Anupama 22nd March : Anupama’s Family Time !

Pakhi hugs Kinjal. Kinjal says so good to see you. Baa asks where is Ishani? Pakhi says Ishani said that she will come with Mahi. She tells Pari that she is her aunt, father’s sister. She says you have made my clothes wet in your childhood. Pari says ok. Pakhi says its ok, I had done the same in my childhood. Ansh, Mahi and Ishani come there. Babu ji asks Anupama to identify them. Anupama sees the kids and says my Samar’s Ansh. Ansh runs to Anupama and hugs her. Anupama takes him in her hands and he kisses on her cheeks like Samar. Anupama gets happy and emotional.

Ishani calls Anupama as Nani. Anupama says Ishu and hugs Mahi and Ishani. Kavya and Dimpy come there and gets emotional. Anupama hugs all the children and introduces them to Pari. Pari hugs them. Mahi says hi Papa. Vanraj calls Ansh and hugs him. Kavya calls Anupama. Anupama and Kavya have a hug. Kavya says I missed you so much. Anupama says even I miss you so much. Anupama hugs Dimpy. Kavya and dimpy hug Kinjal. Vanraj says why you people are crying when meeting. Pakhi asks about Toshu. Vanraj says he went out of town for some work. Kinjal asks about Adhik.

Ishani says Mamma and Papa dont stay together. Anupama asks what? Pakhi says Adhik and I are separated. Anupama says how and when? Pakhi says you didnt care for me since 5 years, then why you are asking now. Anupama says a mother don’t take a breath without her children and the children are such. Pakhi asks you know where are we, but didn’t call. Anupama asks if I had called then would you have picked my call. Pakhi is silent. Hasmukh says you met 5 mins back and started fighting. Ansh says Bua does the same there also.

At the dining table, Aadhya tells Anuj that her friends want to come for night out. Anuj says if they are all girls. Aadhya says gender doesn’t matter in friendship. Anuj says he will drop the guys to their house after the party. Aadhya is upset that he is old school. Anuj says he is the cool dad around and protective too. Shruti assures that she will be with Aadhya. Anuj agrees. Aadhya thanks Anuj. Anuj says finally someone is happy. Shruti holds his hand and says I miss you. He says I am going to office. Shruti says still I miss you. She asks if we can go to see the wedding venue. Anuj looks on. Shruti says I love you. Anuj says ok and goes. Shruti is hopeful.

Anupama tells Babu ji that she is seeing Samar’s Ansh and it seems like she is seeing the dream with open eyes. Babu ji says I never thought that I will meet you again. He says he wanted to meet her, but used to stop himself as he dont want to trouble her. He says wrong thing have happened with you and I couldn’t do anything so I didn’t want to force you to meet me. He says whenever I used to miss you, I used to talk to Devika and would make recipe seeing your cooking channel. Vanraj gets upset. Baa asks Vanraj not to be upset and says you knows your babu ji’s love for Anupama.

Anupama says she wanted to cry keeping her head on his lap, but didn’t want to face the new relations. babu ji says he knows that she had lost two families at a time. He says you felt weak, but then became famous as Joshi behen. He wants her name Joshi behen from India on the time square board. Anupama says she wants to try.

Aadhya and Pakhi are on the phones talking and walking on the road. Ansh comes to Vanraj. Vanraj says I missed you so much. Mahi gets sad seeing Vanraj ignoring her. Kavya calls and hugs Mahi. Babu ji tells Anupama that you are not alone, and tells that many in the house are alone. He says you have your own problems. Anupama says she wants to know.

Aadhya and Pakhi collide with each other and their phones fall down. Aadhya identifies her and thinks Pakhi didi must have come to meet Mummy being her real daughter. She thinks Mummy must have called her, as she couldn’t bear Anuj’s marriage. Pakhi asks my phone break because of you. Aadhya says even my phone break. Pakhi says you are so mannerless. Aadhya says less than you.

Babu ji tells Anupama that Dimpy and Kavya have compromised for Ansh and Mahi and says Leela knows that Vanraj is doing wrong, but she doesn’t call her son wrong, and says he is dying seeing Kavya, Dimpy and Mahi’s suffering. Anupama asks him not to cry. He says I know you don’t want to get trapped in relations, but I want a small help from you.

Pakhi says you collided with me and is misbehaving with me. Aadhya argues and asks her to go to hell. Shruti comes and asks what happened? Pakhi asks if you are her mother. Aadhya asks her to mind her language. Pakhi says if you didn’t teach you manners. Aadhya asks the same thing. Pakhi says don’t take my mother’s name. Shruti says sorry, just your screen guard broke. Aadhya says she doesn’t deserve sorry and nobody related to her deserve sorry, and says she shall feel sorry as they hurt others. Pakhi asks if she is mad, and says she is saying as if she knows me since many years. Aadhya asks why did you come here, and asks her not to come in her way. Pakhi asks Shruti to take her to doctor and calls her dumb. Aadhya gets angry. Shruti stops Aadhya.

Anupama comes to the restaurant and asks Yashdeep if there is any problem. Yashdeep says no, and asks if her family came. Anupama says I met my Babu ji, Samar’s Ansh and others. She recalls Babu ji’s words and tells Yashdeep that they shall keep holi celebration event for the restaurant promotion. Yashdeep says ok. Beeji calls Yashdeep and asks if you told Anu about it. Yashdeep says he didn’t have courage to tell her. Beeji says but you have to tell Anupama and others. She says tell them after holi.

Kavya and Dimpy come to the restaurant. Anupama gets happy to see them. She says she will take 10 mins break and will join them to have masala tea with them. Kavya and Dimpy tell that they met Yashdeep sir, and he is really a nice man. Anupama brings tea for them. Kavya and Dimpy appreciate her for being inspiration to many. Anupama asks them about their lives.

Precap: Aadhya gets angry seeing Anupama at lohri celebration and asks Anuj and Shruti to come. She collides with Anupama in anger and the latter is about to fall on the lohri burning wood. Anuj leaves Aadhya’s hand to hold Anupama. Yashdeep holds her hand. The goons kidnap Kinjal. Anupama saves her and says Toshu has to return.

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