taken revenge from you. Pratiksha asks him to keep his anger on side and think if he has done wrong before and now what he is going to do now is also wrong. The other Pandit ji says you both are a good couple. Ravi says no. Pandit ji applies them tika and says you are a beautiful couple, Shiv ji and Parvati ji shall keep your Jodi united. He says today you both got Maa Parvati and Shiv Shambu’s blessings, and your Jodi can never break by anyone. Mandeep hears him.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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