Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Dadi Allows Charu to Work !

The Episode starts with Vidya explaining Dadi. She says you want the children’s happiness, they share everything with us, its possible when the ambience is such, you have given them upbringing and good values, trust your values and give them some freedom. Abhira says Charu not only dreams, but works hard, she has handles many cases and won it, she will make you proud, it doesn’t matter if a son or daughter make the family proud. Armaan says Abhira and I promise you, Dadisa, let Charu do the internship, we won’t let anything wrong happen. Abhira says yes, she is our responsibility from now, please Dadisa. Sanjay says its your rules, the girls can’t work. Dadi stops him and says I have made the rules, I can break it, Charu can do internship. Armaan asks Charu to come. Charu says I will never let your head bow down. Dadi kisses her forehead and blesses. Armaan asks are you happy now. Charu says sorry.

He says you were stressed. She says so what, I shouldn’t misbehave, sorry. Vidya and Madhav smile. Abhira says I didn’t do you are so dramatic. Charu says sorry, tell me what to do. Abhira says promise me, you will never call Armaan outsider. Charu promises and hugs Armaan. Abhira smiles. Its night, Armaan comes to his room. He sees Abhira dancing. Armaan and Abhira joke. He also wears glasses and dances with her. He hugs her. Ruhi looks on. Abhira gets away and says please remember, this marriage is fake. Armaan worries.

Abhira laughs and says look at his face, you got scared, relax, I know, it was a friendly hug, not love hug, you aren’t my type, I guarantee, I will never love you, but you might fall in love with me. Ruhi worries. Armaan asks am I mad to love you, you aren’t my type. Abhira argues. She slips at the bed’s edge. Armaan holds her hand. Abhira says love happens when it has to happen, if either of us love the other one then what will we do. Armaan pulls Abhira to him. He says this situation will never come, we won’t fall in love, I won’t fall ever. They joke.

Abhira asks him to hear her praise from Ruhi. She says you came to give Armaan’s phone, right. Ruhi says yes. Abhira asks Ruhi to support her. She says I m not so bad. Ruhi praises her. Abhira says anyone would be mad if he doesn’t love me. Armaan says lets talk something else. Abhira jokes. She says we know this marriage will end in a year, then you go to your ex, finally you can marry her. Manish recalls Dadi and Ruhi’s words. He says I will decide what has Ruhi’s happiness. Abhira says you love her, you will marry her, right. Armaan says time has changed, situation has changed. Abhira says time has a hobby to change, true love never changes. Armaan says that relation can never form.

Ruhi says goodnight and leaves. She cries. Armaan comes and says I didn’t think you will still care for this, you told me on valentines day that you aren’t coming with any hope, why are you hurt. Ruhi argues with him. She says I m not alone, I have pain with me. He says I m also in pain, you know what I go through when you cry. She says we have to think about our family, can’t we find a middle way. He says no, that relation isn’t there between us, you are my younger brother’s wife, we met and dreamed, but we can’t live in dream world, we can’t make this wall fall, you will be hurt, you will cry always, you are be Ruhi Rohit Poddar for me, you have to understand this. Ruhi scolds him. She says you never know what happens tomorrow. She leaves.

Abhira says I don’t know why you both had a fight. Ruhi asks shall I tell the truth, then hear it. Abhira, Armaan and Ruhi dance. The people comment on Ruhi. Armaan beats the man. Abhira says he has said the truth.

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