Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Aarohi Hates Akshu ! | Abhimanyu Intrigued by Akshu’s Voice

Akshu fixing Sirat’s pic on the mirror. Abhimanyu gets angry thinking of Harsh’s words. He plays music and tries to calm down. He sees Akshu’s bracelet and recalls her song. He calms down. Vansh and Kairav come to Akshu. Vansh asks why did you not tell us that you had a panic attack. Kairav asks why do you do this. Akshu says its okay, I m perfectly fine. Vansh says stay fit like me. Kairav says never, she can’t get married then. Akshu says its fine. Vansh says I know Kairav is joking, what were you telling Manish.

Kairav says even I was confused. She says I have no problem with marriage, I want to love myself before loving anyone, think you went in a magical party, you meet your own clown, what will you talk to yourself. Kairav says there won’t be anything. Vansh says how boring. She says yes, we want to stay with others, we have no relation with ourselves, when we aren’t happy, then how can we keep others happy.

Vansh says we will have Karaoke now. They sing. Aarohi comes and looks on angrily. Manjiri comes to Abhimanyu’s room. He wears his tshirt. She gets food for him. She hugs him. He says sorry, I couldn’t tolerate it. She says I don’t feel bad of Harsh’s words. He asks how, you are his wife, I feel bad seeing his behavior, his words hurt me, I m not a kid, I see tough things in the hospital and don’t fall weak, I see you getting hurt here and feel hurt. She says I want peace in the family, I have no solution of a bypass like you doctors have. He says I would have not stayed here if you were not here. She says you would have not been born if I wasn’t here. He says don’t talk about marriage, its your fav topic. He takes her hair pin and teases her. He fixes it back. He says I want two girls, one who loves me and other whom I love. Neil comes there and asks Abhimanyu to come downstairs, its a photoshoot for a medical magazine, everyone is waiting for you.

Abhimanyu sees Manjiri. Akshu asks are you upset seeing that pic, let it be there until I m here, I just have one pic of ours. Aarohi argues. She says I realized that my mom loves you more. Kairav and Vansh look on. Aarohi scolds Akshu. Kairav asks them to stop arguments. Vansh says zip the lip, I don’t want this drama on the festive trip. Aarohi says I don’t want to come. Dadi calls them. They rush to Dadi and ask what happened. Dadi asks why, can’t I play a prank, how was it. They smile. Manish asks why did you call them. Dadi says we will click a pic, I want new pics for new memories, Kairav click the pics, start with these sisters. Aarohi says no. Dadi says fine, I m a guest for some days. They stop her.

Kairav asks Aarohi and Akshu to come. He gets the camera. Manish asks Dadi what was she saying. Dadi says I just said that. Akshu says come with me on a picnic, I promise, I will do whatever you say. Aarohi says I was happy when you were not here, now you know what to do to make me happy. Abhimanyu comes for the photoshoot. Anand and Mahima compliment him.

Abhimanyu sees Manjiri doing some work. He goes and gets her. Everyone smiles. The man says I just want a photo with a doctor. Abhimanyu says every doctor’s first doctor is his mum. Manjiri sees Harsh. He asks the man to click the pic now. Akshu says fine, I promise, I will not come back home after this trip, will you come on picnic now. Aarohi smiles. Harsh says tell me if done, we have some meetings. Manjiri calms Abhimanyu. Dadi says now, we will take a family pic. They all sit. Akshu is lost. She cries seeing Aarohi.

Manjiri does the aarti in the house. She says I will go and see Abhimanyu. Mahima says my meeting is imp, serve the breakfast first. Anand says my surgery is more imp. Neil says don’t worry, it will be done. Abhimanyu meditates and recalls Akshu’s song again. He sees the bracelet. Neil gets the prasad for him. He says sorry, you don’t like the mess, you always ask for Gopi festival but never go there. Abhimanyu says this time, we will go, get ready, we will leave today. Neil asks what.

Abhimanyu hears Akshu singing and runs to see her. He holds her. Some guys tease her. He beats them. Manjiri and Suwarna talk about Abhimanyu and Akshu’s alliance. Aarohi meets Abhimanyu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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