Udaariyaan 4th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Jasmin saying I had sent those pics, think who can do this daring thing. Angad gets angry. She says be careful. He asks how dare you. She threatens him with a knife. She says I m such, but didn’t get proud of it, I know Riya is your Jaan and Tejo is your Zindagi/life, that’s why I m asking you to join hands with me. Fateh cries in Gurpreet’s lap and gets emotional. He says I know my fate would have not got any sorrow if you had written my fate, you didn’t let any sorrow and pain come to me, I had made you ashamed of me, beat me, I know I have hurt you a lot, if you get some peace, then I will think that Lord has accepted my repentance. She says promise me, you will never leave me. Jasmin says if you deal with me, then I guarantee that Riya’s Nani won’t get Riya, and Fateh won’t get Tejo, just think, Tejo, Riya and Angad, perfect family.

Angad thinks. She says you want Tejo’s love and I want revenge on Fateh, think, you won’t get a better option. Fateh comes to Khushbeer. He says I had disappointed you. Khushbeer says Tejo asked me not to lose and water this plant, today its good, I have accepted my relations, that’s why I could accept Simran. Fateh says Tejo is such, but my deeds were bad.

Khushbeer says she is the morning for your darkness, you know the difference of right and wrong, she will always be right for you. Fateh says she won’t forgive me. Khushbeer says I will explain her. Jasmin says both the families will be together now, you have always wanted her good, you kept her home, you shared her pain, then Fateh came between to claim his rights, will you tolerate this, you can’t see tears in her eyes, will you tolerate Fateh to hurt her. Angad says no. She says have a deal with me. He holds the knife at his neck.

Angad says I have a condition. She says you kept the condition before the deal, you are an amazing businessman. He says my Tejo shouldn’t get hurt, I won’t tolerate it. She says wow, it means, you have to win the battle and bomb shouldn’t explode, this can’t happen. He says this will happen, cut my neck, I won’t let Tejo get hurt, one we love, we don’t hurt. She says her heart will get hurt, she will get separated from Tejo, I can guarantee that she won’t get hurt physically, deal. They shake hands. Fateh says I broke Tejo’s heart and I will join it, I don’t deserve her forgiveness. Khushbeer says let me talk to her. Fateh says no, I want her to forgive me on her own.

Khushbeer supports him. Tejo comes to the college. Everyone welcomes her. Principal says you are the best teacher of our college, we are happy with your coming. Tejo thanks her. Principal says someone else is also joining today, our new sports coach, he is a national level boxing champion, please welcome… Fateh comes and gives the bouquet to Tejo. Principal says Mr. Fateh Singh Virk. Fateh smiles seeing Tejo. Principal welcomes them. Fateh says welcome Tejo, its our first day, I m doing this to rectify my mistake.

Tejo asks why didn’t you join the academy. He says I want to stand on my feet. She says I will never forgive you. He says I know. She says not in this birth. He says but in next birth…I m ready to wait for you. She says its better you return. He says I have returned, I want your forgivenes, that’s my life’s motive now. He thinks I have to make this pain away from your heart. Bebe calls out everyone. Satti asks what happened. Rupy asks her to say. Bebe says Fateh, Jasmin… I met Gurpreet said that Fateh came back, Fateh and Jasmin’s marriage was fake, they got away at the airport itself. Rupy says yes, Jasmin had come here. Satti asks why didn’t you tell me. He shouts and says she had come and told me the truth, Fateh burnt her passport, she is Tejo’s culprit, Fateh and Jasmin are getting punished for her sins. Satti cries for Jasmin.

Bebe says Jasmin came here and you sent her away. He says she is a dog’s tail, she can never change, she ruined Tejo’s life, she is no one to me. Satti says you should have told me, you ruined her life, tell me where is my Jasmin. He says I really don’t know, stop worrying for her, she can take care of herself well. She says children can do wrong, but we are still her parents. He says she is doing this because I m silent, she is our daughter, I would have sent her to jail, she called to know if Tejo has come here, she would be finding a way to hurt Tejo.

Satti says I didn’t say this. He says she would be fine, don’t take Jasmin’s name in this house in front of Tejo. They cry. Tejo leaves from the college. Her scooty doesn’t start. It starts raining. Fateh calls her out and says I will drop you, come. She says no, thanks, I will go. He insists. She runs to the shade. He also goes to Tejo. Dil me tu jagah de….plays… She feels cold. He gives his jacket to Tejo.

Fateh saves Tejo from the falling pole. Angad and Jasmin argue. He says I already have a plan. She asks what plan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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