Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st December 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ram talking to his friends. Vikrant teases Ram. Ram says I m the boss here, she is my personal assistant, she should listen to me. Vikrant says your face is saying something else. Ram says you read your wife’s face. Adi says if Nandini knows this, then it will be a problem. Ram says I will tell her, her phone is off. Shubham gets angry and says this is happening since Lovely came, mom can’t handle everything, we have to do something. Sid thinks he is right. Pihu comes to meet Ram.

He says you don’t need anyone’s permission to come here. Pihu says I have come now, your tension will be gone. He jokes about her mumma. He says we will go to Lovely and rehearse the lines. Adi and Vikrant talk to Priya. Priya says Pihu and I didn’t get much time with Ram after that accident. Vikrant says you have explained him right and wrong, he is a man of principles, he bends down in front of his family, he doesn’t get emotionally blackmailed now.

Adi says you are the reason for this, it’s a good change. She says I have learnt this from life, live every moment to the fullest, I asked Pihu to ask Ram if he will become Ram ji. Ram says I can’t do this. Pihu asks why, I will like it. She insists. Priya comes there. Tarun gets the food parcel. Pihu asks about the skit practice.

Priya says I will sign the contract and then we will go. Ram thinks I couldn’t do anything for Pihu. Sid says I will find out who is Lovely Singh. He checks her profile. He asks what, so this is her truth, she just did a diploma and has no job experience, why is she playing with Ram’s mind. Ram comes to Priya. Pihu thinks to bring them together. He says you are right, its my duty to show the right path to Shubham, I should make him sit and talk.

Priya says you think he will regard you a stepbrother. Nandini and Vedika are on the way. Sid sends a voice message to Nandini. She says Ram asked Shubham to apologize to Adi and Vikrant, Priya did this, how can she do this. Vedika asks what nonsense, no way, I won’t apologize to Lovely. Nandini asks driver to take her to Sood house. Ram says they are my family, don’t say this again.

Priya and Ram see themselves tied up. She says Pihu got naughty, sorry to say that. Ram says I also overacted, relax, I will try to untie this, I m worried that I may do wrong with them. Priya says wrong is happening with you. He says I m scared of losing my family. She says you will never lose them. He says you don’t leave the job on Shubham’s saying. She says I didn’t come to leave the job, you can’t fire me now, you are stuck with me now. He asks what.

Nandini and Vedika come to Sood house. Nandini asks where is Priya. Meera scolds her. She says Ram and Priya will unite, its in their fate. Priya says I will make sure that Shubham understands your value, I promise, I won’t let your smile go, I want everyone to respect you, you deserve to be happy, you look really good when you smile. Ram smiles. Priya asks will you become my Ram, I mean Pihu wants you to become Ram ji with me.

Nandini sees Priya and asks Ram to come home. Pihu stops Ram. Nandini leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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