Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 4th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Priya chatting with Ram. She says he finds different ways to call me rude. They make a video call and start arguing. She says you called me scary, really, are you not ashamed. He says no, I will say that you are amazing, you are staring at me, you have concern. She says I can come to meet you some how if I want to. He says I know. She says your friends cancelled the dinner today. She scolds him. He says don’t scold now. They laugh.

He says you make all the preparations, I want a good menu tomorrow. She says take rest, I will talk later. She says Lord, please make him fine soon. Sara is upset. Brinda says Adi wanted Ram to tell this to Priya. Adi says we didn’t wish to hide this. Brinda says its an old story, now Vedika’s story is over. Sara asks why did you get scared that Ram took Vedika home. She says Ram wanted Vedika to go home. Sara says if Priya knows the truth, then it will be a disaster. Brinda says we don’t want Priya to know this. Sara says you can find Priya fine well, when a strong woman breaks down, then she takes many years to unite. She cries and tells about Mahender’s cheating. She says Priya was too hurt to find our dad with some woman, Priya broke down that day, our family broke, Priya felt guilty, dad said that Priya is his life’s biggest failure, he said that he regrets that Priya is a daughter, if she was born as a son then he would have not left Meera, Priya didn’t forget this cheat.

Brinda says so sorry. Sara says I know you all thought we are after Ram’s richness. Kunal and Brinda say you are thinking wrong. Sara says but we were made to think this, Akki was adamant that Priya should marry before him, when we met Ram, we thought he can handle Priya, if Priya learns this truth, then she will break down. Brinda says Vedika left Ram for money and married Shashi, Ram loved her a lot but Priya made a place in his heart, he asked Priya if she has a problem if Vedika stays with them, he values Priya. Adi says he wants Shashi and Vedika to patch up. Kunal says he just talks about Priya, just she is there in his life. Vikrant says if he knows this, even then it won’t matter, their relation is strong. Sara says no, he should not know anything.

She says Priya can come to know. Adi says we won’t let this happen. Brinda says find out, how did this USB come, Vedika, Shubham or anyone else. Sara says they will try to tell this to Priya, we can’t let this happen. Priya comes home. She says I will send biryani for Ram tomorrow. She sends some items for Ram. Vedika says if Priya didn’t hear the audio, then I will tell her everything. Priya asks servant to keep things ready in the morning. Vedika comes to her. She says thank God, you have come back. She acts to cry. She says I m so worried for Ram. Priya says he is fine, I just spoke to him. Vedika asks who will worry for Ram if I don’t. Nandini says calm down Vedika. Vedika says you are explaining me, Ram is quarantined. Sara comes. Nandini says relax Vedika, I m Ram’s mum and Priya is his wife, nothing can happen to Ram when Priya is here. She asks Priya are you fine. Priya says yes, I was bit tensed. Sara says Priya, I just came to take you home. Vedika says how can Priya go. Nandini and Sara insist Priya to go. Priya goes. Vedika says it was a chance to tell her the truth. Nandini says no, I will decide when to tell her, you follow my plan. Vedika says of course. Priya comes home. Sandy asks her to sit, she will get food. Vedika calls Priya. Sara thinks why is she calling now.

Brinda insults Vedika. Nandini cries and shows her worry for Ram. Servant says Shubham has come home drunk. Shubham shouts on Priya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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