Yeh Hai Chahatein : Armaan’s Unrelenting Attempts !

Rudra and Preesha bring Sharda home. Saransh runs and hugs Sharda and asks if she is fine. Sharda says she is. Saransh asks if she will play with him. She promises. Rudra says let maa rest for a few days. Sharda says they will play board games. Preesha thanks Vasu for visiting them. Vasu says she came to drop Saransh to tuition. Preesha thinks of dropping both Anvi and Saransh to tuition and says she will drop Saransh. Ahuja enters. Rudra apologizes him for not picking his calls due to some issues. Ahuja says he should concentrate on his concert now as already 10 bookings are made and his fans are ager to watch him, so he needs to leave tomorrow itself for a month tour.

Rudra says he will not leave maa alone. Shard asks him to fulfill his commitment as lakhs of his fans are waiting for him. Vasu says she will take care of Sharda. Ahuja says then its decided Rudra will leave tomorrow. Sharda says Rudra need not worry as both Vasu and Preesha will be with her. Rudra thinks he cannot stay away from Preesha for so many days.

Preesha drops Saransh and Anvi to tuition and thinks how to make them friends again. She asks Anvi to give Saransh’s tiffin, but she angrily denies and walks in. A few kids bully Anvi. Sarash notices it and informs Preesha. Preesha asks himself to protect Anvi as she cannot enter tuition venue. He warns boys to dare not bully his sister and fights with them. Boys run away. Anvi thanks him for protecting her and calling her sister. He says she is his sister and takes her Preesha to braid her hair.

Preesha braids Anvi’s hair and says both sister and brother love each other and hence their mamma loves them. She says they need to support each other in her and Rudra’s absence. They promise each other and walk in holding each other’s hands. Boys return to Preesha and ask if they did their task well. She says yes and remembers seeking their help to reunite brother and sister. They agree and she gifts them choc for their help.

Preesha returns home and informs what happened in school. He looks upset. She asks if everything is fine, he should be happy that he is going on a concert tour. He asks how can she stay away from her and Saransh for so many days. She says he is lucky that he is having a comeback. He says he cannot live without her for a month. She says she can manage. He gets angry. She says she spoke to Ahuja and is accompanying him. He asks what about maa and Saransh. She says Vasu will stay with them. He happily hugs and kisses her and walks away. She picks her revealing nightie thinking he will bad seeing her in it. He returns and seeing nightie gets more romantic.

Chachaji walks to Arman and asks why did they buy CNN company’s record, sees him packing his clothes and asks if he is going somewhere. Arman says he is going to Shimla as Rudra and Preesha are going there. Chachaji asks why did he buy CNN company records. Arman says CNN company is organizing Rudra’s concert, he can control Rudra this way, he bribed Ahuja and asked him not to inform Rudra about it, he will visit Shimla and keep Rudra away from Preesha. Chachaji asks what if his plan fails. Arman says he has a backup plan. Chachaji asks what is his backup plan.

Arman says he can’t reveal it. Next morning, Rudra with Preesha reaches Shimla hotel and gets romantic with her in reception area itself. Preesha asks him to get room keys. He gets honeymoon suite keys. Arman and Sania walk in. Receptionist welcomes them. Arman acts as surprised and asks what are they doing here. Rudra says he came for a concert, what is Arman doing here. Arman says he came here because of Preesha as she has done magic on him, he means Anvi is back to normal because of her, so he and Sania came here to revive their relationship. He says its good they all 4 can stay together and watch Rudra’s concert. Rudra says they also came here for honeymoon and thinks why this man always interferes between him and Preesha.

Precap: Ahuja insists Rudra to have rehearsal before concert and takes him away. Arman with Sania walks to Preesha and insists her for a sightseeing with them. She agrees and accompanies them. Sania acts that she feels unwell and sends Arman and Preesha for sightseeing.

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