Anupamaa : Anuj Ka Sapna !!

Anuj pleads Anupama not to leave him again, wakes up, and realizes it was his bad dream. He gasps for air. GK rushes to him, calms him down, and asks if the hope came in his dream again. Anuj says he would have handled if hope had come in his dream, but it came in his heart; he felt fear when he saw Anu’s photo with his family; why he is fearing losing something which is not his. GK says hope in dream vanishes when dream is finished, but hope in hear never goes away, so he should learn to live with hope. On the other side, someone barges into Nandini’s house and kidnaps her. Next morning, Pakhi walks down to living room after getting ready for school and is amazed to see her parents holding sorry balloons, apologizing her, and thanking her for making them realize their mistakes. Family gathers. Kavya says they should try not to create any drama at home again. Baa says even she comes in someone. Pakhi takes his parent’s promise not to fight again and asks them to shake hands. They do same and pamper her. Pakhi happily dances with them. Ittisi Khushi, Itti Hasi.. song plays in the background. Others join them.

Anuj drives car towards office. GK asks if he is fine. Anuj asks not to discuss about yesterday night and recites shayari. GK says this issue will not clear easily, he can live in denial if he wants to; he feels Vanraj sent Kavya as a spy to their office. Anuj says this is life and not a daily soap, he knows Vanraj who will not backstab. GK asks him to be careful. Anuj says he should be careful of himself and will not let anything wrong happening to Anu. GK asks if its because of Kavya and says he will practice dandiya from today as dandiya and dance is in his Gujrati blood. Anuj agrees to take him to dandiya event and says he will not invite Anu though as he really doesn’t want any more drama in his life.

Pakhi leaves for school happily hugging her parents. Vanraj leaves for his cafeteria. Kinjal asks Anu also to attend office as she must be having a lot of work. Bapuji backs her and says he will publicize in their colony about cooking competition so that women who wish to participate can join the competition. Baa says no need for that as other daughters and DILs may find Anuj like Anu. Anu feels sad and leaves in lieu of getting curd from shop. She walks on road when she sees Nandini leaving home with her bag and asks what is happing. Nandini hides, but Anu catches her and they play hide and seek with mother in childhood and not in adulthood, where is she going. Nandini says she is going to US. Anu asks how can she without informing anyone, what happened. Nandini says if she doesn’t return to US, Rohan will kill Samar; he belongs to a powerful wealthy family and threatened to kill Samar if she doesn’t agree to him; she cannot live without Samar and will die if something happens to Samar. Anu stops her. Nandini says they have think about Samar’s life, so let her go; she need not worry about her as she is carrying their memories. Anu leaves her hand.

Vanraj walks to Kavya and remembers Kavya’s taunt and Anu’s advice. He sits next to her and smiling at her says let us start afresh, all the best for her new job. Kavya thanks her and says she needs to start after Navratri. Nandini gets Samar’s call and ignores it. Anu holds her hand and says she will not let her go as she is not only Samar’s but also her mother, her children are her life and if someone tries to eye on her children, she will enucleate him. Nandini says she doesn’t know who Rohan’s father is. Anu says he doesn’t know who Samar’s father is, a man who can fight without a reason will fight with a world for his children, they should go and inform him. Nandini resists and pleads not to inform uncle and Baa or else Rohan may kill Samar. Anu says let us see what Rohan can do. Nandini continues pleading citing Baa’s drama. Vanraj calls chef Vinod and apologizes him for his misbehavior. Vinod agrees and asks not to repeat it again. Vanraj thanks Pakhi for making him realize his mistake. Nandini continues pleading. Anu says she will not inform them now, but will have to once Samar returns; thinks she needs to inform about it to Samar’s father as he will protect his children, but she cannot leave Nandini alone. She asks Nandini to be with her always and says she will not let Rohan’s shadow on her children.

Precap: During cooking competition, Anu encourages contestant with her speech. Later she with Anuj, Kinjal, and Nandini dances on Dil Bole Hadippa…song and stops noticing someone.

Update Credit to: MA

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